[Updated] Grow the bDAO community and showcase your expertise via a distributed knowledge network

Update: I received some great feedback and made a few updates for clarity.


This is a proposal for BanklessDAO to integrate Mosaic, a distributed knowledge network, into your Discord server. There is no cost and integration takes only a few minutes. By integrating, you will experience the following benefits:

  1. A question and answer platform to educate Web3 learners, and showcase your subject matter expertise and thought leadership.
  2. Support your members’ Web3 learning journey by giving them access to a growing network of subject matter experts.
  3. Community growth by signaling to learners outside of your network that you are here to help.
  4. Another vehicle to help fulfill your mission of helping the world go Bankless through education.

The entire platform will be accessible from your Discord server. 5 communities have already joined with a combined server size of over 65,000 people.

What is Mosaic

Mosaic is the Web3 Quora. When fully realized, learners will have a home to obtain quality knowledge from trusted subject matter experts. Unlike Quora that allows users to falsify their expertise, or Twitter that is plagued with self-proclaimed experts spreading misinformation, Mosaic will use a variety of verifiable credentials to establish an individual’s believability. This adds the necessary context and weight behind the knowledge being shared so that the learner can decide if they want to commit this new information to their knowledge bank, or continue their research and find a more credible person to learn from.

Mosaic and BanklessDAO

We are launching Mosaic Network, a network of Web3 communities that are experts in various domains. These leading Web3 communities will help educate learners who are interested in crypto and Web3 topics like tokenomics, DAO governance, blockchain infrastructure, NFTs, decentralization, and more. We would love for BanklessDAO to join as an expert community. Additionally, all bDAO members will have access to the growing network of subject matter experts across all of Web3.

By integrating Mosaic as an early community, you will experience the following benefits:

Showcase your subject matter expertise and thought leadership

Learners will ask questions on topics that you all know very well. Through trial and error, failures and successes, you hold valuable knowledge that learners need. By answering learners’ questions and sharing your expertise, you provide a signal to learners outside your network that BanklessDAO is here to help. That BanklessDAO is a valuable community with knowledge and expertise. That BanklessDAO is a leader that shows up when others are in need. By showcasing your expertise and leadership, you’ll experience the second benefit.

Grow your community

Showing up when others ask for help, and sharing knowledge for the sake of bettering all of Web3 is a powerful way to build trust. There are a lot of communities to join and competition for attention and contributors is tough. Mosaic provides you with an opportunity to be a beacon for learners who are new to the space or looking for more ways to contribute in a Web3 world.

Additionally, everyone in your community will have access to this network of experts for their own learning. You can help support your community’s educational journey. See below for more on how this all works.

Help towards your mission of helping the world go Bankless through education.

All of this is about education and sharing information to give others the tools and resources they need to understand Web3, crypto, the Bankless movement, and discover self-sovereignty. You’re doing a great job already in this effort. Mosaic simply provides another tool to complete your mission.

How this all works

The alpha version of Mosaic is live right now at mosaicnetwork.co. However, to create a more valuable solution for Web3 communities, we will be launching a Discord integration which takes all the functionality of the platform, and puts it inside your community server. This means you can ask questions and have it routed to knowledgeable people across the entire network. You can receive questions from learners outside your community, provide value for them by answering their questions, and build trust with them to increase the chance of them joining as a contributor. This all occurs without leaving your community Discord server.

Below is a link to a video explainer and short demo. I’ll release an updated demo very soon. There is no cost and integration is as easy as adding a bot to your server. As of today, you’ll be joining 5 other communities with a combined server size of over 65,000 people. More are expected to join in the coming weeks.

Next steps

Since there is no 1 person that makes decisions about community integrations at BanklessDAO, we can use this forum to address questions, get feedback, and see if we can find consensus on integrating Mosaic with your Discord server. If consensus is found, the next step is on me. I’m finishing development and will provide regular updates. The launch is anticipated for mid to late May. We will work together to create a small launch campaign to ensure everyone here is aware of the new feature. After that, your Mosaic integration will be live.

  • Sounds good, let’s do it.
  • I don’t think we should do it.
  • Maybe. I’ll share my concerns in the comments.

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I support the promotion and the progress that having this knowledge base would do for bankless DAO.

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Thanks, homie! I think it will be really good for the DAO

Great initiative @ManuelMaccou! Love what you’re building with Mosaic and I think bDAO is a perfect testing ground.

Using Mosaic, our users will be able to:

  1. access expert knowledge from external communities
  2. showcase BanklessDAO as a community filled with subject matter experts
  3. earn credentials for proof of participation and knowledge
  4. help build a more trustworthy specialised knowledge base.

Thanks NFThinker. You nailed it with the benefits