SafeDAO meta governance participation

Draft Authors: @0xBaer
Project: Bankless DAOplomats (DAOplomats.eth)
DAOplomats squad: @senad.eth @0xbaer @Jengajojo


Proposal to consolidate the voting power of the airdropped SAFE tokens to the delegation of BanklessDAO (DAOplomats Working Group) to participate in SAFE governance.

Delegate Address: daoplomats.eth / 0xd4879f876eE383067F80ACAdBE283B93141908e9

Initial forum post: Bankless DAOplomats


As a part of the SafeDAO launch, BanklessDAO multisigs are airdropped around 78,600 SAFE tokens vested over four years. @liviuc’s cumulative list without any guarantee

Bankless DAOplomats is formed as a non-funded project after the initial ideation in the treasury guild to increase the meta governance influence of BanklessDAO and build a healthy relationship with partner DAOs. Bankless DAOplomats - Proposals

DAOplomats.eth is looking to expand to the Safe ecosystem and potentially onboard itself as a safe guardian by dorming a delegation to particiapte in SAFE governance.


Since the Bankless multisigs are airdropped with $SAFE tokens, we should leverage our combined voting power for selecting a delegate. This action will increase our outreach to different communities and establish BanklessDAO as a critical player in DAO governance. Furthermore, Safe DAO will be governing a vital tool for going bankless i.e Smart contract wallets. I think the safe ecosystem will grow beyond its use case of multisig or DAO tools.

If you are still wondering if BanklessDAO should participate in Safe ecosystem governance, here is @Senad’s FAQ Discord.

During the initial discussions around utilising the airdropped voting power, many ideas have been put forward.

  1. Delegate the voting power to Banklessvault.eth
  2. Delegate the voting power to a single individual
  3. Delegate the voting power to a group

Delegate the voting power to Banklessvault.eth

Delegating voting power in the bankless vault will be the most straightforward option to consolidate the voting power since it will be vested in the hands of the DAO. This option doesn’t give us any advantage as BanklessDAO is planning to actively engage in the governance of the Safe DAO; voting on proposals will be on-chain multisig txs which the signers have to sign. Furthermore, not having any dedicated group to steward the initiative will leave us not utilising the tokens.

Well, how about delegating the tokens to a single person form BanklessDAO

The idea of delegating the voting power to individuals is not nuance

As Dan Wu mentions, nearly ¾ of $COMP delegates have never voted on-chain, and it’s practically impossible as a delegate to keep up with what’s happening in a different DAO and make educated decisions if its not your full-time job.

The best alternative will be to form pods with a smaller group of delegates with a shared wallet.

DAOplomats embrace the idea of pods with groups of 3 to 5 delegates dedicated per DAO.

DAOplomat Pod consists of one or two DAOexperts dedicated to watching the developments within a particular DAO. These DAO experts are supported by contributors to help sanity check forum posts and do the necessary research to form improvement proposals.

If are interested in DAOplomating, please read our initial proposal and join the squad


Since each guild has different governance structures, a healthy discussion of the potential utilisation of those voting power is much appreciated.

Consider delegating the voting power to DAOplomats.eth Pod or even send a rep to our pod

Why you should delegate to DAOplomats.eth

The tokens will be delegated to an Orca pod which consists of experienced members of BanklessDAO. The membership of this pod will be fluid. This action ensures accountability of the members. For Pod membership structure please refer our original proposal.


Delegate $SAFE tokens to DAOplomats.eth pod and onboard DAO members?

  • Yes
  • No

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Love this idea to delegate the voting power to a dedicated group of people who are specialists in governance work and will use the combined power of bDAO. We need to make sure that delegation teams are active and willing to use this power. Will delegate the Marketing Guild SAFE token to daoplomats.eth


I think this is a good idea, however I would like to know what proposals the group is voting on and what option they are voting for.
Also it would be great yo have updates on proposals on community Calls or the newsletter.
In the Treasury Guild we will discuss what we want to do and let you guys know.


Agree with the idea that BanklessDAO should have its voice heard in other DAOs, and by pooling our resources we can have a louder voice.

