BanklessDAO and Forefront monthly post on media DAO growth

Hey everyone,

as anticipated in the Discord channels, I would like to propose the creation of a common project between BanklessDAO and Forfront. The two DAOs share many ideas and are both very open to collaboration. They are also both of the DAO Media / Communities.

Based on this, I’d like to be able to work on a monthly post, to be published on Mirror or Medium, edited by both DAOs, which details, explains and compares the progress made over the course of the Seasons.

This study will show us a lot of interesting data:

  • the level of contamination of ideas and planning between the DAOs
  • the similarities and differences in growth between the DAOs
  • determine if a common growth model can be identified that can lead to the creation of a development framework for this type of DAO

If it is possible to determine this development framework, it will be up to the two DAOs to decide if and how to proceed.

  • I agree
  • I don’t agree

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Good idea :high_brightness: @Grendel. Creating a basic roadmap with milestones could help evaluate what has been achieved and next steps. It would also be good for other DAOs to help them get started.

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I don’t think this requires any formal or informal community consensus. To me, this sounds like a repeatable medium post, which we have a submissions form and editing workflow for.

Thanks for the feedback, I will proceed as you say. Being a possible DAO2DAO project, I wanted to know the opinion of BanklessDAO and a feedback mainly from the Writers and Marketing, as the initiative would cover their areas of exercise.

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Hi. This seems like a good idea. What are we voting on, I don’t see any specifics that require a vote?

the vote was required to understand the broader opinion of the DAO

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