Snapshot Voting - Implement Shielded Voting

Title: Snapshot Voting - Implement Shielded Voting

Authors: Icedcool

Squad: Icedcool, Jamesmontgomery.eth, Links

Date Created: 11/16/22

Date Posted: 12/2/22



This proposal is to suggest and gain consensus for implementing Shielded Voting for all Snapshot votes at BanklessDAO. Shielded voting will enable partial voter privacy, which prevents the voting process from influencing the voting results.

Votes and voting results will be hidden for the entirety of the vote, and will be revealed at closure of the vote.


The aim of Snapshot voting is for BanklessDAO contributors to express their sentiment through token weighted voting. Currently BanklessDAO Snapshot Votes are transparent and visible through the entirety of the vote. This can create scenarios where the current results influence the vote.

By implementing Shielded Voting, we support voter sentiment expression that is more accurate, while preventing different voter gaming potentials.


Snapshot votes at BanklessDAO are meant to be a clear expression of sentiment from contributors and the DAO.

By implementing Shielded Voting we enable this expression, while decreasing the capacity for negative voting externalities.

This is in direct alignment with the mission and values of the DAO of decentralized governance, culture and integrity.


Once consensus and approval are gained for Shielded Voting on the forum, this will be implemented on Snapshot for the rest of Season 6.

At the end of Season 6, we will collect feedback via the coordinape form to surface sentiment around the implementation, and either modify or submit a bDIP to add shielded voting verbiage to the constitution.


Shielded Voting (like much of the technology in the space) is in development and in a beta phase.

The risks are outlined here:

  • The underlying threshold encryption implementation is still rather new and, therefore, may contain unknown bugs.
  • The infrastructure to communicate the encryption and decryption keys between the Snapshot Hub and the Shutter Network is equally new.
  • In this initial deployment, the Keyper set (the entities collaborating to perform the threshold encryption mechanism) will not be fully decentralized.


  1. If approved, implement Shielded voting for the rest of Season 6.
  2. Gather feedback on the experiment from the DAO
    a. Via Coordinape form
  3. If sentiment is positive
    a. Create a bDIP and put on the forum for consensus
    b. Put bDIP on Snapshot
    c. Enjoy Shielded voting! :slight_smile:


  • Approve
  • Deny

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Sounds good. I voted Approve.


I’m all for this but would recommend implementing in S7 and gather product feedback from projects already using the feature in S6 first. It is too risky to be on the experimental side of things considering snapshot votes are the most important and moving areas that we rely on in this DAO. Unless there’s already data for this that we can ponder on, then might not be too bad. Also, how “new” are they?


I second @Steff’s thoughts.

This seems like a great idea, could it be better with feedback obtained thoughout the rest of season 6? With a full implementation in season 7.

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I’m all for it. It is common knowledge that folks with marginal votes on poll tend to influence next voters voting decision.

I’m glad to see Snapshot continues to improve and I think this is an important change. I support the switch. I’d be okay with implementing it now, but wouldn’t push back much if most people want to wait until next season. I’m a little split on it because on one hand I get wanting to make sure the tech works but on the other hand I think we are the people other DAOs will look to for feedback.


I hear being risk averse on this, because of how critical snapshot is.
This is definitely a concern of mine as well!

My thoughts are:

  1. If we implement, and the technology fails, it will likely mean that the vote won’t be shielded (ie, it will be what it is now), and worst case is that votes aren’t registered we will need to re-propose the vote due to a bug.
  2. So what is at risk is, while critical, fairly easily re-obtainable (votes), and steps to turn off shielded voting are pretty simple.

SO, the current plan is, pending the approval of the vote, to go forward with this AS A TEST FOR S6, then review at the end of S6 and either permanently implement for S7 going forward, or choose a different option.

@DoubleB Agreed as well.



My thoughts exactly.

We have an opportunity to be(and are!) on the front line of this.
The learning is very important, AND we don’t have funds or lose-able assets at risk (acknowledging votes are VERY important!)


hey Iced, thank you for the proposal i think there should be privacy in DAO voting;

I’m I have some experience as a delegate in other DAO. and recently 1inch has introduced the shutter, the snapshot implementation was full with bugs, where the delegated voting power wasn’t accurate and our Mulisig wasn’t able to vote the first time. even though the bug was resolved the Uncertinity has created may confusion and 1IP -10 failed to meet quorum.

i might be a lot consisious in implement such changes to the vital tool of the DAO

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This is good feedback.

I’m reading that implementing a flawed tool, could cast doubt on the accuracy of the results of snapshot votes, which would be a critical problem for the DAO.

Do you know of any other DAOs that implemented shutter?
Also, I’m going to check in with their discord and collect some info to see about implementations.

That is concerning.

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Could we just run a few test votes where people vote in one test shielded and in another unshielded? One concern may be that the exercise itself might create traceability to remove shielding from actual votes, but people that are particularly concerned don’t have to participate in the tests.


Good idea, we could run test votes so people can get a feel for how this works.

Remember this isn’t about privacy - after the voting closes votes become public just as they are now. This is just shielding the results during the vote so people don’t just jump on whichever bandwagon is winning.

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Good move, I support this @Icedcool @MantisClone. More like US voting

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That is true. It is only shielded not anonymous, but yes I would feel more comfortable with a test run. Also, while the link provided can help you play with it to understand it. It may just provide an additional level of comfort working with our systems.


This proposal was highlighted in the boardroom brief:



Think this would be a great feature on our snapshot!

This is kind of funny, and maybe I shouldn’t say this… but…

This is on the verge of passing. I mean, it’s going to pass, we just need 4 more votes to meet the quorum requirement. If four more people vote it passes, even if they vote against. So if you’re against this you shouldn’t vote because a vote against is in fact a vote for. And we know this because the votes aren’t shielded.




The big thing is that, this isn’t a full implementation, it is a test implementation for rest of Season 6.
Then take feedback and fully implement or not :+1: .


I’m really happy with all the conversation going around here and I thank you for listening to our concerns @Icedcool. It seems like everybody is aligned with where we want this to go so I’m changing my vote to a YES <3

Thanks to everybody for taking care of bDAO. You guys are the best and we’re only getting better!

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