{discarded } Delegate SAFE tokens to DAOstewards

Title: Delegate SAFE tokens to DAOstewards
Author: @Jengajojo Squad: DAOstewards


This post outlines the rationale for forming a Meta governance squad in BanklessDAO and delegating SAFE tokens from Banklessvault.eth to delegate their SAFE voting power to daostewards.eth

This post is also a follow-up post on BanklessDAO’s participation in Safe DAO governance, which has passed the forum gate on October 8. 2022


DAOs rely heavily on token holders to make decisions. Token holders often need more context on proposals and help collect the information required to vote on decisions within the DAO. As a result, they often tend not to vote or make uninformed decisions. Another reason for voter apathy is the reasonably complex nature of decentralised governance; a lengthy discussion period follows a temp check. In most DAOs, temp check leads to off-chain snapshot votes and eventually to on-chain voting. As a result, an average person Getting lost in this long process of multiple voting rounds is to be expected. Lower voter turnover and unmet quorums hinder the maturing process of DAO.

‘’Governance architects and token holders historically believed in delegating voting power to individuals with competence, discipline, and bandwidth to participate in DAOs. We have seen ineffective and poor delegate participation run rampant in some protocols.


The solution for lower voter turnover or reduced participation is to include unique and dedicated groups in the governance process who have the resources to take part in the governance process and help the DAO evolve.

This could be considered an improved version of Metagovernance groups, where both DAOs benefit mutually and help nurture a positive relationship. If you want to know more about Meta governance, here is the Ultimate Guide to Metagovernance - by Ben Giove - BanklessHQ 5.

These governance groups will have dedicated members who understand the problem, do the necessary research to propose a solution, and help the partner DAO process and implement the solution as improvement proposals.

Introducing Bankless DAOstewards

DAOstewards are decentralised governance experts from BanklessDAO who specialise in solving the DAO governance trilemma (Voter Apathy, ignorant voting, and plutocratic voting). Bankless DAOstewards will also involve BanklessDAO’s internal governance, carry forward the Bankless mission, and represent the interest of BanklessDAO in the greater web3 ecosystem.

The meta governance influence of the Bankless DAOstewards will be limited to the delegation of voting power from token holders to us, both from the BanklessDAO community and outside. We prefer to establish DAO2DAO relationship, and The proposals we put forward will not be hostile towards the partner DAOs.

Mission and vision

Net positive engagement: We represent a community aiming to empower all parties involved and develop in a positive-sum manner.

United we stand: DAOstewards believe decentralisation is paramount in governing web3. We aim to represent everyday users of web3 and have their unheard voices heard.

Bankless Lifestyle: As a group from BanklessDAO, we aim to enable more people to exit their reliability on legacy institutions and fully embrace internet-native digital organisations.

Quality participation: We believe the quality active contributors could help a DAO evolve. We aim to deliver the best quality of work with minimum bureaucracy.

SAFE Delegation

The airdropped SAFE tokens from SAFE DAO have to be delegated to be claimed by each multi-sig. As this proposal suggests, any multi-sig which has received BANK from BanklessDAO should delegate its voting power to ‘daostewards.eth’ as outlined in the reasons above.

Safe delegate Pod structure

The DAOstewards delegation comprises 5 members @Jengajojo @gruad @thinkDecade @links @link @senad.eth as members who are vetted DAO governance participants.

  • Safe DAO delegates.

The selection process of Pod members

After the initial Safe DAO governance participation signalling proposal @0xbaer @senad.eth and @Jengajojo has connected a DAO-wide campaign to onboard the best governance talents, interested parties have pitched themselves with their web3 qualifications. (link to delegate pitching)

Thanks to the safe and metropolis pod smart contracts, delegate membership is fluid; the DAO or the initial cohort of delegates can add or remove members if a member is inactive or isn’t value-aligned. The exact process of removal should be fleshed out.

Safe delegate Pod structure

The voting pattern of current delegates and DAOstewards.

The Delegates can express their interests and opinions during the internal debate period. An internal Discord poll is run in #DAOstewards-poll thread to gather internal consensus. BanklessDAO members are invited to contribute to the discussion stage of the proposals in the #DAOstewards-safe-delegation thread.

Historical voting of DAOstewards in SafeDAO

Safe DAO Voting Databank

Current voting power: 15,000 SAFE

Expected voting power after snapshot: 70,000 SAFE

Financial Implications

The delegation of tokens requires no groups to make any new or unexpected expenses.

Claiming SAFE tokens and delegation requires on-chain gas, which is covered by BanklessDAO’s gas refund policy.

Success metrics or KPIs

% of all proposals voted on

Seasonal reporting of the rationale behind votes

Revenue/perks generated for BanklessDAO

Update 1: Clarification on the enforcement on DAO multi-sigs. This proposal only aims to delegate Safe tokens from Banklessvault.eth .
Guilds and Projects of BanklessDAO are free to follow their internal governance structure.
Closing the initial poll to reflect the changes.

Removed the original poll and added a new one to reflect the changes.

Claim Safe tokens from Banklessvault.eth and delegate to DAOstewards
  • Yes
  • No

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If I understand this correctly, you’re proposing that the vote attached to this Forum post and a subsequent Snapshot will obligate each and every bDAO multi-sig that claims tokens to delegate these to DAOstewards, regardless of any discussion or voting that has already occurred among signers. Is that correct?

Deleting this comment

@Trewkat went through the technalities of the proposal and updated it again. the DAO snapshot is only responsible for governing Banklessvault.eth.
With their governance structure, guilds and projects are supposed to follow their path.


For everyone thinking, we shouldn’t claim the SAFE tokens and delegate. would love to know why. any potential alternatives etc

CC @LiviuC

I’m not enthusiastically for this, or against this. I’ll ask some questions first before I actually vote.

Is the reasoning behind the stewards claiming the safe tokens because the bDAO treasury gave the funds to the guilds so this is the decision to use a central decisioning body?

What lead this current working group to be chosen?

Also, @0xbaer , where’s the link to explain daostewards? I know it’s there, direct me to it :joy:

I may just not vote in this scenario because I don’t see my self swaying in any other particular way. But I’m maybe I’m more open to it than I think. :thinking:

What link are you looking for?

There was a previous proposal to temp-check the DAO’s approach on the delegation of Safe delegation. The proposal was more 93% of the 53 voters agreed that there should be a ‘group’ responsible.
options under consideration in the original proposal, consider reading that to get a better understanding

Initial considerations on the previous proposal.


Your answer above. will help me learn more about DAO stewards.

Also, the question about a better solution.

If the stewards were decided by the aforementioned vote, I figure that would qualify for transferring delegates. At least with guilds.

One more side question. Could this have been better served with an vote to designate the stewards of this delegation? Or was it served best to just assume that responsibility.

I think the stewards are you, senad, thinkdecade, jenga, and someone else. Do you guys have either a lead or a voting structure in this group?

Hey, homie, we are not the defacto candidate for meta governance in BanklessDAO. The BanklessDAO multisig would have already delegated to us if we were.

Guild are Guilds.

Most guilds have already delegated to us . The legal and treasury asked us to bring a snapshot vote for their tokens and are waiting to claim them.

current members of the Safe DAO delegation

Full disclosure: I’m not a member of Safe Delegation; I was the Project champion (this role should be redefined as we are going to take a new approach (link to the new proposal)


Internal decision-making procedure

says poll closes in 6 days i can’t vote at all

Locking this proposal as a bug didn’t let people vote
link to new proposal: Delegate SAFE tokens to DAOstewards.eth