Bankless Talent Collective

Title: Bankless Talent Collective via Pallet
Authors: MW :black_flag:#4059
Squad: MW :black_flag:#4059
Date Created: 11/11/21
Date Posted: 11/11/21


  • Help DAO members find meaningful crypto jobs while generating revenue for the DAO and DAO members

  • No upfront financial costs to the DAO


  • Pallet hosts the Bankless LLC job board and has been a great resource to help the Bankless Nation find work in crypto, and put DAO talent into orgs we all love and trust

  • Now, a new product from Pallet is available for the DAO to be the first to try. It’s like flipping the recruitment model on its head.

  • The Talent Collective enables the DAO to curate high-signal members from and recommend them to projects that are hiring and monetize off of successful hires.

  • Ideally, this becomes a self-sustaining ecosystem of curated candidates. The overall Talent product is made up of two core components: The Collective and Drops


*The Bankless Talent Collective will help us onboard more of our DAO members into crypto related roles, thereby moving from meat space to web3.

*As a DAO, the construct of the talent collective and it’s coordination incentives promote a culture of raising each other up. It’s a community effort, and it directly benefits DAO members whenever any DAO members wins and opportunity.


  • To start off with, we invite L2 members of the Bankless DAO. Once they join, they not only have the ability to get introduced to awesome projects by Pallet, but can also earn ownership in the total earnings of the Collective by referring dope friends, vetting candidates, pulling in other hiring businesses, and more.

*All of this will happen on Airtable to start, but will eventually happen on a real product. Anything that seems complex will just be manually tracked in the beginning.

  • We’re implementing ways to incentivize Collective Curation. Ideally, every DAO member in our Collective, whether they are looking for roles or not, has the economic upside to contribute to the growth of the entire Collective. AKA - DAO members can get rewarded for nominating other DAO members.


The Collective

  • Can think of it as “all people the Bankless community would vouch for as professionals”

  • Thus, the L2 members will be the ones who effectively curate the rest of the collective


  • Candidate drops are the users in the Collective who have specifically signaled they’re open to chatting about new opportunities. People who have signaled that they are can do so either anonymously or publicly.

  • This is the place that other companies or projects looking to make hires would do so!

** I.E. if Uniswap wants to source candidates from Bankless they would do so primarily via the drops interface

  • Upon a successful hire, the hiring party pays Bankless DAO either some percent of salary or contract value (if a part-time role), and that number is determined by the DAO. (Something like 10-15% of the salary)

  • Can be done in whatever currency, especially since we’ll run the beta with just a series of Airtables

Collective Curation

  • Besides finding new opportunities and entering the Drop, people added to a Collective can earn pro-rata economic rights to the earnings of the Collective as a whole by contributing to its success.

  • This is done via a “treasury” which receives the payouts from hiring businesses. You can denominate this treasury in whatever currency you may want.

Members of a collective can get rewarded for:

  • Referring in new candidates that get placed in a project

  • Referring in new hiring businesses

  • Reviewing and vetting proposed new members of the Talent Collective

  • Ownership rights are represented by “points” , which are non-tradeable assets that basically represent the total contribution of the Collective. People can redeem their points for the slice of the treasury at any point.

  • Note: We should consider dedicating some resources to the treasury, to begin with. It will make it all that much more powerful (i.e if before it has even started there are 50000 BANK tokens in the treasury that people can start earning right away by contributing).


  • Only to consider initially seeding the treasury with some BANK as explained in the above bullet


  • There’s mutual benefit to co-branding this opportunity.


  • DAO members who enroll in the talent collective (by submitting a profile)

  • DAO members have meetings with potential roles

  • DAO members placed in roles

  • DAO members benefiting from sharing the Collective treasury pie

  • DAO treasury growth as a result of DAO receiving hiring revenue

  • Mostly as reported by Pallet and DAO members


Immediate action items, should this proposal be accepted


  • I work with Bankless LLC and host the Bankless Job Board with Pallet as our partner there.

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Thanks MW for posting it. From my point of view, it is an excellent initiative that fully expresses the philosophy and mission of Bankless and BanklessDAO.


I like this idea. This proposal has me thinking about CVs really. Maybe DAO members and crypto folks need to start creating CVs of sort and start populating it with projects/roles/contributions.


The future of job boards is upon us! There is so much happening with respect to supporting and providing talent pools. Some areas that need a lot of attention are Proof of Competency, Reputation Ratings, and other KPIs. Does Pallet provide any KPI trackers? What are some onchain solutions we can use to allow people to proudly display their abilities and reputation?

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Great initiative. I suggest, as a way to boost BANK and bring value back to BANK holders, a staking function can be implemented for companies to promote their open positions. Higher stake=higher up in priority the ranking.


Does this blend into the Bankless Consultancy?

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Dig it. Only question I have:

  • Upon a successful hire, the hiring party pays Bankless either some percent of salary or contract value (if a part-time role)

Do we get to set this amount? Will this be paid to BanklessHQ or BanklessDAO?

Also in favor of seeding the initial collective with 50K BANK.

(Please add a poll)

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This is so Amazing :rocket:, I :hearts: it

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Thanks for posting MW. I am supportive of this initiative ! Great idea to onboard L2’s to pilot and aligned with the Bankless and BanklessDAO mission.

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MV this is a great initiative.

BanklessDAO should be at the center of the DAO movements. This proposal goes exactly in this direction. Moreover it aligns the interest of contributors and the one of the DAO.

I am totally in favor.

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Generally, I like the idea. Creates shared upside for talent placement. Smart. But 10-15% cut is too high. In my world, finder fees of 5% are the norm. Credit card fees are 3% and that feels like a visa tax…

I’d propose a 5% take or less for the platform.

Hi maininoveralls

The DAO earns 10-15% of the salary for finders fee. We get to choose that fee.

Platform (pallet) will take 10% of that.

@wongisright , I sent you a quick note on Twitter on this. Let’s collab on this. I’ve been doing a few months of research behind this idea and would love to share some thoughts.


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This is an amazing idea. I’d add there are some incredible talents in the L1 pool too (shameless plug). Not sure why we would limit to L2 to begin with since good talent is good talent, and it seems like artificially limiting that supply would be counter to the value prop. Just a passing (and again, self-interested) thought.

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I like it! Would be good to add a poll and get a positive result for the proposal. Thanks.

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  • I support the Talent Collective - approve
  • I DO NOT support the Talent Collective - reject

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Liked this idea as well. I see myself wanting to change normal corporate job to full crypto. Could definitely benefit from that

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In the tech recruiting space, the commission is typically 2 months salary, or 16.6%.

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I am happy to see this initiative and support it. Someone in their own self interest said good talent is good talent and wishes expansion to L1. I want L2 restriction to remain. I am only a guest pass holder but do not need the benefit of a job board being 5 time retired already but the L2 tag is a longevity and social endorsement. A validation of that self interest opinion.

it’s a lot more - especially for crypto rn. Michael call me early next week fam