tlBANK - Tempcheck for Consensus and Implementation

Hi @0x_Lucas what are your thoughts on the the best platform for voting using the BANK token and tlBANK for strategies?

hedgey already has a snapshot strategy we can import so that volks voting power is accounted by their hedgey


I’m in full support of this proposal; thank you, Icedcool!!!
BUT… I’m still a little fuzzy on the utility of the NFT. So it is NOT a time bomb smart contract? Once minted, the holder has full access to whatever forever? If that is correct… that might be a little risky in the long run… hummm… Or am I missing something???

Definitely NOT a time bomb :slight_smile: .
Yes, the user has access to their funds, although they can’t get access to them till after the unlock period.

You have full access to the nft, and all perks therin as long as you don’t transfer/sell the token.
If it has been transferred, you identify as a non-value aligned member and lose the perks.

Also the holder of nft purchased on the secondary market doesn’t get the benefits associated to it either, but they do have the freedom to speculate.

Does that help?