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Hi all, am new to the forum. Happy to join this Bankless movement. Been watching Bankless for a year now and it’s amazing content. Great to see it being decentralized.

I started this thread to see whether a partnership with other DAOs makes sense. Communities that unite based on same beliefs would only emphasize impact imo. Dxdao is a great DAO with an active community. They have passed numerous proposals and built great products such as Omen prediction market and recently Swapr. They are engaging in layer 2 solutions (with their own Rails and partnering with Loopring and Xdai a.o.).

I think is something we should research. I have asked Dxdao and one of its key person (John Kelleher - who joined Bankless for a podcast last year) and they are fans. I believe many of Dxdao (amongst which John himself) have joined Bankless.

@Trust_David @rsa hope you consider this thread and can reply


It totally makes sense.


It not only makes sense, it’s encouraged, the Dao is building a framework for media nodes to get plugged in even!


Can you explain that a bit more or refer to source?

In the Dao discord server, Proposal discussion category, media node protocol room
It’s an ongoing discussion, and in early stages.


Hey @D-Eye - I would love to thinker with you and the rest of the Bankless & DxDAO community on potential collaboration approaches. Is there any specific partnership you have in mind? The Media Node (becoming a media creator / partner) is one way, but I’m pretty sure there would be more options to explore here!


Hey everyone!

I’m Keenan, a contributor at DXdao. Big thank you to @D-Eye for kicking this off!

We’re definitely interested in opening a communication pipeline. As D-Eye mentioned, we are fans. John Kelleher had actually spoken on bankless previously.

For those who are unaware, here is a bit about us and how we operate:

DXdao is a decentralized collective that builds and governs DeFi protocols. It has three products: Omen, a prediction market; Swapr, a multi-chain AMM; and Mesa, an IDO platform to-be.

DXdao is a ‘decentralization maximalist’ and runs entirely on-chain. There is no foundation. Contributors are paid through DAO proposals and the products are hosted on IPFS with the ENS domains owned by DXdao.

DXdao is multi-chain with bases on Ethereum mainnet and xDai. Omen, Swapr and Mesa are also on both mainnet and xDai, with Swapr set to launch on Arbitrum soon

I think there is some serious overlap in our ethos (DXdao is bankless after all!), and it would be great to have a discussion surrounding partnership potential.

Not sure of a preferred form of communication, but I’ll be keeping my eyes on this thread. You can find me personally on Keybase (keenanluke), Discord (Keenan#8735), and Twitter (KeenanLukeCCC). You can also find the DXdao community at large on Discord and Keybase (team/dx_dao).

Hah, looks like I can only put two links since I am new. Adjusting the social links accordingly.


Great suggestions - I like to refer to Keenan as well who is a part of the movement and plays an instrumental role - his post includes a lot more details

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Thanks Keenan

@Trust_David @rsa

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@D-Eye @KeenanLuke Do you have ideas as to how we can partner? How would you like to see this happen?

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I think this is a really important conversation in about a week or two but right now we need to get our house in a bit of order so that we can be additive. IMHO


Makes sense - but just starting the thread to share ideas and on what Dxdao does for example

As Bankless started as a media iniatiative - Its idea is to expand the DeFi narrative (the Bankless journey)

Dxdao is a collective that has the same vision and wants to achieve this through seamless products. It develops, governs, and grows DeFi protocols and products. Owned and operated by the community. Further the community can share a ton on governance structures etc with its almost 2 years existence.

Just having these conversations will help us at Bankless


Fair points. How might I jump into Dxdao and see what is happening. Do you have particular entry requirements?

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This is the easiest for me to find. Should I start here? https://dxdao.medium.com/

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Yes but please join their telegram group which can be found and follow @KeenanLuke and John kelleher and Dxdao it’s own twitter handles

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Archiving this. Please reply if you would like it reopened.