Bankless in Spanish, a new subDAO of BanklessDAO

Title: Bankless in Spanish, a new subDAO of BanklessDAO

Project Champion: @CryptoReuMd

Squad: CryptoReuMd, FabianCripto, Sohobiit, Anaphant, Emiliano, Pacman, Jengajojo

Purpose: Public good

Affiliation: International Media Nodes

Funds requested: 640,000 BANK (16 weeks)

Project wallet(s): Mainnet: TBC

Own subDAO/Discord server: TBC


bDAO in Spanish is going to evolve into an independent Project from International Media Nodes, to start creating their own written content, AV content (YouTube Videos/Podcast),and translations (Bankless HQ, Bankless Publishing, Metasversal or Decentralized Arts content) We have grown over 150% in the last 3 months


Project Description:


In search of a wider audience and content expansion

Since the birth of bDAO in 2021, Lalo Cripto and AnaTech started the IMN Spanish node that is actually a referéndum for a lot of newcomers and has a very high push with the LATAM community. As far as we know, all the big tech content and media it’s in English and Spanish it’s the third most spoken language in the world, and with all the recent changes in the crypto space we need more content from LATAM, not only the translation of the high value media from bDAO but make something more gentrifed, with our problems, our limitations and the most important, our feelings.

Why? Because in our country we don’t have problems with banks, because we have about 75% of our population without a banking system (sadly we’re already bankless…), so we care more about decentralization of power, art, population poverty, public goods, crystal clear elections and coordination, maybe it’s more difficult for us to reach a centralized exchange or have a node in our homes, but we care and understand why we need to separate money from the state.

A lot of our goals right now are based on translating quality content to educate our audience, there are a lot of people in the Latin American ecosystem who are too busy to make ends meet, they don’t have access to credit or interbank transfers. With blockchain-based education and the tools that BanklessDAO offers in its newsletter and now us, aimed at creating digestible and targeted content for our population, we will drive more people to become bankless, to take advantage of instant, trustless, P2-2, immutable and traceable transactions. This is necessary in Latin America and we are aware of the importance of knowing the appropriate means to avoid falling victim to fraud or property damage.

Like we said, we’re evolving, no magic stones, just working, but as the month and the time goes by, we can’t translate more, we can’t do more, because our salaries are lower and we got this incentive to publish more and create more, and we just exploded, The community started looking for Bankless in Spanish and we’re getting more invitations to talk to MakerDAO, Starfox, LaLigaLand, Unlocked_Finance and other giants in the space that need a voice, but what happens in the next few months without proper compensation for our contributors’ time, they’re going to slow down and we don’t want to lose this renaissance. The downturn has hit us hard, we’ve reached about 50 contributors, but with only 8 newsletters to translate and 3 podcasts, no one has been able to work or contribute, and our motivation is to make bDAO great again in Spanish.

BDAO in Spanish: Main Goals

· Translations: 20 Translations/month

· Original Content: 4 Creative/Original/DeSci/Research Newsletter

· Media Content: 8 Videos

o BankLess Weekly RollUp (x4) –bDAO in Spanish YouTube Premium Subscription

o Original/Research/Hosting Video/Podcast (x4)

o Profesional mics for Audio and HD Video Recording

o Edition and production of AV (bDao in Spanish Zencastr Pro/Zoom Premium)

· BDAO in spanish community and media manager

o Open a Telegram Channel for AMA and Q&A

o Twitter Spaces (x4 monthly)

o Telegram Spaces/Videos

o Original Publishing, memetics.

· Coordination

o Coordinating the team, meetings, recap, consulting, growth strategies

· Treasury and Metagovernance

o Accounting, stats evaluation

Past/preparatory activities

The Spanish node has been active since 1+ year and currently one of the top 3 best performing nodes in the IMN project. We have a core team of contributors with several months of experience in creating Bankless content as well as other content.

You can see all that we’ve done in this year over here: Our growth

This image represents our growth in every season since our birth. |242.00000000000003x212.75767026718808|237x223.75504163372898|231.50239234449762x234.8476640664222

Mono x Sohoit Sohobit x Cata Across x CryptReuMD

We have also worked with the Global Events team to organize partnerships and side events at events in Latam

  1. ETH México ​​
  2. DevCon
  3. Ethereum Mexico x Ledger, also we have this notion in the global events with tweets and photos: bDAO en Mérida
  4. bDAO x Nouns in Merida


Technology has been part of human evolution from the plough to the future space flights, we have been in touch with our humanity with the foundation and sustainability of technology as a common good. But with each step we take, language becomes a greater barrier and information simply does not reach the right corners. In BanklessDAO in Spanish, we will use the media that exists today, written, audiovisual and social, to promote the importance of crypto knowledge and bring to people with access difficulties the financial, artistic and disruptive tools that will allow them to start their Bankless journey.


