Bankless Publishing Season 9 Proposal

gm gm!

Project Champion: HiroKennellyᵍᵐ🏴

Squad: trewkat, Kornekt🏴, Frank America, siddhearta, Jake and Stake, AustinFoss, Mashal

Purpose: For-profit AND Public good

Affiliation: Writers Guild, Design Guild

Authors; Editors: Trewkat, HiroKennelly, siddhearta

Date Created: July 18, 2023

Date Posted: July 21, 2023

Funds Requested: 4,000,000 BANK

Project wallet (new): 0xf15414F8f8684F0C80866E074b8DF53d098689db

Writers Guild Discord server:

The Bankless Publishing and Newsletter Team projects consistently produce written content designed to inform, investigate, educate, and entertain audiences who want to learn more about going Bankless and opportunities afforded by the technologies underpinning web3. We’ve been doing this work as separate but overlapping project teams; now we are combining into one unstoppable project under the Bankless Publishing brand!


Project Description

For Season 9, Bankless Publishing is requesting 4 million BANK based upon projected expenses and our existing, respective multisig balances.

Bankless Publishing and the Newsletter Team projects are merging to help overcome persistent obstacles and to catalyze a new period of growth. Among the obstacles have been confusion about available sponsorship opportunities from external brands, disjointed publishing schedules resulting in crowded shipping lanes and split audience attention, and core team members who daily experience the inefficiency of doing very similar work in two distinct projects.

By shipping all of the content produced by these projects under one banner, we’ll be able to create consistent brand messaging, unify our audience, and consolidate shipping resources to set the foundation for the next phase of our growth. Operating as a single project under the Bankless Publishing brand, we’ll refine the shipping schedule to deliver daily web3 educational content, whether articles, newsletters, threads, or topical stories; this consistency is a key driver of sustained growth in readership and engagement.

In short, we will continue to do what we’re doing, but as one team. We will:

  • consolidate contributions and resources.
  • streamline production and output.
  • strengthen and unify branding and sponsorship offering.
  • engage with our audience on a platform that suits them.
  • produce high-quality content which serves as both a user-friendly onramp to web3 and a springboard for further learning.

Key offerings will be:

Past Participatory Activities

Bankless Publishing (known as the Editorial and Publishing Arm prior to Season 7) and the Newsletter Team have been DAO projects since shortly after Genesis. The projects’ track records are well established and can be reviewed both here on the Forum and in our publishing platforms.


  • We shipped two articles every week (bar one) on the Bankless Publishing website. In addition to our evergreen educational articles, we have focused our efforts on shipping more contemporaneous content, with much success. We also continue to give new life to newsletter articles in need of a fresh audience.

  • We have resurrected the BanklessDAO Mirror page by shipping a Crypto Basics Series article each Monday. Publishing on Mirror allows readers to mint the article as an NFT to help build their crypto reference library, while bringing in a small amount of revenue to Bankless Publishing. We plan to conclude the Crypto Basics Series at the end of the season, but serialize content from the popular Weekly Rollup section ‘Phishing School’ in Season 9 via Mirror.

  • The Bankless Publishing audience is steadily growing. The number of Twitter followers has reached 1,027 — on track to meet the Season 8 KPI (grow to 1,200 followers from baseline of 790). Our Telegram group currently has 64 members.

  • We’ve grown our Twitter audience thanks to the regular high-quality content, but also by producing informative Twitter threads about published articles and tweeting content from other outlets as a way of demonstrating our leadership in this space.

  • We’ve strengthened the connection between this season’s BanklessDAO Writers Cohort and Bankless Publishing by introducing a streamlined editing workflow for any Cohort pieces submitted and accepted for publication. We have shipped 12 Cohort articles to date.

  • We ship a number of newsletters each week — delivering relevant content directly to 20,000 Substack subscribers.

  • Our open rate continues to smash the industry standard at 36%, and the combined newsletters have had approximately 300,000 views so far in Season 8.

  • Finally, Bankless Publishing had the good fortune to bring on a Partnership and Sales Lead in Season 8, Mashal, who is bringing a wealth of business savvy to the BP team and is helping us reimagine ways to grow our brand and monetize our content.

  • TL;DR: Season 8 was a success for both projects, and the best is yet to come.



Lead Staff Editors (2): 1 each for Articles and Newsletters

  • Assess incoming article/editorial submissions in terms of required editing lift and writing style.
  • Manage the Kanban board and ensure accepted articles move through the editing process in a timely manner.
  • Post editing opportunities for qualified ‘BPub Editors’ tag holders and ensure equitable assignment of editing tasks.
  • Act as the central point of contact for submissions of the editing tests by prospective staff editors.
  • Take notes at the weekly working sessions.
  • Assist in procuring covers, drafting tweet text, and ensuring quality of content.

Content Managers (5)

Articles (2)

  • Ship on Medium,, and Mirror.
  • Manage website.
  • Oversee strategy / content placement.
  • Work with current authors to get articles ready for publication.
  • Coordinate cover design (working with bDAO designers to get a custom cover).
  • Do final edits and tweaks of the article for quality assurance.
  • Draft article tweet and social preview copy.

Newsletters (3) WR,SoD, DD

  • Maintain a weekly agenda and content calendar.
  • Ensure consistent delivery and distribution of content.
  • Coordinate writers and editors week to week.
  • Track and record weekly bounties for distribution by the Treasurer.

Staff Writer (1)

  • Write fortnightly articles for publication on our website.

Treasurer (1)

  • Work with Content Managers to ensure proper bounty input, and execute distribution of role and ad hoc bounties monthly.

