Nacion Bankless Project Season 10 Proposal

Project Grant: Nación Bankless AKA Bankless in Spanish

“In quorum we trust”

Some thoughts

Hello BanklessDAO it’s very cool for me to keep pushing these initiatives to the growth and evolution of processes that we are actually facing in the web3 space. It’s been six marvelous months of knowledge, milestones and growth. As far as we go, the frontier it’s bigger and bigger, pushing us to divide our hands and try to pull back sometimes to understand and see which one is the best way to continue.

Our Journey

Nación Bankless started in May 2023, as a pop up from International Media Nodes, our home since November 2021. Since our creation, we have started to manage onboarding in real life events, newsletters, campaigns, media coverage and now exploring the space of public goods.

You can learn a little more about us in Spanish here.

Our Learning

Since our inception, we have faced new narratives, the stronger that we are getting, the stronger the competition it’s near us, also the trouble that we face in every nation state, the capture, the governance inequities and the bureaucratic methods to obtain grants and funding of external projects. But with every battle we came tired and frustrated but honored and smarter, wiser and selected the best partners to continue. We started as a BanklessDAO project and we will continue, with the same values, and ethos that our constitution does.

Project Champion: Cryptoreumd.eth,

Squad: anaphant, advoktusdiaboli, rene__hdz, Brenkiria, carlosjmelgar, .emiliano712, fabiancripto, jasuvictorio, mery_ga07, monse3m, raymoncalitri.eth, vykorowsky

Purpose: Public good.

Affiliation: Global Events, International Media Nodes, DaoStewards

Authors: Cryptoreumd.eth,

Editors: anaphant, advoktusdiaboli, rene__hdz, Brenkiria, carlosjmelgar, .emiliano712, fabiancripto, jasuvictorio, mery_ga07, monse3m, raymoncalitri.eth, vykorowsky

Date: –

Funds requested: We are asking 960 k BANK for 15 weeks of funding.

Multisig: 0x8e3B0600C06bb4b99F5Eab33D3a25E338818fbe2

Multisig signers: 0x3a94e60a1a9d7A53765Ceb7dc73880BDB48eE4d0, 0xCA72CC4f36E494BA62FcF432B31f41897c9Fff00, 0xA8F0048A0d1A04663Ca5010d0bEaC5BCAEeA0eef

Previous Grant Request:

1.- Bankless in Spanish: Season 9 Funding Proposal

2.-Bankless in Spanish, a new subDAO of BanklessDAO

Own subDAO/Discord server: Bankless in Spanish, The Taco Team

Project Teaser

One sentence description of the project to be funded.

Nación Bankless it’s a subDAO from BanklessDAO that isit’s working to help people understand chain finance, the importance of sovereignty and control of their property.

Project Purpose & Mission/Value Alignment

How do we help BanklessDAO?

Since the beginning of our journey in international media nodes, we started translating the content that BanklessDAO and the subprojects of BanklessHQ were doing and little by little we have been understanding the importance of being and staying Bankless, why we should control our decisions, content, finances and rights, since it strengthens us and makes us more and more human, so it is clear to us that the mission of Nacion Bankless to empower people and to give them what belongs to them and that slowly has been distributed among the puppeteers who have been empowered by our data and our belongings.

How do we relate to values?


One of the intangible assets of the decentralized movement is education, that which is not valued as it really should be, for many people it has ceased to be important and even irrelevant, but for us it is one of the most important pillars, since uninformed mass adoption is capable of ending such an ungovernable vacuum as we have had so far. A population capable of understanding the importance of private property and real ownership is essential. We achieve this with the information we deliver in creative newsletters, news focused on Latin America and face-to-face events.


We live in an uncontrolled world, where it is easier to make money than to distribute it among the community that has supported you from the beginning, that is why we have decided to have everything oin chain, always with multisigs and also showing the world each of our proposals and in the forums that have supported us how we have used the funds and the destinations of each one of them. The constant threat of centralization and the traps of Moloch, will only be defeated if our community is prepared to impact enough on the value of integrity driven by us. Each of the funds received, whether many or few, will always be shared in the public forums.

Decentralized governance

In Nacion Bankless we are still few, in the Bull Market we were 50 people and just these days we are 10 people between occupations, but each of the decisions we make has a direction and a destination; we have participation in governance on Push, Gitcoin, NounsAmigos DAO and soon we want to start having more presence in other places, this in order to understand more about voting and the processes necessary for decision making. We are still proud to use soft voting and as of today, still off chain but in the near future we will be moving up to blockchain voting as part of experimentation.


Culture has been a complicated topic since it is something that is exciting but inherent to the differences in the world we live in, to cite an example for the optimism round we decided to create a proposal with pre-Hispanic themes in Latin America, talking about art and muralism, for us it is important and it will be great that we go forward, without losing our or origins.

Past Activities

Substack: We have actually 355 subscribers, with an Open Rate of 29.83%, we have a massive increase with the event in Cuzco, with 11.9K views in our newsletters and news and 25K views in three months, including the gap week.

