Bankless in Spanish: Season 9 Funding Proposal

Title: Bankless in Spanish: Season 9 Funding Proposal
Authors; Editors: CryptoReuMD, Jengajojo, Anaphant, Sohobiit, Fabiancripto

Project Champion: cryptoreumd.eth
Squad: Monse3m, Sohobiit, Fabiancripto, Anaphant, Rens, Raymond, Brenkiria, Vykorowsky, Emiliano, Jasu, Naya, Karen.
Purpose: Public Good
Affiliation: Public Goods, Bankless in Spanish, International Media Nodes
Authors; Editors: CryptoReuMD, jengajojo, Sohobiit
Date created: 24/jun/2023
Date posted: TBD
Funds requested: 960, 000 BANK
Project wallet(s):

Ethereum:: 0x8e3B0600C06bb4b99F5Eab33D3a25E338818fbe2

Optimism: oeth:0x8eA0749eA936762b7A5BfDD6c0f5beAb02fF0Bf4

Arbitrum: arb1:0xD31E40B399d515E55b7Cd94FFD7EcCBBfF44282d

Own subDAO/Discord server: Discord

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The growth of Bankless en Español has been fascinating, vibrant and full of fun emotions and above all challenges, learning, which has led us to be sure that the experiment of an all-Spanish subDAO is a success. The importance of Bankless in Spanish it’s because we are getting more and more traction in LATAM, and we need coordination within projects.

We have created high quality, better sounding, more visual, original, innovative and fresh content. We are now independent in many ways, but still growing and we need your support.


Project Description

Bankless in Spanish was founded during session 8, receiving its first budget boost in May 2023, with a magnificent boost from great contributors within the DAO, giving us energy, inspiration and enthusiasm. Before anything else. Thank you.

TL;DR: May-July-August 2023
Channel Followers/Subs Change from previous season
Twitter 1814/1981 9.2%
Substack 239/253 5.8%
Youtube 20/114 570%
Spotify 239/263 10%
Telegram 0/120 N/A

Well then, let’s get started. We have worked tirelessly, very happy with each of the things we have achieved, which I leave below:


  1. The growth in Newsletter, we started in march 2021, translating an average of 8 newsletter form the Bankless ecosystem, in december 2022, we started to raise the number to 22-25 newsletter every month, but now we are delivering 60-70 newsletters every month.

  2. We subdivided the current Newsletter in three different approaches, to meet different needs within our readers:

  3. Nación Bankless Newsletter: Intendeed to the crypto enthusiast that it’s very committed to learn about crypto, about the ecosystem and the ethos of Bankless. We are delivering an average of two creative newsletters, and a daily translation.

  4. GM;NB: We noticed that we had a lot of newsletters, videos, threads and spaces that were never recorder, heard or evaluated, so with this in mind, we decided to give a memetic name (TL;DR), to give to our subscribers first in a daily basis, now we are delivering it every other day within the week, monday, wednesday and fridays.

  5. Diario Nación Bankless: This is our daily news ecosystem intended to give to our readers the best news, oriented to LATAM and relevant to our people and readers.

Maybe we got some luck, because now we are having more views than ever, exceeding the 10 K threshold, now with the intention to give more to the people that believe in us and our mission.


  1. YouTube Channel:

  2. Nacion Bankless: In this context our host, Sohobiit, or everyone within the subDAO, interviews the builders, the project creators, or community members that are aligned with our ethos and need a voice to be heard, actually delivering at least one video per week.

  3. Boletín Semanal: Here, we deliver the thriving news that are important to be heard, it’s part of the BanklessHQ news, and also the news about BanklessDAO and our own news, mints and original content.

  4. Community Calls and Updates: We created this playlist that it’s related to just the DAO, the community calls, the DAO snapshot that need to be revisited, evaluated and updated, also we give this space to our community to participate.

  5. Spotify

  6. With the compromise of create more visual content we decided to just update the best quality audio to the YouTube Channel, so we are looking to delist the podcast in Spotify since we already saw that our community it’s more dedicated to the YouTube Channel.

The evolving nature of our YouTube it’s incredible, we compare our previous evolution since the creation of the YouTube Channel and we got in our last 90 days, an evolution of 400% in the visits and creation of videos. This is part of the compromise that we committed to deliver to our members and subscribers. Resources that are directed to the BanklessDAO values and alignment.