Partnership and Sales Lead (1)

  • Build relationships with ecosystem participants, work to refine product offerings, and provide partners with engaging, relevant content to showcase their products.

Social Media Threader (1)

  • Produce high-quality, consistent threads of articles (1 per week).



  • Writers may submit an article/newsletter editorial for consideration at any stage during the season. If accepted for publication, the writer will work with the assigned content editor to finesse the piece for publication.

Newsletter Micro Roles for Content Creation

  • A number of roles exist for the collation and writing of content for the various newsletters. These are allocated by issue or on a per-season basis.

Content Editors

  • Having passed the Content Editing Test, work with the submitting author to improve thesis, structure, cohesion, topic coverage, and flow.
  • Ensure article/newsletter text aligns with the current Editing Framework, while contributing to the continual improvement of this framework.

Copy Editors

  • Having passed the Copy Editing Test, proofread assigned material and edit the copy, ensuring aspects such as linked references, grammar, capitalization, and punctuation are correct, and clarity of expression is excellent.
  • Ensure article/newsletter text aligns with the current Editing Framework, while contributing to the continual improvement of this framework.

Cover Designers

  • In consultation with Content Managers, design and produce cover artwork and/or graphics for articles or newsletter editorials published by Bankless Publishing.

Compensation Breakdown

Role/Bounty BANK per Week / Notes BANK for Season 9 (17 weeks)
Lead Staff Editor (articles) 8,000 136,000
Lead Staff Editor (newsletters) 6,000 102,000
2 Content Managers (articles) 16,000 272,000
3 Content Managers (newsletters) 30,000 510,000
Staff Writer 8,000 136,000
Treasurer 6,000 102,000
Partnership and Sales Lead 5,000 85,000
Social Media Threader 2,500 42,500
Writers (articles) Up to 34 articles per season, 6K BANK per article. 204,000
Writers (newsletter editorials) Up to 35 articles per season, 6K BANK per article. 210,000
Micro Roles for Content Creation (newsletters) 12K BANK x 3 newsletters x 35 issues 1,260,000
Content Editors Up to 69 articles per season, 6K BANK per article. 414,000
Copy Editors Up to 69 articles per season, 4K BANK per article. 276,000
Cover Designers Up to 69 articles per season, 5K BANK per article. 345,000
TOTAL Season 9 Expenses - 4,094,500
Current Multisig Balances (BANK) 1,554,828
Remaining expenditure S8 (est.) 1,500,000
Anticipated balances at end S8 - 54,828
Adjusted S9 Budget - 4,039,672
Season 9 Budget Request 4,000,000


  • Increase Bankless Publishing Twitter followers to 1,500 (currently 1,025).
  • Increase Substack subscribers to 22,000 (currently 19,974) and maintain steady open rates (current 30-day open rate 36%).
  • 10 sponsorship enquiries and 5 placements, defined as paid articles or ads.

In Season 9, Bankless Publishing will continue to expand and evolve the brand through several initiatives to grow its audience, reach new markets, and attract quality writers, editors, and designers who can help to create content that is both engaging and informative.

These initiatives are also intended to attract sponsors for the Bankless Publishing brand and to foster a sense of community among our readers, supporters, and contributors. With these goals in mind, we look forward to establishing a strong and united presence in the web3 publishing space, one that is irresistible to mission-aligned organizations wishing to bring their message to the Bankless nation.

By attracting sponsors, we aim to become self-sufficient by Season 10, while also providing 10% of revenue to the DAO. We also feel that this project meets the definition of a public good as it fulfills the DAO’s mission to help the world go Bankless by creating user-friendly onramps for people to discover decentralized financial technologies through education, media, and culture. Should we be successful in bids for public goods funding from external parties, 10% of this will be provided to the BanklessDAO Vault.

We have requested 17 week’s worth of funding, as we intend to ship during the two-week annual end-of-year break to maintain momentum into Season 10.

Bankless Publishing leverages the BanklessDAO brand through retention of the Bankless ethos and by maintaining a strong presence on the DAO’s social media channels. We aim to continue this strong trend and enhance ties with Bankless entities.

By producing excellent content, we also contribute to the strength of the BanklessDAO brand, driving sales for other DAO initiatives and partnerships.


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Glad to hear about the merger between the two projects. Can you please give us a breakdown of nonBANK income and treasury kickback?


gm! Love that you’re dropping this question, and I’m going to answer assuming you mean revenue, not income, which is net of expenses.

I’m adding edits b/c I keep remembering other sources of revenue. What a great problem to have, and tells me we are getting to the point where we need to generate regular financial reports.

Project Revenue:
$2,200 USDC, still holding pending the work, but will remit 10% to DAO upon disbursement after project completion per our SOP.

Newsletter Project = 5,014 OP
Bankless Publishing = 5,014 OP

RE: the OP funds, 10% was paid off the top to the DAO, so our obligation is met.

Gitcoin Beta:
Newsletter Project = 2,292 DAI
Bankless Publishing = 2,292 DAI

RE: the Gitcoin funds, yet to be received, but will remit 10% to the DAO if not paid off the top upon disbursement.

Mirror Mints
We’ve brought in around .25 ETH in mints, but those funds are parked in the bDAO Mirror wallet. When these funds are transferred to the BP wallet at the end of Season 8, we’ll remit 10% of proceeds to the DAO.


Gm @hirokennelly I’m glad you have merged two different projects; this lays a strong path for me to start discussions in #DAO-restructure.

Your revenue streams look pretty intense; I wish you all luck in attaining self-sufficiency by S10.

First M&A in the BanklessDAO eco. who acquired who😹? Great work frens. keep pamping those awesome contents out.

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