Bankless Talent Collective via Pallet

Hello all. Bankless HQ works with Pallet to host our job board. They have a new initiative that I think will be perfect for our DAO called The Talent Collective.

The Talent Collective basically flips the recruiting model on its head. Bankless DAO members can submit their profile to the Bankless x Pallet Talent Collective via an application. Then we’ll match-make members with teams across industry that are hiring right now.

Like recruiters, the DAO can earn a significant amount of $$$ to the treasury when members find a role they love.

We’ve wrote a more detailed idea of how to launch this and what it will look like in this Notion.

Key ideas:

The Collective

  • You can think of it as “all people the Bankless community would vouch for as professionals”
  • To start off with, invite L2 members of the Bankless DAO. Once they join, they not only have the ability to get introduced to awesome projects but can also earn ownership in the total earnings of the Collective by referring dope friends, vetting candidates, pulling in other hiring businesses, and more.
    • Thus, the L2 members will be the ones who effectively curate the rest of the collective


  • Candidate drops are the users in the Collective who have specifically signaled they’re open to chatting about new opportunities. People who have signaled that they are can do so either anonymously or publicly.
  • This is the place that other companies or projects looking to make hires would do so!
    • I.E. if Uniswap wants to source candidates from Bankless they would do so primarily via the drops interface
  • Upon a successful hire, the hiring party pays Bankless either some percent of salary or contract value (if a part-time role)
    • Can be done in whatever currency, especially since we’ll run the beta with just a series of Airtables

Collective Curation

  • Besides finding new opportunities and entering the Drop, people added to a Collective can earn pro-rata economic rights to the earnings of the Collective as a whole by contributing to its success. This is done via a “treasury” which receives the payouts from hiring businesses. You can denominate this treasury in whatever currency you may want.

  • Members of a collective can get rewarded for:

    • Referring in new candidates that get placed in a project
    • Referring in new hiring businesses
    • Reviewing and vetting proposed new members of the Talent Collective
  • Ownership rights are represented by “points” (name pending), which are non-tradeable assets that basically represent the total contribution of the Collective. People can redeem their points for the slice of the treasury at any point.

  • Note: We suggest dedicating some resources to the treasury, to begin with. It will make it all that much more powerful (i.e if before it has even started there are 5000 BANK tokens in the treasury that people can start earning right away by contributing).

Full proposal here: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

And we can continue to shape this however it is best shaped.


I spent some time reading this. This sounds amazing as we are getting more and more people leaving their jobs to work for DAO(s).

Here are the benefits I feel are truly valuable.

  1. No spamming. I still get multiple emails every day for the jobs I both don’t qualify for and am suited for.

  2. Candidates are vetted. So, you know that candidate has a reputation. A lot of recruiters just try to match without a good filter. I believe this will also save time with things like automated code tests. My point being, lot of time gets wasted on both ends because the company and the candidate are not compatible, but recruiters are just spamming and trying to fill positions for commision.

  3. Transparency. Many devs like me try to avoid recruiters bcoz your company might be paying way more than what you are getting, but that margin is kept hidden. (P.S: Margins are not bad, it’s paying for service, but the indistinct margin is problematic)

  4. Common good. The margin goes to DAO(s), which will be used for internal projects(more opportunities) , coordinate drops, liquidity (which can help appreciate the value of governance token).

And some other minor benefits. I like how this can help a lot of people just work for DAO(s).

I would also like to suggest my personal experience (a painful one). Maybe try using a different CMS like Strapi or something. Airtable has its limitations with rate limiting and value types which can be very painful to deal with, and sometimes there is just no way to get around them.


wow, this sounds like a very good idea.

  1. do you have some examples on how this actually looks like?
  2. what are the kinds of talent on your team to bring this project to fruition?
  3. what is a very rough estimate is the costing required?
  1. I’ll provide examples. I have an example of the form right now, the beta will exist in Airtable for now to collect talent profiles.

  2. We have all we need to bring it to life between myself and the Pallet team. The Pallet team already works with me and Bankless LLC to do our job board. This opportunity could help talent of all kinds find meaningful work.

  3. No costs to start at all :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for your thoughtful reponse, PP.

We’re all aligned on points 1-4!

Airtable is just a means to an end while Pallet team firms up their actual, native form :slight_smile:

Solid. I like this idea and support it. Would also be interested in leveraging this in my own DAO - can you get me in touch with someone from Pallet?

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