A few quick reminders from the Grants Committee:

A few quick reminders from the Grants Committee:

It seems like it was only last week that mid-Season 7 KPI’s were due from projects, but this Friday, Season 8 BANK Disbursement Proposals are due.

All Guilds, Departments, and also Projects that are requesting to receive a BANK disbursement for Season 8 need to have their requests on the forum by Friday, April 7th.

  • Remember to add a poll at the end of the proposal
  • Quorum for the forum post depends on the amount of BANK requested.

These are the current quorum requirements for BANK funding proposals:

BANK request Forum Quorum Forum Vote Forum Timeline
<50K 16 >71% min. 1 week
50K - 250K 20 >71% min. 1 week
250K - 500K 25 >71% min. 1 week
500K - 1M 32 >71% min. 1 week
>1M 40 >71% min. 2 weeks

Current templates that should be used:

Here is the template for Guilds

Here is the template for the Departments

Here is the template for Projects:

Important upcoming dates for Season 8 BANK Distribution Proposals

April 7: Season 8 Proposals are due on the forum.

April 7 - 13: Grants Committee to work with groups to review funding requests

April 24: The Season 8 Grants Committee election will post to Snapshot

May 1: The Season 8 Budget Request will post to Snapshot

Important dates for Season 8 Grants Committee

April 14 - 23: Season 8 Grants Committee Election applications accepted

April 24: Applicants for Season 8 GC posted to Snapshot

April 24 - May 1: Season 8 Grants Committee member election in Snapshot


Just to be clear, are you expecting all projects, departments, and guilds to have polls for consensus?

I ask because the polls aren’t included in the templates you linked, and in the past there has been some question of whether this applied to projects/guilds/depts, etc.


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No, only projects need to have polls.