Update from the GC 4/12/23

Here is an update from the grants committee!

Outcomes from polls regarding Seasonal Proposals:

Should projects include polls on their proposals?

Should projects have to meet quorum in order to be included in the seasonal distribution of BANK?

Should quorum for projects be adjusted?

Should the treasury department be included in the Season 8 BANK distribution?

Some GC members explain why they voted the way that they did here: Discord


Hey @Sprinklesforwinners , the poll says that projects WON’T have to meet quorum for funding. Discord

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I sincerely appreciate the attempt at clarity for S8 project funding proposals.

However, I actually don’t think that 5 people should decide for the DAO what the best process for funding projects is.

I know @links will want to point out that delegating authority here is a good thing, and I agree. My concern is that this process has been murky for a long period of time and as per discussions in Discord it impacts the role of the DAO vault multisig and also has implications for the BANK runway.

I would like to see GC acknowledge that this series of polls is a temporary measure which will be revisited on a wider scale so that the DAO members can truly have input on this seasonal funding question.

If no one from the Grants Committee is available to initiate a Forum post, I am willing to do it.
My goal is to reach agreement on a clear process and then empower the GC with the authority to enact it.


Hi @Trewkat can you help me understand what post you are looking to see from the GC? I am sorry you feel none of us are available

I didn’t say that none of you are available.
I said that if none of you are available I would be willing to write the post.

I would like to see a post which provides opportunity for discussion about seasonal project funding in future.

Specifically, whether project proposals for previously funded proposals should need to meet agreed levels of community support before they are considered by Grants Committee.