All languages and cultures unite under the one Bankless Nation!

All languages and cultures unite under the one Bankless Nation!

Read the proposal: Discord

Authors: @Otherbright, @Alex_BanklessRU, @minimax.eth

Date: 2021-05-06T22:00:00Z


  • The first step in making the Bankless movement multilingual is to provide a place for all languages within BanklessDAO and its Discord server.


  • We are all translation professionals and are used to working with different languages and communities. We are all part of the Bankless movement and have a deep understanding of it, a movement that we started to make multi-language through our various activities during the first year of its existence.


  • Open the Bankless movement and its governance to non-English speakers.


  • Create a multi-language section on the BanklessDAO Discord server.
  • In this multi-language section, set up a Discord channel dedicated to language-centric Discord channel requests.
  • Give to a person the rights to open these channels, and the right to set up a “language by language” moderation.
  • The point person would also be responsible for making sure that when proposals and ideas are generated on any language-specific channel, they are carried over the the central English language channel or DAO Discourse



  • The view expressed in this proposal is that all Bankless should be able to take part in the life of BanklessDAO, minimizing as much as possible the boundaries due to the different languages of our world.


  • Vote For if you think that all Bankless can interact on the BanklessDAO Discord channel and can more easily take part in the governance of the DAO.
  • Vote Against if you think that BanklessDAO Discord channel should be a single language (English) channel.
  • FOR

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I support this, Money only speaks in numbers. And we need to usurp banks all around the World!

In this spirit, I am in contact with the German Bankless branch. I might help them in the future, as I am German & Canadian and can speak / write in either language and they definitely need more content.

Let’s start building!


I am bilingual Spanish/English and would like to help with translation.

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Awesome proposals. The Web Dev team did a bit of planning for all things DAO site and we identified i18n as a key element of it to help grow. So glad you are way ahead of it.
We dropped in this issue into our Github tracker. Would one of the proposal authors want to take on the github issue and move it forward? Spike: Define i18nj and l10n scope and process · Issue #28 · BanklessHQ/bankless-dao-website · GitHub

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i’m bilingual italian/spanish would love to help with translations as well.


Hello guys

I’m not a writer and my english is not exceptional but I guess I can help translate short texts or news from/to polish.




I am Italian and I am trying to learn English in the best way but having the possibility to read information and to be able to converse in my language would make communication and learning much easier.


Hello guys,

As the community grows, imagine the variety of cultures and personalities under the bankless nation flag. As we thrive, our ways of communicating will also increase, Im glad to help any way i can!


Hi I would be available for translations from english to italian, I am italian.
I am already publishing both in italian and english and translating from some blockchain projects from italian to english and from english to italian.


Hey guys, newly hooked member here - loving everything I see so far. I’m a German speaking copywriter and transcreator with journalistic background and superkeen to get involved in expanding to DACH audience. Writing, translating, outreach, infographics are all things I can help with, as well as with writing in English for the existing audience. I put my name into the contributer form already; is there anywhere else I can mention how I can help?


Hi guys!
I see this proposal as an opportunity for Bankless to be one reference educational point for accessing the ethereum ecosystem for many people. I would like to contribute as an italian to this goal.

I am an engineer with a bit of international background. I can help with eng/ita translations and elaborating content to be shared!


Hello all,
I am Mexican American, fluent in English, pretty good with Spanish and passionately wanting to help.
I am crypto savvy (got in in 2017) and am very well versed in pretty much all aspects of crypto except for programming (currently learning). Let me know how I can help.

Thank you


Great proposal!!
I’m from Brazil and we don’t have a great crypto community here, there’s not a lot of content about defi and the bankless movement here. My english is not the best but I can help translate some content to portuguese.

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