In our YouTube Channel we were very busy doing live sessions and reaching 162 subscribers, 46, 772 impressions with ana engagement % of 1.4% for our videos :

We are concentrating our efforts onin X, with now 2, 233 Twittertwitter followers, with anand engagement of 4.7% :D, 94 K impressions, with a lot of clicks and interactions

We have all this work from the past season in this Google doc: Estadísticas del nodo - Google Sheets

Previous KPIs

1.- Growth in Twitter: 2228

2.- Growth in telegram: 163

3.- Growth in YouTube: 162

4.- Engagement in Newsletter: 29.92%

5.- Number of Subscribers: 355

6.- Subscribers paid content: 14

Previous Commitments

What commitments have you previously made, and how have you held them up?


  1. Gitcoin x Meta Pool: A Gitcoin Experience - 🌱 Grants - Gitcoin Governance

  2. Push Protocol: (DRAFT) Nacion Bankless Grant Report - Proposals - Push Governance

  3. Giveth Foundation:Nacion Bankless |<!-- --> Giveth

  4. NounsAmigosDAO: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  5. Optimism

  6. Bankless Academy: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  7. BanklessDAO: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  8. International Media Nodes: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  1. Ethereum México: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

In-person events:

We have also worked with the Global Events team to organize partnerships and side events at events in Latam

  1. ETH México: We were present at the ETH Mexico Hackathon, talking about the origin of BanklessDAO, inviting more people to participate in the Bankless en Español project (Now Bankless Nation) where we also gave away t-shirts, stickers and pins.​

  2. At DevCon I had the opportunity to attend as co-founder of Ethereum Mexico and talk about the future of Bankless en Español with David Hoffman, and I was also a moderator at DevCon.

  3. We were organizers and promoters of the Ethereum Mexico, Bankless and Cryptoversity face-to-face event, using Hardware Wallets with Ledger. Ethereum Mexico x Ledger, also we have this notion in the global events page from BanklessDAO with tweets and photos: bDAO en Mérida

  4. We made a partnership with NounsDAO Amigos, we did an event in Merida, giving away stickers and t-shirts, all designed by Sohobiit. bDAO x Nouns in Merida here you can find the video of the event

  5. We’ve mademadre three events at the moment:

  6. Live event in Ethereum Argentina with Connext Network, BanklessDAO and Criptocuriosas

  7. Live event in Cuzco, Perú, with Criptocuriosas and Meta Pool

  8. Live event in Mérida, México with Green Pill Mexico

  9. We were present in ETH Mexico

  10. This is the notion page in the Global Events format, with the tweets, photos videos, and live stream Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


In the previous space that we have are our forum posts that in resume, we have everything posted and where it can be reviewed, also we have this Grant and Sponsor notion page where we can review every process.

Future Plans

At first we saw ourselves as a DAO in a process of separation, however now we are sure that we will form a public good that functions as a universal connection between BanklessDAO and all the projects in Latin America that need a voice and vote. All the time we see new initiatives coming out with the nickname “Spanish”, however we not only embrace the language, but also the culture, the processes, the problems and the adoption, so we have to adapt and evolve so the process of onboarding, will be nuanced and improved so that every day we have more people working and learning via Nacion Bankless

What are you doing with the grant you are requesting? What milestones or progress will you make with the grant?


As a web3 platform users are very difficult to engage, since are sometimes more attracted to DeFi Platforms and more related to AirDrops, so we think that we can keep stable in our goals:

1.- Growth in Twitter: 5%

2.- Growth in telegram: 10%

3.- Growth in YouTube: 5%

4.- Engagement in Newsletter: 30-35%

5.- Number of Subscribers: 10%

6.- Subscribers paid content: 10%

Season 9 Season 10 % of Change
Translations 25/month 25/month =
Original Content 10/season 12/season >25%
Media Content 10/videos 12/videos >25%
Bankless Citizen One Weekly 0 Deprecated
Telegram Channel 162 180 >15%
Twitter Spaces 8 10 >20%
AMA protocols 2 2 Same
Locura Bankless 0 10 Subscribers New product


Previous Commitments:

  • 10% of the revenue of any bounty that bDAO in Spanish has it’s going directly to BaknlessDAO (DONE)
  • 5% of the revenue of any bounty that bDAO in Spanish has, it’s going directly to the IMN (We didn’t run a multilingual campaign yet, IN PROGRESS)
  • All the team it’s going to be Layer 1, to continue working in this initiative and accept guest passes to claim for bountis (We have now new 3 Members with Anaphant L2, CryptoReuMD L2, Sohobiit L1, Brenkiria L1, Emiliano L1, Rene L1, Fabian L1, Vykorowski, Nayamoshi, Monse3m and Mery are eventual members, but looking to achieve their L1 status. (IN PROGRESS)
  • Creating a multisig with 3/3 signers to protect the funds.(DONE)
  • Continue with the metagovernance of NounsAmigos, Push Protocol, Giveth. (IN PROGRESS)
  • As a DAO we are going to be aligned with the Cyberpunk, Green Pill and ImpactDAO principles. (IN PROGRESS)

For this season:

Overall we are a very committed team and we believe we can deliver on these four promises for the coming weeks.