The project has conducted several retrospectives in the past all resulting in similar conclusions. In order to receive external funding, the project needs to generate viewership and in order to generate viewership the contributors need a living wage.


Why do we need more hours for content translation?

There are a lot of words and translation issues, but we’re very confident in our approach and we need to make sure that all the translations make sense and don’t lose the meaning. Because Bankless it’s getting memetic and all the new terms in crypto like “ultrasound money”, “triple edge asset”, “ethernomics” are going everywhere in the world and we want to be the same, to have the capabilities and the time to start being more active in the crypto community with translations faster, we mean as fast as we can once the content to be translated is published. Working in the international media nodes is great, but we can’t translate everything because we don’t have the budget, with our independence we will be more capable and have more time to translate more and more content, and also to create videos and translate the ones that are published in other subDAOs of Bankless.

Original content= Community Oriented

In other parts of the world, especially in LaTam, we are not aware of all the news that is going on in our countries, our population is more interested in the FED or the SEC and not in what is happening in El Salvador, Argentina or Mexico, and the taxes, laws and investigations are just being splashed around and we don’t know what is happening. With that in mind, we’re going to do more research on local projects, on ramp and off ramp in our banks, what’s happening to our families and how we can make our country more bankless.

Best Camera, best sound = Happy customer

This was an approach that we made in the Spanish node, to have professional or semi-professional microphones and HD-4K cameras to publish videos and content, as we know this is a quality standard of our subDAO, as far as we know the world demands every year more quality, best audio attached with better information, this is like a combo. But if we think deeper, to make a podcast, edit a video, buy equipment needs money and the priceless time, so our contributors need to use their new toys to make more content, interviews, research, spaces, and start to evolve as another bankless place to be called home.

So why not stay just as an IMN Node?

We want to work more (Yes you all read well), with all our free time, we have younger contributors who are very hungry for content and to start their Bankless journey, some of them are independent artists, students, doctors, who need more translations, content and budget to stop their web2 works and fully dedicate to Bankless as a way of being. We can’t stay in the Twitter spaces when we have to work from 08:00-21:00 (yes, some doctors work that time every day) or to record a video when we’re in Spain and we’re at school or working in the Rattrap office, so with this approach we’re going to achieve our freedom and produce more and more content every week.

It’s all about coordination

As far as we know, our team it’s very well connected, distributed and some of us have already meet in real life, so our relationship it’s getting more friction free, we have diverse interest, 3D art, NFT, Financial NFT, DAOs, Governance, Decentralization, Layers, and so many others that makes us bullish in our content. But we need someone to stay in touch with the DAO, and search for the best content, no only for Bankless or bounty related, just for fun or to make easier to the LaTam people to know more, we already know: “Knowledge it’s a great responsibility”

Squad Background

Our actual Champion, CryptoReuMD#2093 it’s working in Ethereum Mexico and it’s a coordinator and community builder in Espacio Cripto, also building a Startup called Lens Library that already won prizes in an ETH Mexico, and it’s creating and searching to make more content and stop working 24x7.

Our AV host Sohobiit#2746, it’s a Video game 3D artist who has a lot of knowledge about art. She is working in some DAOs and communities as a contributor expanding the voice of women in LATAM and it’s our lovely voice and editor for the Podcast and Videos, NFT collector and creator. Actually she is editor for audio and video, also manager of Instagram & YouTube

fabiancripto🏴#1110 it’s working in Defi en Español, and created Encriptados, a very easy to read Newsletter, he is the head of the Translations and Social Media.

anaphant#0024 it’s part of the Bankless Translator Team, it’s very kind and always helping with anything that we need and it’s up only in wor hours, knows about governance and it’s evolving as fast as a charmander.

kaf#6633, a member of Decentralized Arts, designer, NFT expert and a great writer, it’s own of the crown jewels of the Spanish node, also it’s working with AI to make the scripts and videos for Bankless in Spanish Instagram.

