BanklessDAO Collaboration with Nifty Island

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  • Nifty Island Project
  • Collaboration Requirements and Details
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  • Financial Opportunities
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There has been a growing interest for NFTs, avatars, and the metaverse in the past month. One aspect of the Metaverse that has only partially been progressed by projects such as Decentraland, are 3D worlds incorporating NFTs. With so many 3D avatars, wearables, and pets being created and purchased, many owners look forward to having 3D worlds that can bring them to life!

After seeing a twitter post from @iamDCinvestor about 3 weeks ago, I discovered a 3D gameverse/metaverse project that is being developed called Nifty Island. After joining the discord and learning more about the project which is fairly early in its development (plans to launch before the end of the year), I saw so much potential for this project due to its theme, community, and inclusivity.

The Nifty Island gameverse is looking for DAOs and their communities that would like to collaborate, receive their own in-game island and a special totem, and join the Nifty Island community. So far the Flamingo DAO, Friends With Benefits DAO, and MakerDAO have answered the call. I think the Bankless DAO would be a wonderful fit to collaborate with the project. There are no mandatory requirements for a collaboration and it is free to receive an island.

A recent twitter post from MakerDAO

Nifty Island Project

  • A gameverse that is radically open to user generated content and that puts user ownership and control at the heart of its design.
  • A 3D world where players have a tropical island upon which they can build terrain, plants, buildings, or whatever they can imagine using the in game provided building materials.
  • An open social game hub and gallery that harnesses NFTs and crypto to make the meta verse a reality.
  • Every user, from DeFi projects and influencers to individuals, are granted their own customizable avatar and private island.
  • Users or DAOs are able to play games, display NFT collections, trade NFTs, build a community, and earn crypto by playing and contributing to the gameverse.
  • The project has not launched tokens yet, but plans to do so.
  • Currently one way to invest in the project is by holding or purchasing a Nifty Island: Legendary Palm (Opensea).
  • Recently the project announced that they would raffle away and auction 250 “Ultra Blades” which hold a special purpose in-game and include the option to exchange for a real life sword.

Discord: Nifty Island

DAO Collaboration Requirements and Details

Per @Zunk ( discord Zuuunk#9414 ), a co-founder of Nifty Island, there are no particular requirements for a DAO collaboration.

  • Cost of an island: FREE
  • Cost of building the island’s features: In-game materials that can be acquired in some way. From what I’ve learned this will either be included in our DAO’s base set provided to us and/or purchased using in-game tokens (our DAO will earn in-game tokens (Nifty Island tokens) based on the foot track of players that visit our island).
  • Our DAO will receive a special totem as shown in the MakerDAO tweet. This will include special perks similar to how the Nifty Island Palms NFTs include special perks.
  • Info on the island building materials and special perks provided to DAOs is very limited at this time


  • A Bankless DAO island in the Nifty Island 3D gameverse/metaverse could provide all sorts of advertising opportunities.
  • Bankless DAO NFT collections or DAO member’s NFT art could be displayed on the island
  • We could build a Bankless DAO X MetaFactory Merch shop on the island and work with the Nifty Island devs to figure out how to sell merch in-game (using NFTs or another method).
  • We could build statues of David and Ryan

Financial Opportunities

  • One possible outcome of collaborating with the Nifty Island project could involve a future airdrop of Nifty Island tokens. Maybe at project launch, but that’s just a possibility.
  • Foot track on our DAO island would reward the Bankless DAO with Nifty Island tokens. These could be sent to our Treasury.
  • Furthermore, once Bankless DAO Island is established after the project launch, the Bankless DAO could build a merch shop (metaFactory) on the island through which we sell merch

Guild Involvement

  • This would be up to the guilds to decide. I can relay information about the project to the guilds if necessary.
  • I could assist in writing a newsletter at some point about the project. Either soon or closer to the launch of the project.
  • As far as developing our DAOs island in-game after the project launches, I will gladly take part in that. I imagine other Bankless DAO members would enjoy that as well.
  • Once the project is live, guilds could hold meetings on the DAOs island if desired. Sounds fun to me.


Nifty Island’s gameverse/metaverse with its inclusive strategy of providing land (islands) to all users while also having a play to earn model has the potential to attract a large user base. This of course depends on the projects development team of 24+ members as well as the project’s community.

In the next 3-12 months, I imagine that 3D avatars will grow in popularity as crypto community members start to explore the 3D worlds that are currently being developed. Whether it will be Decentraland, Fvckrenderverse, Facebook’s 3D world, or Nifty Island … it would be advantageous for the Bankless DAO to be a part of these communities. If you all agree that the Bankless DAO should formally request a collaboration with Nifty Island, then we’ll just need to reach out to the primary founder of the project, @Charl3s (discord Charl3s#0292, twitter @charl3svii).

Disclaimer: If you did not guess already, I have invested in the project. I hold a Nifty Island palm and was one of the lucky Ultra Blade winners.

Additional Information:
For those interested in learning more about Nifty Island, check out the Discord or this recent youtube interview discussing the project here. I recommend skipping the first two minutes.

  • Yes, this collaboration sounds like a good idea
  • No, I do not like the sound of this
  • I need to know more

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Just visited their website and it seems like each island is just a show center, not the metaverse I am expecting , but there could be some potential. Looks fun to me. I guess it is no harm to build a Bankless DAO island.


By a show center, do you mean it is contained in one map? There will be ways to travel from one island to the next. In a twitter call they mentioned that having portals was one possibility. That is a good point though, if the game is setup with each island being its own contained area (like a map in Call of Duty), then it will not be one massive world. That is not really a bad thing though since in The Witcher 3 it can take hours to run across the entire map.

One thing to find out would be specifically how the island being private versus open works. Maybe the owner of an island can control whether they want their island to be limited to certain people or open to all. I’ll see if there are any details on that. One of the primary sources of income (Nifty Island tokens) in the game is attracting players to your island, so the Bankless DAO island would be open to all (except for private events).

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I think is a great idea! Besides the potential financial opportunities it is an excellent strategy to make the DAO known to a greater number of people.


I think this is a great idea. It will further add some distinction to the Bankless Community. We would be in good company – the other DAOs mentioned are quite prominent. And, I think it would be good for the BANK token. Want to explore the island as a BanklessDAO Member? Go buy 35,000 BANK. (I’m not saying we would require this to explore the island, but it is the current DAO membership threshhold.)

Also, I don’t really see a downside. This will keep things fun and moving along. Online communities need opportunities to cooperate. Good suggestion, in my opinion. I like the sound of the project.


Their idea is great, but by checking their status in public channel, my guess is there won’t be a very strong editor for island owner in near future. And that will prevent user from building complicate workflow(or gameflow) within their islands. I could be wrong. Overall i like the idea and i am a Yes.

Are you already in contact with some of the folks at Nifty Island? If not, I can try to reach out because I have been in their discord server for a while and have gotten to know some of the people in the server.

Someone in the Nifty Island community recently proposed an idea of making a treasure hunt on their island (or multiple islands), so advanced gameflow features are the goal at some point in the project. We could request to have some features or or a certain gameflow early on.

We could consider having a Bankless DAO member only area on the island. In general we would want to attract various players though to advertise the DAO, NFTS, and earn in game tokens for attracting players to our island (foot traffic).

I only spoke to @Zunk, so at this point we’ll need to reach out to @charl3s and let him know that the Bankless DAO would like to collaborate with Nifty Island. First I wanted to make sure the Bankless DAO members were interested and see if we needed a confirmation before doing so.

@0x_Lucas @AboveAverageJoe @Kouros @Grendel Do you think we are good to request a collaboration with Nifty Island or should we have a formal vote? As I mentioned to Grendel, we’ll receive a free island at the launch of the 3D metaverse/gameverse project (a couple of months away). @merkle, I and other Bankless DAO members can coordinate any efforts related to the project as we get closer to launch.

I’m fine with it. I don’t have strong opinions… we should al least explore the possibilities. But how does it work? Is this connected via metamask?

I think I may be able to get in touch with @charl3s. Will touch base with you over discord. My discord is merkle_#6848.

We do not know the details yet, but once the project launches I expect we will need a metamask or other wallet to link up with the Bankless DAO island for the play to earn feature. We’ll need to sort that out with the Treasury Guild. Some of the tokens may be necessary to spend on in game purchases for customizing the island, building an NFT gallery, etc. Besides that, the Nifty island tokens will go to the Bankless DAO treasury.

Who controls the @BanklessDAO twitter account? That will be one necessary item to make the collaboration official.

I just sent a discord message to Nifty Island’s founder @Charl3s (discord Charl3s#0292, twitter @charl3svii) to find out how to confirm the collaboration.

I have access to the twitter account. So let me know what you need.

Awesome, @merkle or I will reach out when we get word back from @charl3s (Nifty Island founder)

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That’s awesome! I’m glad to learn that fellow Bankless DAO-ers are in this project as well. I’ve been following since august more or less, and find the community there very friendly.

(And I’m also a ronin myself :sunglasses:).

By the way, for the ones not already in the project, I would suggest you get a palm (if you can afford it of course) before Monday: it’s the last day when the palm holder can have a chance to win an Ultra Blade.
Warning by the way: the palm price might decrease after Monday drop, because for now, this was their only use. But I personally plan to hold mines as they should be of some use in the future game.

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Copped a silver palm from the airdrop :slight_smile:

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Nice! :fist_right::fist_left:
I hope you’ll get one.

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Nice stuff guys! I’ve also been following Nifty for a while and am myself a blade and palm holder. The project looks promising.


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