Writers Guild Funding Request - Season 9

Title: Writers Guild Funding Request - Season 9
Authors; Editors: WinVerse, tomahawk🏴 , trewkat, CoolCat
Date created: 19/7/23
Date posted: 22/7/23
Wallet surplus: N/A
Funds requested: 930,000 BANK
Multisig: 0xe7636c7ef670a3Bcf772D9d57244c9e88aD90437
Multisig signers: CoolCat, HiroKennellyᵍᵐ🏴, trewkat, AustinFoss (UTC-7), tomahawk🏴, anointingthompson1.eth​, WinVerse


Guild Description

Writers Guild remains bDAO’s home for web3 writers. With a low barrier to entry, folks can easily start participating by performing small, meaningful tasks and can progressively upskill to writing and/or editing for any of our six newsletters or Bankless Publishing. It’s a permissionless environment, and more experienced writers can just dive right in and start writing from the go. Veteran Writers Guild writers and editors also support other teams throughout the DAO, collaborating on any and all projects where clear, written communication is needed.

Past Activities

During Season 8, the Writers Guild provided education for current members through live editing sessions, async editing quizzes, and the seasonal Writers Cohort. We also launched the Layer 2 Review newsletter focusing on Ethereum’s thriving rollup chain ecosystem. As usual, we’ve continued to tweak and further refine our governance practices and documentation.

*The Office of Talent Management onboarded new members to our Guild and projects, nurtured the growth of existing contributors, and promoted positive vibes throughout the Guild. The office went a step further this season with cold outreaches to folks who contributed in the past but are not as active, with the hope of bringing them back to full participation.

  • Marketing continued its regular cadence of tweets for all six newsletters, writing tweet threads for our articles, and introducing a new content, web3 Stories.
  • Governance continued moving forward with refinement of the Writers Guild Governance Framework, including the establishment of seasonal quorum level, updating guidelines for multisig signers and the management of role tags.
  • The Education Coordinator followed a more async approach to editing education this season by sharing online editing and grammar exercises in the worducation channel.
  • To further upskill and help BanklessDAO members gain confidence in writing and publishing, we continued our partnership with Taptive to run a cohort-based writing program. This program is designed to improve writing through peer review, grow members’ online reputation, and build lasting relationships between cohort members. For Cohort 5, we’ve created a more streamlined pathway for publication of suitable pieces in Bankless Publishing.


The Writers Guild is strongly aligned to the DAO’s core mission: creating user-friendly onramps to help people learn about the transformative power of decentralized financial technologies and the broader web3 ecosystem. In service of that mission, the Guild talent pool supports the production of six newsletters and our Bankless Publishing content gateway.These teams work together to ship more than 50 newsletters and articles each season.


Season 9 Guild Funding = 17*(21000 + 770*44) = 932,960

Budget Breakdown

This budget is based on a 17-week season (including the 2-week gap-week compensation), and is reflective of current active contributor counts as of July 25, 2023. Note, all values are in BANK.

Roles RemunerationAmount Bounty Pool Total
Guild Coordinator 119,000 5,000 124,000
Talent Scout 119,000 16,000 135,000
Education Coordinator 119,000 10,000 129,000
Treasurer 119,000 5,000 124,000
Marketing Coordinator 119,000 42,500 161,500
Governance Coordinator 119,000 16,000 135,000
Notion Admin 17,000 - 17,000
Coordinape 50,000 - 50,000
Guild Bounty Pool for projects, ad hoc bounties, and contributor rewards 55,000 55,000
Total Budget Request 930,000

Current Holdings

The Guild’s current surplus is partly carryover from S8 and partly revenue from associated project sponsorships. There are still payments to make for the remainder of Season 8, including a Coordinape round for active members. We will also use these existing funds to support proto-projects before asking for GC funds, and will continue to operate as an independent, self sovereign organizational unit within the DAO.


Active membership count is 44 as of July 25, 2023.

An active member is defined as anyone who has earned a bounty in the Writers Guild or in a related project within the last four months (one season). Related projects are Newsletters and Bankless Publishing.


Guild Notion Page

Newsletters 1

Bankless Publishing


Writers Guild will continue to upskill contributors in Season 9 with more focus on building our Twitter presence. New members are always welcome and can hop into any of the three weekly meetings to introduce themselves and start writing.

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Hi @WinVerse ! Unfortunately the GC will be asking projects to submit active members for the previous season’s length of time based on the DAO’s consensus in the Member-Based Guild Funding Retrospective. Can you calculate your active members for 4 months (16 weeks) instead of 6 months? Thanks!

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Sheessh! Totally missed that retrospective. Will adjust in a bit

And done!

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