Karen84.crypto#8975 it’s a lawyer in RL, and she’s working for Decentralized Law and the law subDAO in bankless DAo she started working with us to make original content for the spanish node aligned with economics and law.

jengajojo🏴#5896 is our legend, and it’s the one that always incentivizing all the nodes and participants to continue growing, i’m sure that it’s one of our members, even if that it’s not completely related with our work, and it’s the one that know more about governance and treasury.

Compensation Breakdown

Coordinator 9000/wk 9h/week 16 weeks 114k BANK
Treasurer 5000/wk 5h/week 16 weeks 80k BANK
Editor-in-Chief 7000/wk 8h/week 16 weeks 112k BANK
Social Media Manager 2000/wk 3h/week 16 weeks 32k BANK
Media Editor 5000/wk 5h/week 16 weeks 80k BANK
News Research & Input 3000/wk 3.5h/week 16 weeks 48k BANK
Design & Graphics 2000/wk 3h/week 16 weeks 32k BANK
Translations of Bankless Content (International Media Nodes)
The IMN it’s going to continue as an arm of bDAO in Spanish Growth
Original Newsletter 5000/wk 5h/week 13 weeks 80k BANK
Hoster (Spaces/YT/Podcast) 2000/wk 3/week 13 weeks 32 BANK

640k BANK

Bounties & Misc:

To continue with the writing of original content we are going to do more research about other projects and invite the other guilds to make content in spanish, and also to look for already published notion pages or guides to spanish (Like Rug Newsletter or RollUps)


Ok, and how do you turn this on?

It’s not all about the budget, we are aware about this. We are not asking banks to get more cookies, it’s about our compromise and keeping the growing ecosystem more diverse and decentralized. We can’t just continue exploding, we need to be more sustainable and make the growth more stable. So we are planning to continue growing at least 10% monthly in every aspect.

Happier Members, mean more contento, so in the Season 8 (The next 13 Weeks), this are our goals:

  1. One Original Content video/podcast with 4K/HD resolution, premium audio, edition, every week for the 15 weeks. With the proper content from BanklessDAO, BanklessHQ.

  2. Growth in Youtube Subscribers (20 at the moment) at least to 100, in the first 3 months.

  3. We have 2000 audio plays in Anchor/Spotify, we need 500 more reproductions of our content in the next 3 months.

  4. One Bankless DAO/Weekly recap video every week for the next 3 months.|1.- Youtube Studio Statics, are going to be published in the forum

  5. Anchor Statistics.

  6. This is how measure our statics: Estadísticas del nodo|
    |Social Media|1.- Achieve at least 100 telegram users, and start the community Q&A in the next 3 months

  7. We have 1777 followers on our Twitter account, we want to achieve 2000 followers in the next three months.

  8. We are going to make 2 twitter spaces, every other week, every month for the next 3 months.

  9. We are looking forward to writing at least one thread with content that it’s relevant every week for 13 weeks.

  10. Community calls in the Telegram server

  11. bDAO Calls every month to report the statistics and plans for growing.|1.- We are going to use the statics sheet that we already have.

  12. Twitter lets us download the content that we create, and we are going to upload the Audio to the YouTube Channel.

  13. We are going to add the thread links to our notion page. And download the statistics and publish the content for the proper peer review.|
    |Newsletter content|1.- Continue with the bDAO in Spanish Newsletter, to continue the translation of Bankless HQ, BanklessDAO, Metaversal, Overvalued JPGs, Decentralized Arts, and Rug.

  14. Create at least 4 creative newsletters every month.

  15. We are going to have an editor/reviewer of the content that it’s published, and stay over 1000 words, for every new creation.|1.- We have 200 subscribers, and we need to raise them to 250 subscribers at the end of the season.

  16. Also we got at least 2500 views from our newsletter, we want to raise it to 2000 views, and continue growing 10% every month…|
    |KPI 1|5% Raise in Twitter Followers, 10 Translated Newsletter, 4 Videos for month|1 more contributor, 15% across the season in twitter followers.|
    |KP2|10% Raise in Twitter Followers, 20 Translated newsletter, 6 Videos for month|20% more twitter followers, and 24 videos/podcast across the season, 1 event|


Some of us are blue pilled

We read about AirDriops, YieldFarming, CryptoHacks and Bridges, but how we can use it, it’s a lot of content that Bankless it’s releasing tha isn’t translated, so we need to get our hands in that info, to get more subscriber and all or members get into the inner circle.