A few questions:

  • How does DAOplomats select delegates? How does delegate turnover work?
  • Do you have a shared wallet per delegate group (ie one for optimism and one for Safe), or does the DAOplomats wallet have to sign off on every vote for every DAO?
  • How are delegates ensuring that BanklessDAO ‘s best interests are served?

Hey @links, thanks for your comments.
The DAOplomats/DAOstewards project has a very elaborate road map where we enable veBank holders to influence the voting of DAOplomats, on high to very high priority proposals. (more or less like the Index meta gov structure) This will ensure that the opinions of veBank holders are heard. For our grant plans, please refer to the initial post. But those are long-term ideas. I can answer you on how it will work in the immediate future.

Since DAOplomats is emerging as a meta governance group in the DeFi space, we have our reputation at stake. And have to ensure that not just people who are interested but have actual governance experience join as pod members.

Furthermore, we are looking for the following skills, tokenomics and Governance Research skills, Project management skills, and a fundamental understanding of technical concepts & processes. This might seem like a job requirement, but yeah, Proposals are often complex that you need a sound team to make educated decessions. We will eventually ask the interested parties to submit their proposal to join DAOplomat as protocol experts or contributors. We will run an internal screening and ask for DAO to validate until we have our road map fully implemented.

We have used an EOA for optimism until we have Podified ourself.
We will be sharing OP and SAFE voting power with the same address. we are also campaning outside BanklessDAO to delegate voting power. our aim is to have more than 60,000 voting tokens. We will probably adopt a The High Council model for pods eventually

1INCH tokens will be held in a different multisign since its a part of our consulting working stream and have a different set of commitments.

DAOplomats are supposed to host transparency calls before high-priority proposals are voted on. Original proposals authored by DAOplomats will also undergo discussions in Banklessforum; unless it’s a Proxy authoring under the veBank structure. More on the initial proposal


Thanks for the feedback; someone from the current team will join the CC Friday to give an update.
@Bananachain has initiated a poll in the treasury guild on what to do with the tokens link.
The current DAOplomts will soon campaign in different guilds to gather voting power.

General update on Active polls in DAO to delegate the $SAFE tokens to DAOplomats.eth

  1. Treasury Guild
  2. Bankless Research
  3. International Media Nodes

I love the organizing around this, and that you all are focused on representing BanklessDAO at other DAOs!

To expand some on why should we delegate to you:

  • What are DAOplomants priorities, values and aims in governance?
  • Who are the current members?
  • Could you link to your notion page so I can see your organization, meetings, etc?

This is useful, thanks.

I 100% agree we need coordination and organization, and looking for more information on DAOplomats in general to support my decision around this :slight_smile: .


Hey @Icedcool
Thank you for your questions; I understand everything in this post is 'refer to this post or ‘that’ we should update this signalling proposal with guiding principles and priorities. But there will be a new proposal for the delegation of $SAFE in the Banklessvault.eth multisig coming which has to be snapshotted.

Our Guiding Principles

  • United we stand: We, DAOplomats, believe decentralisation is paramount in governing web3. We aim to represent everyday users of web3 and have their unheard voices heard.
  • Net positive engagement: We represent a community aiming to empower all parties involved and develop in a positive-sum manner.
  • Quality participation: We believe the quality active contributors could help a DAO evolve. We aim to deliver the best quality of work with minimum bureaucracy.
  • Bankless : We preach the idea of self-sovereignty and decentralisation

I can’t speak of the priorities for the upcoming SAFE pod.
Current works of DAOplomats tend to focus on interest alignment of the community, protocol builders and backers.
We review and give feedback on draft proposals, and help individual authors to pass the proposal submission threshold to induce decentralisation and diversity. Our priorities will evolve as the Safe DAO matures.

Our contributor database
@Jengajojo I and @senad.eth are organising this project, and we have our education workstream in ‘pause mode’ till sec 6 as we have discovered that there should be a little more force on our governance and constitution before minting gov experts.

we have a notion that only tracks our on-chain expenses for voting and meeting notes. we haven’t yet published any transparency reports on OP voting (we tend to tweet, though)

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Our first steps as a metagovernance, for me its a big hito! I know we have more participations, but this is just awesome!