  • Twitter: The actual standard that we have in twitter its to reduce the number of retweets that we have and create more original content, threads and more communication in twitter spaces, with this we’ve got 1967 followers, with an average of four twitter spaces per month.
  • Telegram: We onboarded 100 members to our telegram group, and now we have a daily natural chatting and spreading news and community, it’s very cool and interesting how bDAO has a different approach to the people and how they are interested.

The twitter account got more than 110K impressions in the last 90 days, and 74K in the last 28 days; now being a reference account that talks about public goods, decentralization, risk control and evaluation of the protocols that are new and rising.


  • Notion: 500 USD for premium and AI tools for three months

  • Giveth: Actually raised 58.79 USD

Total Treasury 19/jul/2023: 1569 USD


Previous Goals

Season 8 Season 9 % of Change
Translations 20/moth 25/month >25%
Original Content 8/season 10/season >25%
Media Content 8 videos 10/videos >25%
Bankless Citizen One weekly One Weekly -
Telegram Channel 100 115 >15%
Twitter Spaces 4 8 >100%
AMA protocols 0 2 New Goal


Project Breakdown

Coordinator 10000/wk 10h/week 15 weeks 150k BANK
Committee 4000/wk 4h/week 15 Weeks 60K BANK
Treasurer 5000/wk 5h/week 15 weeks 75k BANK
Editor-in-Chief (Edition, Translating, Creative Newsletter) 10000/wk 10h/week 15 weeks 150 BANK
Social Media Manager 4000/wk 4h/week 15 weeks 60k BANK
Media Editor 10000/wk 10h/week 15 weeks 150k BANK
Daily News, Creative Newsletter, Pro Content 10000/wk 3.5h/week 15 weeks 150K BANK
Product [services and core offer 5000/wk 5 h week 15 weeks 75 k BANK
Bounty (Extra NL, Youtube Host, Twitter Spaces Host) 6000/wk 4h/week 15 week 90k BANK
960 K, BANK


(List the upcoming KPIs from your roadmap.) Example:

Factor KPI Success Metric
Growth in Twitter Percentage of growing #≥10%
Growth in Telegram Percentage of Growing #≥10%
Growth in YouTube Percentage of Growing #≥10%
Engagement in Newsletter Rise in the percentage of engagement #≥35%
Number of Subscribers Percentage of Growing #≥10%
Subscriber Paid Content Creation 10 paid subscribers
NFT proposal Creation -
Tokenomics and Roadmap Creation -


At the moment of this document being writed here are our balances:

Name Chain Value
Nación Bankless Ethereum 343.13 USD (90 k BANK)
Nación Bankless Arbitrum: GnosisSafeProxy | Address 0xD31E40B399d515E55b7Cd94FFD7EcCBBfF44282d | Arbiscan 64.92 USD (4833 GIV, 3000 BANK, 10 MATIC)
Bankless en Español Optimism 0.00 USD


We will continue with the same evolution:

  • 10% of the revenue of any bounty that bDAO in Spanish has it’s going directly to BaknlessDAO
  • 5% of the revenue of any bounty that bDAO in Spanish has, it’s going directly to the IMN
  • All the team it’s going to be Layer 1, to continue working in this initiative and accept guest passes to claim for bountis.
  • Creating a multisig with 3/3 signers to protect the funds.
  • Continue with the metagovernance of NounsAmigos, Push, Giveth.
  • As a DAO we are going to be aligned with the Cyberpunk, Green Pill and ImpactDAO principles


The Brand of BanklessDAO it’s Safe, because we continue with the ethos of decentralization and governance as our coordination process, we are actually evolving, but Nación Bankless it’s inside BanklessDAO, so we are going to care every step to the west,


Bounties & Misc:

We are going to continue evolving, now we extend the bounties to our community, to start helping them to feel that Bankless it’s, our actual bounties are related to translation, twitter spaces or writing original content.

This are the goals and projections

Season Goal Output
Season 8 Stablish the services, value proposition and work on the core offering focus in marketing and promotions for get this value. - Pitch deck in spanish for the node with an aligned brand communication with BDAO of our services. - Extract a real metric of the growth of the node and the potential projections that this can have focus on the marketing strategy.
Season 9 Do the full proof of concept prospecting 15 leads with the goal of close at least 3. With the others one, we gonna keep on the loop for do nurturing. - 3 finals proposals accepted with budget that gonna have a percentage of revenue for BDAO.
Season 10 Work on the sales funnel and customer adquisition - Website with our services and self services of contact. - Sales funnel
Let Bankless in Spanish continue growing in the next season?
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  • Abstain
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