  • bDao in Spanish has their own design inspired by bDAO and BanklessHQ, but we think that we can subdivide in more diverse newsletters.
  • Creation of a jingle and our own flavor for any content that we create
  • We need more IRL, the whole crypto universe of meeting its about gaming, NFTs, and a little approach to DAOism, so we want to create a system to unify and talk about Bankless in every meeting that it’s nearby and be capable to onboard more people to continue growing.


We are very happy with our friends from IMN and BanklessDAO so we are going to make some waves to keep the other nodes building.

  • 10% of the revenue of any bounty that bDAO in Spanish has it’s going directly to BanklessDAO
  • 5% of the revenue of any bounty that bDAO in Spanish has, it’s going directly to the IMN
  • All the team it’s going to be Layer 1, to continue working in this initiative and accept guest passes to claim for bountis.
  • Creating a multisig with 5/5 signers to protect the funds.
  • We have the approval of Metagovernance of Spanish Projects like NounsDAO amigos, to continue the decentralization of our decisions and funding.
  • As a subDAO we are going to be aligned with the Cyberpunk, Green Pill and ImpactDAO principles


We have more… Yup More to come

  • In Real Life events and more global events
  • ETH México…


Fund Bankless in Spanish with the ask as stated in this proposal for S8?

  • Yes
  • No

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Great to see this initiative by the Spanish media node team. The IMN project does a decent job with helping teams with bootstrapping themselves but it’s insufficient to fund a whole subDAO.

@CryptoReuMD and crew have been hard at work since many months and now they have finally achieved momentum to grow independently and forward the Bankless mission amongst Spanish speakers. I 100% support this initiative


Ty Fren. I admire all the work and the help that we are having from all the team. And we are looking to create more content and help more users to go Bankless :smiley:


Hi @CryptoReuMD! IlAlyhough I think this project is great, I just want to double check (even though I see it is not in the proposal title) that you are not seeking to be included in Season 8 Seasonal funding.
Am I correct to assume that although the timing may coincided with seasonal proposals, this project will go in front of the Grants Committee for review if it meets quorum?

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Hiho! Yes this is related with seasonal proposal, we want to align our project with 8th season. And then, we think this experiment it’s strong enough to be for the long term, =).

@CryptoReuMD and the team fully support this and are happy to see how IMN projects evolve after the initial incubation.

This is the second project to graduate IMN successfully. keep it up @Jengajojo @MinaHasNoIdea, @raybankless.eth and team


TY Baer. It’s great to have your support. As Mina, Jenga and Ray, you are one of our masters in this space. Every step that we take it’s stronger with the commitments and values that all of you helped us to achieve and make ours.

Thank you. I prefer the word ‘graduate’ :smiley:


graduate is a better term

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This is an amazing and passionate team! Looking forward to see the next steps!!


Thx little star! You are one of our guides and gurus in the DAOization of LATAM

Full support of BanklessDAO Español! Keep it up. Please send invite to the graduation party :partying_face:


Thank you Ornella, You are a spiring adventurer in the ecosystem. And we are honored by your words, and your effort :smiley:

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You are more than invited! :nerd_face:

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A bit late to the party, but just wanted to express my support for this proposal. Excellent work!


Wow! Hiro, Thx! We are going to get this project, that all off you build, to every corner of the spanish scope :smiley:

Great push into the Spanish speaking world, realy good to expand there - a non brainer realy! Big thumbs up to the enthusiastic team spearheading this. Looking forward to how it will develop.

Could you let me know the figures in real terms when you are referring to: “We have grown over 150% in the last 3 months.” Is that membership? How big is the membership currently - how large was it three months ago?

Also, what role can/will the translators guild play in the new subDAO? Is there any form of collaboration envisaged? It would be good to take advantage of structures/work in bDAO that are already being funded.


What an amazing project, and I think so desperately needed! Wow!


As a member of both Spanish Node and Translators Guild, I have been working to establish a more clearly defined collaboration between IMNs and TG. How can we help Nodes and SubDAO like BanklessDAO en Español?

  • Providing a strong link and communication channel with bDAO
  • Onbaording new DAO members and channeling to respective language nodes
  • Creating Best Practices for Translation and other educational material, which is the project that excites me more atm!

As a Spanish member, if you need help, I’d be happy to be part of this!