Role Analysis Study - Compensation System

Title: Role Analysis Study - Compensation System
Author: @senad.eth
Squad: @saulthorin @AboveAverageJoe @iSpeakNerd @senad.eth
Date created: Nov 18th, 2022
Date posted: Nov 18th, 2022


I’m brining a post from #dao-general to forums to support information distribution.

I’m currently advising Xiaowen Chen (PhD), Assistant Professor in Industrial/Organizational Psychology & Director of Big Data Lab for Organizational Effectiveness from the university of kentucky and her master students in the process of conducting a role analysis project for BanklessDAO. What we’re aiming toward is the development of a qualification and necessity framework for roles to be prioritized in terms of compensation. The role holder analysis study is a specific branch of the main compensation system.

The group of students & professor involved discord handles are enclosed below:

Students, reaching out to guild/department coordinators
Molly mollysimmons#2040
Eiizabeth elizabethscurtis#2819
Hayden HaydenNelson2024#0343
Students, reaching out to governance coordinators
Cora CoraH_18#8634
Tamia MiaT224#6850
Anna annakathrinap#9829
The professor
Xiaowen CeciliaC#3939

Check out my wacky new system for compensating role-holders out of the Podcast Hatchery:

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