ALL HANDS ON DECK: Compensation and PLM Working Groups

Hey everyone! This season we need to really key in on two topics:

  • Compensation: It’s no secret that compensation has been all over the place. We barely have any standards or guidance in place. The best we have a suggested hourly rate, but it’s not sustainable or sensical in many cases. We have a number of levers to use: Salary, bounties, KPIs, revenue share, and more. How do we best leverage these? What are the best practices we can use? How should we track and improve on these processes?

  • Project Lifecycle Management: We have a decent project proposal workflow, but once projects are launched… what then? How do we track success? How do we increase visibility and map talent to needs? How do we know to continue funding or drop?

These are not new problems, but they are challenges we need to apply in a way that aligns with how DAOs operate. We’re already running into problems and we will not be able to scale until we tackle this set of challenges.

As such, I want to create two working groups to tackle these two problem space (though there will be some overlap). This is what I will be spending more of my time on this season. I’d like for you to be involved.

To start, we can hold weekly meetings on both topics and go from there.
Please fill out the following LettuceMeet links to add your availability. Notes will always be taken and we’ll do our best to manage async communications.
:warning: Please put in times you can make on a weekly basis to the best of your ability

See you there. Let’s get this :bread:


Thanks for sharing. For future reference - I think it would be healthy for the DAO to create lettucemeets which are timezone agnostic - ie the default setting is not for 90% of the slots to be in the middle of the night for APAC. If most ppl who join are from the US, the meeting will happen during your daytime anyways, but at least give the option not to. This has been a recurring feedback picked up on this forum.


Any recommendations on what I should have done differently? It’s a 12 hour time frame. I thought that was pretty fair.

with an 8/24 normal sleep cycle, 16 hours of selectability covers the widest range of possibilities without going to a full 24 hour format

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I appreciate that. Though if I’m in Singapore and I open the invite, the 12 hr time frame is 10pm - 10am. That’s implicitly telling me the DAO doesn’t care about people in my region participating. It’s as much about appearances of being a global DAO when it comes to DAO-wide top-level discussions than the logistics of me wanting to join this particular call. I’m saying that on behalf of others I’ve seen giving similar feedback on here.

My suggestion was to use the 24hr time frame (only one that’s unbiased). We will organically converge on a time that is in a time zone where most ppl are.

That said, the issue runs deeper - the call will converge on 3am my time anyways, so eventually I will just go ‘what’s the point?’ I’m not sure what’s the answer but this is an issue to keep tabs on going forward, if the DAO wants to be a global one (thinking aloud here).


As far as compensation goes what service DAOs should we look at to see what they’ve done? I don’t think we should necessarily copy anyone - we should blaze a new path - but I’m sure a lot of lessons have already been learned.

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What about something like team-set-salaries?

We could have an assigned budget for each project and people working on that project would vote on a fair split of that budget between participants.

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@mgoesdistance - Best solution I have here is creating different working groups. Splitting tasks and responsibilities between time zones and coordinating between, but I haven’t tried that.

@brianl - Yes, certainly no need to reinvent the wheel here.

@volky - I’ve heard of something like this, but not the algo presented in the paper. Will read it detail later, thank you for posting.

This is really interesting to me. It’s basically Coordinape, but with railings. Percival is $1/user/mo and is not Web3 native :confused:

Yeah, we would probably have to build something custom for it. That’s the DAO way on this normie world right now :joy:

Could probably hit Coordinape up with a feature request :eyes:

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love it. This is a very important topic and one that will eventually prove if DAO’s really are the future of work or not. I will follow it closely and try to contribute as much as I can.