TEMP Check - Guest Pass to L1 Scholarship

Although I do agree with the idea of a scholarship, i disagree on the stated implementation. Others have already pointed out the limitations of a GC. To the point of compensation in tlBANK, i think that should be the default mode of compensation irrespective of status.

As an alternative I suggest:

→ Guest joins the DAO and connects wallet
→ All bounties that the guest earns are only sent to this wallet (everyone only receives tlBANK)
→ Wen GP expires, guests are ranked by the amount of tlBANK they have received at the end of each month)
→ A fixed scholarship budget is allocated to a matching pool
→ Scholarship covers the difference between tlBANK earned vs tlBANK missing for L1 membership starting from the member who earned the highest tlBANK that month.
→ Scholarships are given out till the budget for that month expires

This method ensures objective decision making and does not need governance overhead.

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While I concede that it sounds like people may not be as interested in helping with this scholarship, (it can be hard to tackle overhead in a overworked scenario)

Your plan is not a scholarship. It’s a lottery. A scholarship awards a person based on outstanding achievement. Your plan puts a group of people on display based on the work they’ve completed and how productive they are. Does that benefit anyone?

If you’re looking into the idea of helping people onboard into a bankless lifestyle, I think it’s probably best to either just expound on the idea that for a while, you just will not be able to be compensated or remunerated. That’s okay, like Ive said. But none of the aforementioned ideas actually sound like there’s an interest in helping maintain people who used bank to pay bills.

If so, @links @Icedcool @Jengajojo , what do you want to do about these people who’ve been trying to maintain, and aren’t afforded the luxury of financial independence, stability. It is not your obligation to help these people, not by any means, but what can you do to keep people who can’t afford a membership but are interested in “promoting the cause”. I think that’s going to be the underlying issue here.

Second point: worst case scenario situation:

If you lose the interest or demand for liquid bank due to the move for future members to be rewarded locked bank, does that also hurt the process? I suppose not as it’s the same bank just vested versus not.

I’m curious if you instead just pivot to mere volunteer until you actually bring in revenue to Sustain so many people. Which isn’t a bad thing, it’s transparent.

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Thanks @homie I’d push back on the framing that the allocation methodology is the same as the intention.

From my understanding of the word scholarship, it is something that is awarded to folks who have actually demonstrated talent and hence they receive a reward for upskilling this talent. In the context of the DAO, folks who have shown talent are the ones who are able to prove it by showcasing their proof of work which was worthy of BANK.

I’d like to reiterate points that @Icedcool has made in the past that not all contribution is worthy of reward in the same way that not all answers you write in a exam is worthy of good grades. Those who provable demonstrate academic or extra circular talent are rewarded scholarships and I do believe that is the right way to distribute tokens to members who can provably offer value.

In academic circles, there are many non profits and trusts outside the main institution who provide grants or aid to folks who are able to prove that they do not have the financial means or talent to get scholarships. In the case of DAOs, we cannot prove that someone actually does not have the means because blockchains only offer partial truth. At the same time folks are free to crowdsource aid or form their own orgs which offer aid, but this should not be the responsibility of the DAO at a time when we cannot even pay our core contributors a living wage to keep the DAO alive.

Without the core contributors, the DAO will fall apart and in such a situation overemphasising on the marginal value that contributors on the edges provide is focusing resources and time in the wrong direction.


While I think this comment above is a tricky one to make:

It sounds to me like there just needs to be a touch of realism moment here:

DAO can’t afford to pay everyone.

Contributors on the edges don’t mean (figuretively speaking) as much as the ones inside the circle. As a guest pass, did I mean less than you? No. You do not mean less than me, either.

So you’re making cuts.

I’d venture that some L2s have made less of an impact than contributors on the edges.

So you may now run the risk of the DAO simply falling apart because of a focus on “core” or l2, or whatever.

I should mention, there is a large amount of guest passers whose work simply revolves around busy work.

However, there are L1s and L2s that I’d venture to say have the same track record.

Don’t cut off your nose to spite your face.

Instead, be transparent. If you can’t afford it, cut back.

But have a plan to pick up the pieces in the back end as well. I think it would fair better to just think smaller in a holistic route as well (quit paying for projects or guilds that don’t bring in revenue (haha I’m sure I’m spiting myself in this very moment) and restructure everything, take a look at everything, and find the funds you need from there.

Invest in the alt options at a greater scale.

I believe you just acquired 4 million in bank for onboarding events? That’s going to be a huge influx of guest passers, which you do not have a plan to assist them if the can’t afford to sustain and contribute at the same time.

I know I had a hand in cutting back 4 million in bank with the coordinape situation. Perhaps we can begin to make light of profitability by finding other aspects to cut back on.

But what I’m hearing here sounds like posturing. It doesn’t seem like a bad idea at face value because it’s painful to focus on the negative. But if the focus is self sustainability. Looking at the whole picture could save you from needing a scholarship and even trying to figure out whether guests passes need to be limited.

If you do not want a scholarship that results in savings that can give you a start to the approach, then find a plan that helps in another way.

My approach to this is to create a warm, welcoming environment for people who believe in the Bankless mission and allow them to interact and contribute to our cause in any way that is sustainable for them.

If they can’t afford to spend 10 hours a week working on the DAO, how about 5 hours a week? How about 1 hour a week (reading newsletters, retweeting, etc)? If there are ways for anyone who wants to contribute towards our mission to contribute, then they will stick around, guided by our shared purpose.


I understand what you mean here.

Guest passers are enabled enough imo. May be lengthen the renewal times to remove renewal workload from the L2’s.

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Fair assessment, why do you feel this way @raybankless.eth ?

An addition, is there a way to assist the community who may be affected by the income loss? It’s not the DAOs obligation to fund. But perhaps (true incubator form) it can ramp up (or continue) the efforts to incubate, and help people find paying jobs. You may lose people, but perhaps not in the way of writing people off, but perhaps helping guide them into the DAO, help them learn, focus, and gro, and then see them off to their greener pastures.

Not saying the DAO is not a green pasture.

Like me for example. I am loud, clearly.
I’m sure I’ve made a mark here in bDAO in some way shape or form. I am beginning to realize that I don’t have the bandwidth to focus on being here for the long haul like you, and @Trewkat do, for example.

That might not be a bad thing. This is not me rage quitting :joy:.

But, in my years of being around, I’ve grown, I think.

Perhaps this is the way. Perhaps there is a way to have this as an aspect, for people to come, grow l, move on, and come back to visit and feel vibes along the way.

While there is a true core (in my belief there are L2s that shouldn’t be L2s but that’s another story for another day) group of people who work for the cause of enabling others to grow in web3. You could have a season pass for people to find out (crash course form) where they can succeed and achieve in web3. They can then either stay (membership) come visit (guest pass) or move on.


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well guest pass is easy to obtain, makes you reach almost everything, and is infinite. If this is still not enabling enough, i don’t really know what is. On the other hand, some one needs to renew an infinite thing every two weeks without any expectation from the contributor.

Guest pass holders might better look for ways to join more teams and be active, i don’t think they would need extra cash investment if they contribute.

One thing we might improve as the dao for guest pass holders might be the price of BANK, and in more general terms finding more sources of income, diversifying our payment abilities. Stables does magic, like DAI from gitcoin. Even a guest pass can get paid from gitcoin if they have translated some article. Just one example from my scope of work.

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It’s wonderful how this is growing, actually I’m thinking as an impact measure. At the end of the season we can see how much impact ti they are making and if we are going to continue helping with the growth.

And if we make this approach we can give the tokens in a Thrive mechanism or using another measure that it’s already on chain.