Proposal: DAODenver Partnership

Title: DAODenver Partnership Proposal

Author: Bo | BanklessDAO :black_flag:#7210

Date Posted: 03 Jan 2022

This proposal is to gain approval for a partnership with DAODenver, a two-day conference focused on DAOs on February 15-16, 2022, produced by, which is being held in cooperation with ETHDenver. will provide the following benefits to BanklessDAO:

  1. Marketing BanklessDAO as a “DAO Partner” of DAODenver within the website, marketing materials, and acknowledgement during the conference;
  2. One speaking opportunity during the conference (speaker, topic, and timeframe to be mutually agreed);

In exchange, BanklessDAO will provide DAODenver:

  1. A nonexclusive right to use its logo and description in promotional material, including but not limited to the DAODenver website and marketing materials pertaining to the DAODenver 2022 event;

  2. Announcements within the BanklessDAO community on or prior to February 5, 2022:

  • Two or more mentions of DAODenver during community calls;
  • Two or more mentions about DAODenver within Discord with link to ticketing page in an appropriate channel, preferably with an @everyone or @here tag;
  1. Announcements to the broader community on or prior to February 5, 2022:
  • Two or more tweets about DAODenver with link to ticketing page;
  • Two or more mentions in the appropriate newsletter(s) about DAODenver with link to ticketing page;

Note that sponsorship opportunities will be available shortly.

Please indicate whether or not you approve of becoming a DAO Partner of DAODenver according to the above proposed terms.

  • I approve of BanklessDAO becoming a DAO Partner of DAODenver
  • I do not approve / this proposal needs revision

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I am a core contributor for the DAOists. I am on the content-events team in the DAO and produce and host podcasts for DAOists. We will be launching our podcast series here very soon before DAO Denver.
I will also be a core contributor to the AV side of things during DAO Denver and we hope to come away with a significant amount of recorded speeches and interviews from this event. I look forward to my two favorite DAOs working together to make DAO Denver a treasure trove of alpha and opportunity for all involved.


Fantastic idea! This will greatly increase visibility of the BanklessDAO brand. Many bDAO members will be there (wish I was going), and having the bDAO brand on display will further strengthen their sense of belonging. It’s a win win.


This is a match made in heaven, I agree.

Totally agree. Both sides win.

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What satisfies a mention? A simple link with a “Hey, check this out,” or a detailed paragraph or article? Also which newsletters are advertising? Our public facing newsletter or our weekly rollup exclusive to DAO members?

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Well, I’ll already be in town for ETHDenver soooooooooooo See yall there!

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Up to bDAO. If there’s a strong affinity and it warrants a long mention or article, then let’s go for it. If the writers or marketers aren’t that stoked, a short mention is fine. I anticipate bDAO will be stoked for the lineup. (great q by the way)

Hoping to be able to attend ETHDenver, my first time hearing about DAODenver but looking forward to it!

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It’s great job. thank for the Bankless DAO team work!

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