Talent at BanklessDAO

Idea: Over 300 people have volunteered at BanklessDAO. And many have volunteered for multiple roles.

Knowing what roles people are applying for can help coordinators connect talent to the right guild.

For strategists, this snapshot could help develop intuition on the specific direction BanklessDAO might go towards.

Data is sourced from: Bankless DAO Volunteers (Responses). @AyrtonB26 and I have cleaned the raw data to see what insights could be found. We downloaded a copy earlier today (so it’s likely more people have added their names; this data will need to be updated soon).

Here’s the breakdown:

NOTE: this data is not comprehensive. There are many more roles where one individual volunteered. We’ll leave that for a follow-up analysis.

For a more comprehensive look here’s a modified form of the raw data to filter when people volunteered for multiple roles (see here).

Tagging people that might find this useful (apologies in advance for missing anyone, feel free to tag others that might find this useful): @frogmonkee @EliteViking @jameswmontgomery.eth @0x_Lucas @AboveAverageJoe @siddhearta @blitzio @Icedcool

Feedback is welcome. Also let us know what kind of data you’d think would help your work or the community at large. The chart above indicates 53 people volunteering their Data Analytics skills, so we’ll help facilitate data talent with various initiatives as well.

Thank you!


Man I love good analytics. Great work!

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