BanklessDAO + PopcornDAO + Olympus Give Partnership

Title: PopcornDAO + BanklessDAO Partnership (in association with Olympus Give)
Project Team: BanklessDAO: NFThinker, Airbayer, Kouros / Popcorn DeFi: anna-marie, Mischa / Olympus Give: wollemiPine(9,9)(they,them)
Submission Date: 14th January, 2022

Original Proposal Document: PopcornDAO + BanklessDAO Partnership Doc


  • PopcornDAO seeks to distribute voting power to BanklessDAO members and to promote inter-DAO relationships between the BanklessDAO, Olympus Give, and PopcornDAO communities. A successful partnership will increase engagement across the respective forums and Discords, thereby integrating all three communities and supporting the growth of each project in turn.
  • PopcornDAO proposes to send 5000 x$POP tokens (vested POP - equal to around $5000 value), plus a mix of 7,500 USDC and 7,500 POP (equal to around $15,000 value) to the BanklessDAO treasury.
  • BanklessDAO to deliver a media and educational package for Popcorn DeFi that focuses on promoting Popcorn’s partnership with Olympus Give, the Olympus Give programme, and social-impact DeFi in general.


After hosting an AMA in the BanklessDAO Discord, the Popcorn team was eager to form a working partnership with the BanklessDAO community. The Popcorn team feels a strong alignment to BanklessDAO, and they wanted to give BanklessDAO members voting power to help guide and form the PopcornDAO community. To achieve this, PopcornDAO proposes a transfer of a mixture of x$POP, USDC, and $POP tokens to the BanklessDAO treasury (equalling a value of approximately $20,000). BanklessDAO treasury would keep 10% of the total value, and distribute 90% to a Popcorn Media Project treasury, formed by BanklessDAO members, for the creation of media and educational content for PopcornDAO.


Popcorn DeFi is a staking protocol that earns high yield on crypto assets while also funding social impact organizations and projects (Popcorn beneficiaries). Popcorn beneficiaries are nominated by either DAO members or the Popcorn Foundation (a nonprofit) and will need to fall under the categories of environment, education, open source, and/or inequality. PopcornDAO members then choose which beneficiaries become receivers of the yield-generated funds. Many of these communities and projects are in localities where banks don’t exist, and crypto currency is even less common. Not only is PopcornDAO getting funding to the people who need it most, but in doing so they are assisting in onboarding a whole new demographic to the world of Web3 and decentralized finance. In addition, by funding this project with $POP tokens, Popcorn is offering BanklessDAO members an opportunity to help steer the mission through governance-voting mechanisms and an invitation to participate in their forum and Discord.


Popcorn’s purpose is to aid the current revolutionary shift in global systems through accessible DeFi products that align financial wellbeing with positive global impact.

ABOUT Olympus Give

Olympus Give, powered by OlympusDAO, allows stakers to redirect their rebases either to pre-selected Olympus Give causes or to any wallet of their choosing (e.g. a friend or family member). Through this, we can start to reverse the perception of DeFi being purely greed based with negative environmental consequences. This will be crucially important for the long term health and growth of the DeFi community. When detractors come calling, this line of defense will provide far more value than the rebases that were donated. Those who choose to donate will be helping to protect the community at large.


In an effort to diversify its voter base and drive engagement, PopcornDAO aims to distribute governance tokens to BanklessDAO members. Simply sending tokens en-mass to BanklessDAO treasury would not have the desired effect of bringing in DAO members or increasing active voting. Instead, BanklessDAO treasury would:

  1. Receive approximately $20,000 worth of xPOP, POP, and USDC
  2. Custody 5,000 xPOP (Estimated $5,000)
  3. Distribute approximately $18,000 worth of POP, USDC, and BANK to a PopcornDAO project multisig to fund media and education services.

Contributors to this project will be asked to accept their compensation in a mixture of POP, USDC, and BANK.

Total Fees: Equal to approximately $20,000 (5000 x$POP + 7,500 USDC + 7,500 POP)

Proposed Deliverables

Media and Education Bundle

Goal of Media and Education Bundle: Educate and promote Olympus Give and Popcorn’s partnership, along with the overall benefits of Olympus Give, