DAO Next Season Goals Survey

Dear BanklessDAO members,

The Governance Department is excited to announce the launch of the “DAO Next Season Goals Survey.” This survey aims to collect valuable opinions and insights from our community to help shape and prioritize the objectives for the upcoming season. Your input is essential for our continued success and growth as a DAO.

As we strive to be an inclusive, transparent, and effective organization, it is vital to include the voices of our community members in the decision-making process. By participating in this survey, you contribute to our collective understanding of the community’s priorities, ensuring that our DAO remains aligned with the expectations and aspirations of its members. Every opinion counts, and together, we can drive our DAO to new heights.

The survey will focus on gathering input on various topics, including, but not limited to:

  • Governance structure improvements
  • Community engagement and growth strategies
  • Financial management and tokenomics
  • Educational and support initiatives
  • Development and enhancement of our platform and tools
  • Partnerships and collaborations
  • Marketing and communication efforts

The survey will be open for responses for a period of two weeks, after which the Governance Department will analyze the results and present a summary to the community. This will be followed by a discussion and finalization of the goals for the next season. The survey participants will receive a POAP as appreciation.

We appreciate your time and effort in completing this survey, as your input is invaluable to our DAO’s future success. Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our community.


The Governance Department

Special thanks to @Trewkat @links @ernest_of_gaia @sandeepdas9179 @Jengajojo @Icedcool !:green_heart:

Survey link:


I’m really sorry - I forgot to ask this question earlier: are survey responses anonymous?

If not, who will have access to the raw responses, and do you agree that no identifiable data will be published or discussed with the community without the prior permission of the respondent?


Thank you for mentioning this! To mitigate Sybil attacks, the survey necessitates a Discord login. Only the Governance Department members responsible for processing and analyzing the results can access the raw responses. Any personal data within the survey responses will not be utilized for analysis nor shared with the broader community. I hope this answers your question.


Love the Spect form, so smooth

I (unfortunately) have to say I disagree…I found it frustrating to use, especially in the long-form answers section.

That being said, the Discord/POAP integration was very smooth!

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Thanks for sharing your feedback here and over DM, @links

We will get to work & resolve the issues you’ve mentioned.

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Would you please specify what issues you encountered in the survey?

I already reported to @Chakra on discord but it was mainly unable to delete, unable to click on the text box to move cursor, etc

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