Snapshot Voting - Implement Shielded Voting

I was wondering though, when does S6 end and how many test runs are we doing to be fully confident in this tool?

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TESTING TIME :partying_face:
Aww yea


Damn, this Goverance is everyone’s business/responsibility is more than a meme by season 6. Big brains bringing in it, community discussing it, tools being improved, comments posted and listened to by proposers, adjustments offering improvements made, final idea makes quorum and it is voted on via snapshot! WoW, so early and still building moving in to season 7, impressive to the FFOG. TY folks WAGMI.

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Please go vote, and verify that the correct amount of BANK is showing up in your snapshot.

Once this is complete, we’ll validate that votes were happening correctly.

I can’t see what the other people voted for. I don’t know which one to choose.




Alright, we gotta turn that off and fix it.
Definitely don’t want people picking what they think is best.

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First official vote up that is shielded:
Grants Committee Election

Test vote:
Shielded vote test

No reports on any challenges and everything looks like it is working great.

Continuing to pay attention.