Bankless Academy Season 3 Budget Proposal

Edited 3 Jan, 2021 with updated funding request

Program Name: Bankless Academy Season 3 Funding Request
Program Champion: RedVan | Bankless DAO :black_flag:#0611
Request Authors: RunTheJewelz#7931, DidierKrux, Ap0ll0
Date Created: 15/12/21
Date Posted: 20/12/21

Program Justification

This request is to fund the Bankless Academy team’s work during Season 3 of the Bankless DAO’s activities (Jan 8, 2021 - March 8, 2022). The funds will support all activities related to the production and release of the DAO’s flagship education product.


In season 2, Bankless Academy released our first two courses and received over 70 pieces of feedback that are being used to improve future releases. We have built a metanarrative and style guide which will help accelerate our course launch schedule over the next several seasons. In addition, we have started an AMA-like learner session which accelerates content delivery to the project.

Our MVP was released to the DAO in December 2021, and can be found here:

Season 3 Spec

Encompassed in this funding request is remuneration for team members to perform the following functions:

  • Product Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Written Content
  • Development
  • UI/UX
  • Illustration (x2)
  • Audiovisual

The Bankless Academy Team has aligned to a series of objectives that must be met in order to receive full Remuneration for a portion of the allocation.

Revised S3 Remuneration Structure

This revised compensation structure is based on the advice of Grants Committee on 12/23/2021. The Bankless Academy Project will base all remuneration from the DAO Treasury based on milestones related to shipping courses to production. We propose the following KPI/Incentive structure to encourage the team to ship a product as well as meet realistic milestones.

Milestone Objective % of Request Allocated to Multisig
1 Ship first 2 courses to Production (Public Release) 60%
2 Ship Course 3 to Production 20%
3 Ship Course 4 to Production 20%
+ Stretch Goal: Ship Course 5 to Production +20%

Milestones will be distributed to different working groups (PODS) for Content and Product based on different milestones aligned within the team. However, the milestone distribution from GC will be based on the above table.

Revised Season 3 KPIs

  • Production release of 4 courses to production as defined in our release strategy from Season 2.
  • Written content completed and ready for 5-6 additional courses for Season 4 release schedule using the Live Learner-style content generation sessions.
  • Repeatable process with defined set of tasks and timings (and remuneration) for subsequent production course releases. Work on improving workflows.
    • Refined content generation process to mass scale the Academy for future seasons
    • Further development of course outline and release strategy to account for mass scaling of the educational platform
    • Defined production release processes and cadence
  • Professional level Branding & Marketing support to support the mission
    • Feedback implementation and process build out for each workstream
    • Social media marketing strategy and deployment, primarily on Twitter
    • Improved Branding cohesion through all workstreams

Program Terms

This proposal is to compensate team members for accomplishing the above objectives using three channels for remuneration: Salary for full time Season 3 Worksteam Leads, Recurring Bounties, and One Time Bounties.

The breakdown of the budgetary components represent our best ability to deliver the project within a fixed budget while still compensating the key contributors for their effort. We have identified 8 workstream lead categories, working at least 10-20 hours a week dedicated to the project. These roles will be compensated by salary, while other tasks will be accomplished through bounties. Individuals remunerated by salaries are accountable to the objectives of the project and will act as coordinators, talent coordination, communications, vision, and acting as stewards of the Bankless Academy.

The proposal represents 4 courses worth of A/V and Design elements. Should we get further along than expected, we reserve the right to come back to GC to fund Design and A/V bounties to push further ahead with course deployment.

TL;DR - Total Ask - 1,489,800 BANK, paid in milestones based on shipping courses. No payment until the first 2 courses ship to production


  • Product Strategy
  • Product Management
  • Project Management
  • Written Content
  • Development
  • Illustration x2
  • Audiovisual (½ workstream role)
  • UI/UX


Workstream Remuneration

Workstreams Monthly Remuneration Months Total / Member Total
8 Workstream Roles 33,333 BANK 3 100,000 BANK 800,000
1 half Workstream Role 16,600 BANK 3 49,800 49,800
  • Distributed Monthly
    • An opt out mechanism will be put in place for members whose monthly efforts do not merit the salary

Recurring Bounties (Per Course)

Workstream Bounty Per Course
Video @22.5K/Video 45,000
Illustration 20,000
Written Content 40,000
Total 105,000 BANK
# of Courses Bounty Per Course
4 105,000 BANK
Total 420,000 BANK

One Time Bounties

Reserved Bounties Bounty
Dev 60,000 BANK
UI/UX 60,000 BANK

Total Funding Request - S3

Funding Type Remuneration
Workstream Leads/Group 849,800 BANK
One Time Bounties 120,000 BANK
Course Bounties 420,000 BANK
Coordinape Round 100,000 BANK
Total 1,489,800 BANK

Additional Funding Sources

Grants committee has asked Bankless Academy to find alternate sources of funding for season 3 and beyond and made it clear that the current run-rate is unacceptable to fund from the treasury. As such, the team has been working on several different avenues of funding from outside sources and will continue to seek additional funding opportunities during season 3

  • Yes, I agree with this proposal
  • No, I disagree with this proposal (comment why)
  • I agree, but it needs refinement (comment why)
  • I think something different is needed (comment why)

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Who are the expected leads next season and is there a description of their expectations?

Thanks for sharing your funding request. Can you place a poll into this post to check the temperature of the community about this proposal?

Wanted to give a heads up.

  1. There are some parts of the new joiners sessions that can be held asynchronous that we would like to move to bankless academy.

We will bring funding, content, audio, design and video.

We are meeting tomorrow to discuss just this.

Thanks angyts, poll added. We should look into how new joiners sessions can align with Academy needs, and how the two could work in a more symbiotic way. Would love to discuss this with you further.

thanks for adding the poll. I love your work for the BanklessDAO, sorry i voted no.

I am voting from an educator perspective.

As I understand this is an educational product/platform.

I would like to see the instructional design process being placed at top most priority, before anything else.

Also the funding request seems disproportionate to the currently not shown/elaborated educational objectives.

Sorry, because in the university, funding proposals for educational products always start with education objectives, then we try to weigh the cost against it.

Hi Angyts, apologies as I thought I had sent this reply the other day but I’ve only just found my draft sitting here! I appreciate your input. Getting this budget right has been a challenge this time around. We are trying to reduce role overhead and budget bloat, but with a well rounded product comes a lot of work.

We did push back the public release, which makes it seem like we’re resting on our laurels, but we made that tough decision to allow more time for internal testing. In all actuality, we have a beautiful product that is very close to shipping and we want to make sure it makes a splash (not a splat) when it goes public.

As for our team, when we started we had some amazing educational brains with brilliant ideas about getting the message out (yourself included). Building that platform was more work than any of us had imagined, both in terms of coordination and construction. We have been building solid frameworks that are getting us one step closer to being an autonomous project, and we are continuing to iterate (kudos @SaintSal for iterative systems).

We are actively exploring profit generating avenues and ways of reducing costs by involving the greater bDAO community. I firmly believe this product will be a superb educational tool, and by working closely with the Education Guild we can create well rounded courses that teach people the things they need to know, in a fun and interactive way.

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sounds fun!

We need to get the word out there to get educators in the banklessDAO ecosystem to incorporate the bankless academy as part of their educational offerings.

And if their offerings are for commercial use, to kindly donate a part of their commercial profits to the Bankless Academy.

Commercial use is for example, we teach and actually earn something for teaching.

So you mean bDAO projects? Or the wider DAO ecosystem?