S5 DAO Dash Funding Request

Title: DAO Dash Season 5 Funding Request

Program Champion: RunTheJewelz

Authors: RunTheJewelz

Reviewers: McKethanor,ItamarGo, JokerDelMar, aaron

Created Date: July 20, 2022

Gnosis Safe: eth:0x3aEF6716a492D5bE3D8A785b4998B94D5171B732


The mission of the DAO Dash project is to provide DAO role holders, guild leaders and members with analytical insights that are meaningful for the community as a whole. Starting with BanklessDAO and expanding to the rest of the DAO ecosystem.

In Season 2, we provided insights in the areas of Member Engagement, Transaction Analysis, Governance, Coordination and Education to answer the following questions:

Member Engagement:

  • How many weekly active members are there within the DAO by roles (i.e., L1, L2, guests)?
  • What % of new members go on to obtain the “First Quest Complete” role? (First Quest)
  • Of members who obtain the “First Quest Complete” role, how many are active after 1 day, 1 week, 1 month? (First Quest)
  • What is the retention rate between those who complete First Quest vs those that do not?
  • What do tipping patterns tell us about member engagement?
  • Member Participation in Governance:
  • What % of members vote on Snapshot? (DAO wide)

Grants & Rewards:

  • How are funds distributed to and from various guilds, projects?
  • What do Coordinape giving patterns tell us about Bankless DAO network health?
  • What do tipping patterns tell us about Bankless DAO network health?


  • What is the number of users who start and complete Academy course(s)?
  • What is the number of mobile vs desktop users? (Academy)

In Season 3, we provided additional insights and started distributing them to the DAO. Additionally, we built several pipelines including a BANK Subgraph, Snapshot Pipeline, andCoordinape Pipeline. We built a POC for interacting with DAODash via Discord Slash commands, and aligned that this is a viable path forward for value accumulation for DAO Dash.

Support for the DAO:

  • Answered guild membership questions for:
    • Dev Guild
    • Fight Club
    • Bankless Consulting
  • Answered meeting attendance questions for multiple guilds
  • Helped solve the Snapshot quorum question with detailed metrics and breakdowns of contributor voting patterns

DAO Dash interaction:

  • Created DAO Dash bot command protocol
  • Created DAO Dash parameterized dashboard
  • Experimented with 1 dashboard

DAO Dash Deployments

  • Created multi-tenancy environment for multi-DAO scaling
  • DAO Punks
  • Bankless Brazil
  • TalentDAO

In Season 4, we went further down the path of Discord CLI and focused on building out a Discord Bot interaction protocol. DAO Dash, at the end of S4, will be delivered to the bDAO server, along with training, to enable members to answer the questions that they come to our team to answer. On a daily basis, we are asked questions such as

  • “Who is active in the [insert guild name] guild this season?”
  • “How many L1s and L2s have gone silent in the past 30 days”
  • “How much budget is sent out from the [insert project name] multisig, and to which wallets is it being distributed?”
  • “What is Snapshot voter behavior like over the past 3 seasons?
  • “Which voice channels or text channels are the most active?”

We are now turning the ability to answer these questions over to the DAO, using the technology behind DAO Dash, and the simplicity of the Discord UI.

Progress in S4

Here are some working prototypes on our Sandbox server.

In our Sandbox, we have command interfaces that trigger our first 4 (of 5 planned) KPIs and insights using simple commands and parameters.

We have help commands to ensure that the user base understands and can access the charts.

Below are samples of our work in progress charts that result from the queries our Bot consumes, generates, and produces for the front end.


Who were the last members of the Analytics Guild to post in the Analytics channel?


Show me the distribution for the Writers Guild Multisig since May 1


How has voting trended over the last 6 Snapshot Votes?

Data Engineering Updates:

  1. Implementation of Airflow for data pipeline orchestration + CI/CD architecture via github integration

  1. Implementation of dbt(Data Build Tool) for complex ELT logic and integrity checks running at Daily and Hourly cadence.

User Analytics Dataset

S4 Program Outcomes

Here are the project outcomes and KPIs for Season 4:

  • Make dashboards accessible through DAO Dash bot platform
  • Extend to 3-4 more DAOs
    • Partial, we have deployed to Talent DAO and Bankless Brasil
  • Gate Discord bot to BANK (or other token) holders
    • TBD, the ability to do this exists, but has not been put into place (and may not be)
  • Build 2 new pipelines
  • Refactor Bot code to Python
  • Support Analytics Guild and bDAO Guilds information requests
  • Support GSE mission with data upon request
  • Develop set of documentation for tooling
  • DE Automation and Integrity Checks for core data sources
    • Implementation of Airflow for orchestrating data pipelines
      • Bankless Snapshot Header
      • Bankless Snapshot
      • Bank subgraph
      • Bank subgraph polygon (New)
      • Poap_events (New)
    • Implementation of CI/CD architecture for airflow
    • Implementation of dbt for ELT and Integrity check automation
      • Performance optimization - Migration of user_analytics dataset from view to table via ELT model running at daily cadence
      • Hourly Integrity checks on discord bot data freshness
  • Define Revenue Generation, Ownership and Legal entity US & International considerations
    • This is not completed, but we are operating under the assumption of Public Good / Freemium model, and will seek alternate sources during S5

Season 5 Plan and Goals

For Season 5, the DAO Dash team will continue to refine the CLI bot, begin to collect user feedback, improve design and aesthetics, and seek to improve data sources.

We will work on 2 incremental insights and 2 additional data sources.

Additional Insights:

  • Role based user engagement - Count of Users (who hold the requested roles) who have been active in the last week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks.
  • Role acquisition - Count of new users who were assigned/taken on this role in the last week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks and 4 weeks.

Data Sources:

  • Discourse
  • Collab.Land

We will deploy to an additional 2-4 DAOs, seeking end user feedback on the usefulness, and ease of use of the product.

We will seek to apply for Public Goods funding to subsidize the development costs for the project.

We will document onboarding processes for new team members, and onboarding processes for new DAOs to bring the bot to their servers.

Season 5 Budget

Roles Area Hours / Season Rate Total
Project Champion Stakeholder 80 1000 BANK 80,000
Project Coordinator PM 80 1000 BANK 80,000
Product Documentation and Support User Onboarding 80 1000 BANK 80,000
Data Engineering Engineering 220 1000 BANK 220,000
Development / DevOps DevOps 280 1000 BANK 240,000
Analysts Insights 150 1000 BANK 150,000
Expenses (database) Expenses $40/mo $120 USDC or DAI
Expenses (airflow orchestration server) Expenses $20/mo $60 USDC or DAI
Total 850,000 BANK +$180 USDC


DAO Dash Notion Page

Project channel: #dao-dash-project

  • I support DAO Dash S5 Funding
  • More detail needed, please revise.

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Dash sounds great. You guys are doing some cool stuff.

I’m new (one month) to bankless, and currently checking out DAOLations, but yet to get into a project/role.

If you ever need an analyst, i would like to jump in. Thanks.


bumping up the thread for votes from Forum members.