Whitelist AAJ and Frogmonkee for Snapshot

Title: Whitelist AAJ and Frogmonkee for Snapshot
Authors: frogmonkee#6855
Squad: frogmonkee#6855
Date Created: June 9th, 2021
Date Posted: June 9th, 2021


Snapshot only allows certain whitelisted addresses to send out live proposals. This proposal seeks to add myself and AAJ.


Currently, only Genesis members are whitelisted. While this isn’t a problem now, including some trusted community members would give the DAO better representation.


Progressive decentralization


  • frogmonkee’s ETH wallet address
  • AAJ’s ETH wallet address

Perhaps we have more community members as well, but this can be discussed in the replies.


  • Approve community members for selection
  • Get whitelisted


  • AAJ
  • Frogmonkee
  • Neither
  • Both

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  • Include other community members
  • Just leave it at AAJ and/or frogmonkee

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As a member of the dao who’s read all forum proposals and lurked through most of the discord channels, giving occasional constructive feedback on some of the dope ideas people are putting forth. It’s clear that @frogmonkee and @AboveAverageJoe have been basically running the show. These guys are literary everywhere, helping all guilds organize and collaborate more effectively. The time commitment they have provided is impressive to say the least, and I don’t think we would have had half the progress we’ve had so far have without it.
I believe this DOA is going places. Mainly because of the amazing talent and drive within our community. Having @frogmonkee and @AboveAverageJoe as community leaders has played a large role in the forming of this belief. Giving them access to send out live proposals is a no-brainer. It’ll allow the doa to run faster.
Great work guys, keep it up :clap:


I’ll add kouros and wolf

Absolutely agree with this.
There are a few members, who proved that they could handle it well to be whitelisted, but aajoe and frog defo are the top two of that.
In the future we can add more, but now in season 0 these two are probably sufficient (also they will obviously add other members proposals as well, if the soft consensus is strong enough)

Both @frogmonkee and @aboveaveragejoe have been whitelisted! This thread will be closed.

We’ll continue to add more and more core contributors over time, but glad we’re expanding the whitelist.