S4 - DEGEN Forum Proposal

Authors: Slinkypotato#1092, JonValjonathan.eth#5554


In S3, the DEGEN team narrowed our focus onto the POAP distribution bot. We released major UX improvements and a Twitter integration with DEGEN 3.0. We received positive feedback from the community and the POAP team. Since the release of 3.0 (three weeks ago) DEGEN

  • Managed over 110 successful events
  • Delivered more than 30,000 POAPs
  • Joined over 90 servers (just 3.0, 2.0 is on 100 servers)

DEGEN has grown across many communities and is managing more events and distributing more POAPs than ever.

The future of DEGEN is bright and we have big plans including:

  • A website to with features to manage and promote events
  • Integration with other platforms
  • Further collaboration with the POAP team
  • Direct to wallet POAP delivery

The DEGEN team also collaborated with and supported other BanklessDAO during S3 as detailed below.

In S3, the DEGEN team saw some turnover. We have stabilized and are now looking towards the future.

S4 Funding Total

1,188,674.73 BANK

Summary of Season 3


Our latest release included:

  • Announcement Channels
  • Authorized DEGENs Role
  • Improved UX
  • Twitter Integration
  • Advanced event and POAP distribution metrics
  • Reduced stored user data
  • Improved on-boarding

Publication of the official DEGEN documentation: Welcome - DEGEN User Guide

Discord Verification Completed

Now any server can invite DEGEN to join. We were previously limited to 100 servers. Our next milestone is 1000!

  • Verification required extensive communication with Discord
  • Included a Discord Code Review
  • Required retaining even less PII in our database

Support for Bankless DAO Projects

First quest build out and transition to first quest bot

  • DEGEN funds were used towards the creation of the First Quest Bot
  • The commands were transitioned from the MadHatter into the First Quest Bot

Mad Hatter milestones

  • Release of Coordinape rounds for guest, L1, and L2 members
  • Revamp of SCOAP SQUAD → Squad Up

DEGEN Discord Bot Template!


  • DEGEN was banned by Discord 3 separate times
  • We spun up new bots, debugged the issues and figured it out!
  • Our community stuck with us!
  • We have been online for more than 3 months with no issues

Season 4 Roadmap

We want DEGEN to be the best POAP distribution app in web3. This entails a fully customizable UI web app, clearer discord messages, better participation metrics, and an awesome team.

Currently we are a team of two developers working very hard to make all of this possible. We anticipate onboarding new devs and coordinators to help us push DEGEN further.

Some features we plan to complete include:

  • Enhance Mad Hatter to work on other discord servers
  • Revamp the /poap mint to work with Discord Modals
  • Further integrate the official twitter account to announce POAP events
  • Integrate the front end with the Discord DEGEN operations
  • Integrate BANK token to provide access to premium services
  • Wallet command operations

Thank you for reading this far! What features would you like to see?

Approve S4 Funding Proposal
  • Yes
  • No

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Love what you have accomplished and wish to see you push it further but I can’t vote in favour until I see what you will do with the S4 budget.

Please submit an itemized accounting.


Congrats for getting through the Discord ban hammer, and well done on continuing to deliver on a useful project. I used Degen for a Twitter Spaces event today and it was actually seamless. We delivered 181 codes without a single error except for incorrect secret phrase attempts (I recommend capitalising the first letter as phones may autocorrect for that).

It’s been exciting watching Degen turn into a robust and solid tool, and I look forward to offering it as a paid service to other DAOs through DAOlationships.


Thanks for the link!

Who’s on the team? The document only lists you and jonvaljonathan, are there others?

Can you explain the rationale around asking Grants Committee to replace the funds in the locked DEGEN multisig?

There is an ongoing ombuds case around ownership of this project. Only one of the proponents here is a multi sig holder.

This is untrue.

It was opened by the opposing party on 04/28/2022 due to concerns about centralization of the project and unilateral decision making.

The funds are not frozen, the purpose of the multi sig is to prevent funding from being distributed without team consensus.

I understand you are frustrated about that but misinformation is not ok.

The background of this dispute is kind of long. If anyone is interested, here is the link to the Ombuds case so everyone can see the relevant details and perspectives.

The four members of the frozen multisig are @nonsensetwice (resigned from DEGEN) at @ZrowGz (resigned from DEGEN) @duke.eth (resigned from DEGEN but approved the Txs) and @amaredeus (still on DEGEN).

I hope that we can stop arguing and make a deal on this.


Can you speak a bit about the infrastructure cost? At $0.03 that’s about $4500, so I’m wondering where that’s going (and worrying about my own bot as well). Will these costs continue to rise as DEGEN expands to more servers.

Are there any plans to draw revenue from these other Discord servers? Are we subsidized by POAP at all, or are we taking on the cost of distributing POAPs to every DAO.


Nice DEGEN and Good work


I approve nice job all


I voted to keep you going. Your past performance has exceeded expectations.