Retroactive Airdrop for the French and Russian Bankless Communities

Retroactive Airdrop for the French and Russian Bankless Communities

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@Alex_BanklessRU, @minimax.eth and @Otherbright




  • Set up a retroactive airdrop of the BANK token for the French and Russian speaking Bankless communities


  • The Bankless French-speaking community is composed of about 1400 people (1400 email addresses/~1300 Twitter followers).
  • A few months ago, the French-speaking community also launched MetaversalFR & TheDailyGweiFR.
  • The Russian-speaking community is composed of about 2800 Telegram followers.
  • The initial token drop excluded Bankless Fr and Bankless Ru because Bankless LLC and the BanklessRU organization and BanklessFR organization operate independently.


  • This will allow us to better engage the French speaking and Russian speaking Bankless members into BanklessDAO in order to take advantage of the increased bandwidth and resources.
  • This proposal is a gesture of good will and a clear demonstration of the Bankless DAO emphasis on fairness, equal access and egalitarianism. (lol - Liberté, égalité, fraternité!)




  • Bankless is a global movement with community members from all corners of the world. Having a clearly defined cross-border angle, would be consistent with the Bankless ethos of onboarding as many people as possible into the crypto universe independently of their physical location (and language!).
  • It is only logical to take advantage of the fact that there are already established French and Russian Bankless communities who can provide tremendous contribution in terms of coding/development, creative work, branding and PR efforts and community outreach.
  • It is therefore beneficial for the Bankless DAO as a whole to do what is necessary to assure full acceptance and participation by the Russian and French Bankless branches.


  • Vote “Yay” if you think that a portion of the DAO treasury reserves should be allocated for the retroactive token drop to the active members of Russian speaking and French speaking bankless community.
  • Vote “Nay” if you think that such an allocation/retroactive token drop is unnecessary or should not be considered at this time.
  • Yay
  • Nay

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Although I understand the point and have sympathy with the wider view of this is not the point (brutal or not) that the airdrop rewarded supporters who put their cash up front not expecting anything other than great content. For me the Dao airdrop was an unexpected surprise. I live in France and I’m English so anybody could have subscribed and supported.
It’s a difficult one when I see the point of wider group etc


Question. If we operate as different entities would the two form their own Daos??

Well, when people supported French and Russian branches of Bankless during Gitcoin Rounds 7-9 they didn’t expect any airdrops either, but did so because the Bankless message resonated with them. They are learning how to go bankless just as English-speaking community members. The only difference is that they do so using different langauges. I don’t see how this fact makes them unworthy.


I wholeheartedly support this initiative, though I worry that the size of the airdrop may be forced down due to the substantial nature of the first and second drop.
the 90 day clawback may help with this, but may also mean this proposal is forced to wait.
If that winds up being the case, I suggest the only other change needed is to remove vesting, as the wait will have happened already.


Hard to commit to a proposal without knowing how much BANK will be airdropped. Can we get a figure on that?


Only exploring the proposal, and you make good points.

BanklessRU grant was supported by roughly 300 people. Most donations were between 1-5$, so probably, not that much. I wish I’d be more precise, but I do not have necessary skills to crunch the numbers.


Very good point: Discord

I’m against, I don’t see what it would clearly brings to the DAO.

If I understand correctly, BanklessFR and BanklessRU don’t have any real ties with Bankless LLC. They are movements created voluntarily by the authors.

I clearly support these initiatives and find them great, but the airdrop was principally targeting people having transferred money to Bankless LLC through different mediums (subscriptions, donations, merchs …), which is not the case of BanklessFR and BanklessRU communities.

Translating is a lot of work (that’s how I started in cryptos), and that’s great to do it for free. But people subscribing to BanklessFR and BanklessRU could have made a donation to Bankless LLC too and had the occasion to do so, and would have been rewarded with an airdrop in this case.

Not related to the subject, but I would love to see official partnerships with Bankless LLC for different languages, and having BanklessRU and BanklessFR first in lines to grab these contracts would be great, but the DAO has nothing to do with this, except if it’s decided that such a contract should be paid and supported by the DAO and not by the LLC.

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I’m archiving this. Reply if you want this to stay open

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I made a specific request before the previous community call: “would someone from the genesis team be able to do a simulation to get an idea of how many BANKs this would represent”. But I don’t think it was discussed (I couldn’t be present for the whole meeting). I think we should at least have that answer before we file this proposal.


I’ve opened it back up. Can you provide an update on this?

Giving out my still pretty uninformed opinion on that matter.
Besides the translation-oriented only aspects of BanklessFR and BanklessRU, and the insufficient bond/contract there must be between those two initiatives with Bankless LLC (and the fact that they must not have brought much income in Bankless subscriptions, merchs and donations), this is an opportunity to bootstrap a community in those two countries.

BanklessFR and BanklessRU have an audience, a reserve of potential talent. If we don’t let them in the DAO, they’ll probably move on. For the example of France, there is a community/group called Defi France that is evolving in parallel and its leaders and members might just develop that on their own, creating maybe someday a “competitor”. I don’t know much about that community but at this point in time (and knowing the low level of crypto-awareness of the French society) we can assume these are pioneers and very interesting people.
What I’m trying to say is not onboarding them in the DAO won’t keep us from getting off the ground a Bankless DAO French local chapter, but it may be a missed chance to start big in France. The people who would be eligible for an airdrop are people who made a gitcoin grant (at Bankless we love that attitude), not just the random newsletter subscriber, so that’s a plus.
Would be nice to have the data of how many people that is, how much BANK total, etc. Since we are at a point in time when we are going to distribute a lot of BANK, this might be a very reasonable allocation.


To go further, a simulation should be done to obtain the number of BANK tokens needed.

The input parameters for this simulation are: about $4000 of Gitcoin donations for BanklessFR, and $7000 for BanklessRU.

We would need the skills of the genesis team to run this simulation.


It is a good idea to approve airdrop for russian/french users who donated on gitcoin to ru/fr bankless accounts. But for the sake of fairness, we need to exclude addresses that have already received an airdrop for donations to the main bankless account on gitcoin. So it will be fair.


Any update on the simulation. Wanted to put a Yay! in the poll but do agree that size/specificity matters and would appreciate a revision with those numbers before I participate in full.

It looks like that this Proposal is transforming to necro-thread.
How much people should vote “Yes” to move to next step?