Bankless DAO Ombuds - Selection of members


In August 2021, the Bankless DAO community voted in favor of the establishment of a Bankless DAO Ombuds Office (The Bankless DAO Ombuds: A confidential, informal and off-chain dispute resolution mechanism that supports our social layer).

Following the positive outcome and the comments on the proposal, there was a first selection and election of members for a one-year term. As the year has almost passed, it’s time for new elections.

The Ombuds Office is an informal, impartial, neutral, and confidential place for community members to address concerns, abuse, dysfunctions, shortfalls, delays, and violations that may arise while participating in the DAO.

At the request of any DAO member, the Ombuds Office can hear the involved members, and it can suggest resolutions between them. The Ombuds team listens and makes non-binding recommendations for structural solutions.


If you are interested in becoming a member of the Bankless DAO Ombuds please reply to this post and present yourself to the community. A legal background is not needed!

After the candidacy stage, which will end on the 22nd of July, there will be voting by the community on the Forum, open from 25th of July to 8th of August. The 5 candidates with more votes will form the Ombuds office. Please remember that geographic and gender diversity should be respected. In addition, active members of the Grants committee may not be part of the Ombuds. The duration of the office will be of 1 year, starting from 1st of September. The current members can re-submit their candidacy.


Katarina (Administrator)


A fixed amount per Ombuds member for first follow-up and always being on stand-by:
2000 BANK per season.

Extra per case: 1000 BANK per call/chat time spend on a case.

Administration: 20000 BANK per season


I @Og1963 is very much interested in becoming part of this team. If am being given the opportunity to be part of the onboards team, I promise to put in my time and make sure things go according to the rules and regulations governing the ombuds team and the DAO generally. Thank you


Thanks for your submission. Could you give some more info on your background ( education, jobs, personality,… ) and why you believe you are a good fit for this position ?

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Because of some financial issues I had in the past, I didnt get to go to higher institution(university), but I’ll be entering soon.

I manage a company that does general printing services like, billboards, stickers, cloth branding, cap branding, designs, signage & many more.

Am the type of person that doesn’t rush things, can manage pressure, and also cherish peace.

I’ve always been the type of person that hears people’s opinions on certain things and also try my possible best to make sure things and people are in order without judging things and people wrongly. Thank you


Due to other commitments and to make room for new people I will not be standing for the ombuds role again. I will be still be around in the DAO. Best of luck to all of the new persons!


I, WinVerse#2755, would love to be a part of the Ombuds Team. I have given a lot of thought to this and finally decided to take the bold step to put my name here. I am a nature photographer, a cinematographer and a writer. I tell visual stories and I am a lover of peace and quiet.

I have been in Bankless for a while now and have seen some matters arise. From my observations, I have come to realise that the Ombuds office is great, but some contributors, if not most, have no idea that there is a place they can bring their issues to and have them resolved.

Sometime around May, a contributor left a long message in the Marketing Guild regarding an issue that greatly curbed their activity in the DAO. After some other people interacted with the message, we realised that the contributor wasn’t aware of the Ombuds Office, and so didn’t bring the issue to the team.

This piqued my interest in this office, as I wish to help contributors become more familiar with this office as well as help resolve any issue that rises. Thank you!

I @Paulito declare my interest to become a member of the Ombuds team. Am a graduate of Human Anatomy, am presently serving as the Chief operating officer of Catchet Artsy an interior design Company. Am a freelance writer and Designer as well. Am an easy going person and I love to listen to people and help as much as possible. Conflict resolution happens to be one of my specialties. I hope to be considered for this position I would really love to really to put in my best to ensure that the DAO remains a peaceful and a positive driven community.

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I am new the Bankless DAO. I’m eager to get more involved to contribute, listen and learn from others, and ultimately help attract and retain more amazing contributors to Bankless DAO. To me, the Ombuds Office is an excellent resource that our community can leverage to help us expand, evolve and prosper. I have a background in web3 (Augmented Reality/VR), previously co-founded a SaaS company and worked in venture capital. It’s important to me that everyone has a voice and feels heard. I feel that is how we grow personally and together as a community. On a personal note, I currently live on a sailboat with my husband, where we both work remotely. I’m surrounded by the peace and serenity of the Aegean Sea everyday. I love animals and photography.

Thank you for reading.


Hi Frens,

I am posting to offer my support for the Ombuds office and to renew my role of ombuds to create some continuity as others move on.

I have been with the ombuds “office” since the inception. I’m happy to remain involved, and I encourage others to do so as well.

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SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW OFFICIALLY CLOSED. A new forum post will be up on monday for the election procedure.

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