Bankless Research S5 Budget Proposal

Project Champion: senad.eth
Authors & Editors: senad.eth
Date Created: Aug 20th, 2022
Date Posted: Sept 5th, 2022

Bankless Research requests funds from the BanklessDAO treasury for Season 5 to keep project operations and workstreams running. We will use the funds to compensate directors for their work, bounty for tasks and conduct a coordinape round at the end of Season 5 with active Bankless Research members. The project team is fully aligned with the Bankless DAO mission of onboarding 1 billion people into crypto and aims to achieve that by creating the highest quality research content in the Web3 space. Ultimately, we want to position ourselves as thought leaders in the ecosystem and represent the Bankless brand in the best way possible.

We introduced the project (team) and our operational framework here. A more detailed breakdown of the project and what we agreed to work on for S5 can be found here.

The directors are expected to work 23 hours per week in total for the project. The amount of hours spent will likely vary for each director from season to season as we learn what works best and adjustments are made. The directors have to be transparent about their efforts.

Bankless Research coordinape will be scheduled at the end season 5, and is independent from director compensation. Directors are eligible to participate in coordinape rounds.


Branding ourselves as Bankless Research will strengthen both the Bankless and Research Guild brand. The name of Bankless carries weight in the Web3 industry and we take this as a serious responsibility to engage in high quality, unbiased and ethical research while representing Bankless DAO.

Metrics to measure the success of Bankless Research include, but not limited to, are:


  • update Bankless Research Notion Page
  • craft grants proposal templates
  • start work sessions for teams
  • adding the elected board of directors as multi signers to the following gnosis safe
  • craft Bankless Research Pitch Deck
  • recruit more Talent for the Board and Teams
  • refine workstreams for grant seeking and research reports


Thank you for reading and for your support!

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Awesome work Bankless Research team😊


Love this. Great job Bankless Research


I would love to see this next steps come live, its a great job the Bankless Research team have been doing for a while now, Keep up :rocket:


Great work bankless research


This is a great write up and really appreciated all the supplemental material it linked out to. I saw a lot of reference to Project Managers and there definitely seems to have some great cross-guild collaboration potential. The Working Agreement also lays out the role of Project Manager.

Where does the funding for a PM come from was my outstanding question.



Thanks for your feedback and question, GCal!

As we scale up the services we offer, we plan to recruit PMs from PM guild when applying for grants to manage “small time frame projects” (duration of 6-8 weeks). 10% of the total grant are allocated to PMs of those small time frame projects. Funds are distributed by the Bankless Research Treasury after the final delivery of the report.

Therefore, we fund PMs through grants we manage to secure. Enclosed our grants revenue model:

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Great thanks! Vote casted


Very much appreciated, fren!
I updated our notion page with this information, feel free to take it as a point of reference - Bankless Research - Grants Team Notion Page

It would be nice to see some type of Target in Grant funding that would be needed to replace the BANK funding for operations. For example let’s say 10% of each grant went towards operations and administration then we would need about 24,000$ USD in grants to achieve self sufficiency. Likewise one could say that at 24,000$ USD in funding for DAO Guilds and projects that our Expense for Operations would be fully justified and be producing a net positive for the DAO

Obviously we could find a grant that covers future operational expenses but having a way to estimate the value provided for the dao helps us measure and plan for self sufficiency.

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This is so nice!
Bankless research is on flight. LFG!!

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Thanks for your feedback, Ernest!

I 100% agree with what you describe there.

Administrative tasks are mostly done by me and the board of directors, who are in charge & responsible for keeping the project up & running and making sure we grow as an enterprise. The board members will likely have to be compensated by a share of the grants revenue in order to self-sustain by keeping operations running and not requiring funds from bDAO anymore.

That being said, the focus as of now is to compensate contributors (grant seekers, project managers, researchers, consultants, writers & editors) for developing BR research reports with as much of the grant as possible (80% for the grant), so we can continue “hunting” for grants (the experience will help to further improve our system and build relationship with clients in the fastest way possible). One of our priorities remains to always make sure that the grants team receives the highest revenue share possible, as they are the ones developing the reports. Realistically, the efforts made by directors in form of administrative would have to be compensated with 10-20% of a grants. However, we continue to improve our process, build a solid foundation with bDAO contributors we can count on and develop strong relationship with partners in the ecosystem.