Podcast Hatchery S4 Proposal

Title: Podcast Hatchery Program Season 4 Proposal

Authors: EurekaJohn, Droste#0063

Current Squad: EurekaJohn#2094, Droste#0063, RedCrystalDragon🏴#4188

WoonTan#2967, Elemental :black_flag:#7854l, Nehkee#3899, Liquidiot#5975, ZimTeemo#1909

Date Created: 7 April, 2022

Date Last Updated: 21 April /2022

Status: Forum-ready

Date Posted: April 21, 2022

For full proposal document and details please follow this link: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1VRveqT2W3Pijn80Q3T3ocl_LemM4C_LVU-1w_z6onyc/edit?usp=sharing


The Podcast Hatchery Program is a revenue-producing and mindshare-expanding opportunity to drive the Bankless message and vision. It will empower individual creators to develop their own content, improve their production skills, grow an audience, etc.

The Podcast Hatchery offers a balance between structure and creative freedom that will generate the quality content that will represent the mission, ethos, and diversity of BanklessDAO.

## Season 4 Budget 796,000 BANK

Show budgets Bankless Africa 130,000
Bounty Hunter 175,000
Making Bank 125,000
Hatchery Team 8 team members for 13 weeks @ ~ 3hrs/wk ea 304,000
Misc Bounties 50,000
Tooling & Distribution (Podbean, Riverside,etc) 12,000

## Season 4 Implementation and Plans

We enter Season Four with a stable of three solid podcasts that have been fully onboarded and are in production: BanklessAfrica, Bounty Hunter, and Making Bank

We will be focusing our efforts on building and fully developing these three to be stable, self-sustaining podcasts representative of the BanklessDAO and its ethos. We seek to develop a mix of public-good funding, NFT subscription models, and sponsorships as income sources.

### New Show Applications

New applications are paused. During the majority of S4 the focus of the Podcast Hatchery team will be to further develop the podcasts we already have onboarded. We will work to create a formalized post concept and onboarding development structure.

We will most likely begin accepting applications in late S4 or early S5 as we prepare for the next round of new podcasts to enter the program. The podcast teams that applied and were received into the Hatchery program during seasons 2 and 3 are now currently moving through the program.

## Accomplishments

Delivered 10 episodes of Making Bank

Delivered 4 episodes of Bounty Hunter

Supported release of BanklessAfrica first two episodes

Spin-out of CryptoSapiens prototype as fully independent show

Hatchery staff support of other bDAO projects and guilds

  • Legal Guild podcast upcoming launch
  • Bankless Consulting project support
  • Making Bank interviewed Bankless Academy team in support of its launch

## Hatchery Team vs Podcast Production Teams

Podcast Production Team Essentials

Elements needed to deliver a podcast feed ready show which include but are not limited to:

  • editing/production per episode (bounty with standard rate reference)
  • Initial and ongoing marketing campaign
  • Theme music development (bounty)
  • Design of thumbnails, banners, marketing images (bounty)
  • Misc. bounties and special requests

Podcast Hatchery Team - General Administrative Roles and Duties
elements needed to run the hatchery program

  • Facilitate weekly meetings, manage agenda
  • Take weekly meeting notes and record
  • Speak at community calls
  • Promote podcast Alpha tag
  • Welcoming incoming members
  • Run payroll and bounty pay; Track incoming and outgoing multisig transactions
  • Strategy and proposals
  • Connect shows with sponsors
  • Promote shows on bDAO Twitter, bDAO newsletter, and bDAO Discord channels
  • Provide technical support to shows
  • Studio upkeep and maintenance
  • Coach and motivate existing and aspiring podcasts
  • Design oriented tasks such as logo design and banner images


  • EurekaJohn#2094 - Active contributor in the AV guild and Podcast Hatchery since inception of both. Years of experience in producing content and podcasts. Has created and advised podcasts for several shows within and outside of bDAO. From 2003 - 2009 created and ran a pirate radio station in Austin, Texas that was featured in the Austin Chronicle in 2006.

  • Droste#0063 - Active AV Guild contributor and former guild coordinator. Have interviewed several bDAO members and delivered edited content in S3 for Making Bank. Experienced hosting live, in-person training and product launch events for a major tech company.

  • Liquidiot#5975 - Voice over specialist and audio production enthusiast, AV Guild member and Coordinator

  • ZimTeemo#1909 - AV Guild coordinator apprentice, experienced audio engineer and musician working predominantly on animated shorts, live music, and voice over. Some experience with creating podcast material and recording community calls.

  • WoonTan#2967 - Podcast Hatchery strategy. Runs a podcast agency since 2019, supported over 70 podcast launches and 1000+ episodes published. First podcast hosted in 2013.

  • RedCrystalDragon🏴#4188 - Active AV Guild Governance and Community manager as well as active Design Guild and Marketing Guild contributor. Works with UltraSound Merch and Crypto Sapiens as a co-host for the Diversi-Tea podcast. NFT Artist, Comic Artist, Graphic Designer. Full Time B-DAO Contributor.

  • Elemental #7854 -

  • Nehkee#3899 - Contributor in the Podcast hatchery with at least two years of real-time experience in managing podcasts and creating content - blog articles and related posts, social media threads and captions. Scriptwriting and editing are also fortes. bDAO contributor.

  • I support the Podcast Hatchery Project
  • I DO NOT Support the Podcast Hatchery Project
  • I support the Hatchery project, but I DO NOT agree with the funding (This is taken as DO NOT support)

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It’s great to see this project continue to grow. I appreciate the leadership of the team and the vision for it moving forward.