  1. All roles that fall under Bankless Nation will be tlBANK holders, otherwise they will not be able to access roles, grant coordination, programs or sponsorships.
  2. We will contribute 10% of each grant, program or sponsorship we have with the DAO.
  3. We will ensure democracy in the forum with our champion participating in the governance of BanklessDAO ensuring our vote and that of the DAO. With a minimum participation of 60% to continue having the role. Both in Snapshot and in the forum. If you do not have the possibility to vote or have no interest, you can delegate your votes.
  4. In the weekly call, we will have at least one participation per month summarizing our work and experience.

Financial Implications:

Inin our previous season we had 1569.38, in all the three SAFE wallets: . Bankless in Spanish: Season 9 Funding Proposal

Now the project holdings are 1,284.81 in USD value:

Ethereum Safe Wallet: GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0x8e3B0600C06bb4b99F5Eab33D3a25E338818fbe2 | Etherscan

  1. A notion grant of 500 USD that we didn’t use, since we now have our own BanklessDAO notion page: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

  2. We received 480 K BANK

  3. With this we have already published 130 Newsletter, 50 Translated and all the others are original, also we produced 13 original videos with interviews, and also abstracts and live streams here is our DeWork page with all the information and transactions.

  4. Our Giveth proposal raised from 58.79 USD to 113 USD

  5. This is our first Giveth QF round

  1. Governance holdings:

  2. 3,882 Push DAO tokens ($PUSH) that we are going to use to the governance process

  3. 200 GTC Tokens

Arbitrum Safe Wallet: GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0xD31E40B399d515E55b7Cd94FFD7EcCBBfF44282d | Arbiscan

  1. We got 300 DAI that are going to be used for public to public goods in Yucatan to buy Shoes, food and transportation in December.

Optimism Safe Wallet: GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0x8eA0749eA936762b7A5BfDD6c0f5beAb02fF0Bf4 | OP Mainnet

  1. We have 700 GIV tokens and all transactions and payments from Ggitcoin round are in this post: A Gitcoin Experience - 🌱 Grants - Gitcoin Governance
  2. We divided 770 USD in ETH to 11 different wallets from Nación Bankless to continue Staking in Meta Pool
  3. Also we received 500k BANK to organize events in LATAM and Spain. We are pending the approval of the Spain event but we coordinated and organized events two events in Mexico, one in Argentina, one in Peru, eight in Venezuela with the help of Costa de Oro and Web3Beach, aAll this information can be reviewed here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Project Breakdown

All this numbers are justified in this updated Season 10 working sheet: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

Coordinator 1,2000/wk 12h/week 15 weeks 180Kk BANK
Operations Management (New Role) 4,000/wk 4h/week 15 week 60K BANK
Committee 8,000/wk 8h/week 15 Weeks 120K BANK
Treasurer 4,000/wk 4h/week 15 weeks 60Kk BANK
Editor-in-Chief (Edition, Translating, Creative Newsletter) 10,000/wk 10h/week 15 weeks 150K BANK
Social Media Manager 4,000/wk 4h/week 15 weeks 60Kk BANK
Media Editor 6,000/wk 6h /week 15 weeks 90K BANK
Daily News, Creative Newsletter, Pro Content 8,000/wk 8 h/week 15 weeks 120K BANK
Product [services and core offer 4,000/wk 4 h week 15 weeks 60Kk BANK
Bounty (Extra NL, Youtube Host, Twitter Spaces Host) 4,000/wk 4h/week 15 week 60Kk BANK
960 K, BANK


Factor KPI Success Metric
Growth in Twitter Percentage of growing #≥5%
Growth in Telegram Percentage of Growing #≥10%
Growth in YouTube Percentage of Growing #≥5%
Engagement in Newsletter Rise in the percentage of engagement #≥30%
Number of Subscribers Percentage of Growing #≥5%
Subscriber Paid Content Creation 10 paid subscribers
NFT proposal Deprecated -
Tokenomics and Roadmap Deprecated -


We are growing, yes, maybe not as fast as in the initial process, but we are very sure that this journey is a relay race and a race of constancy and not a sprint race. We are in this together and happy to continue learning and of course experimenting.

TheseThis are the goals and projections

Season Goal Output Learnings
Season 8 Establish the services, value proposition and work on the core offering focus in marketing and promotions to get this value. - Pitch deck in Spanishspanish for the node with an aligned brand communication with BDAO of our services. - Extract a real metric of the growth of the node and the potential projections that this can have to focus on the marketing strategy. We found that the way of implementation of this process is with community, with the help of other members of the DAO and also with the LATAM projects
Season 9 Do the full proof of concept prospecting 15 leads with the goal of closing at least 3. With the other one, we’re gonna keep inon the loop to do nurturing. - 3 final proposals accepted with a budget that is gonna have a percentage of revenue for BDAO. -We got the Push Protocol grantee, also Gitcoins, and Meta Pool. We learned a lot and now we are going to help more withinside Public Goods.
Season 10 Work on the sales funnel and customer acquisition - Website with our services and self services of contact. - Sales funnel Let’s discover how we continue evolving.

bDAO strong!

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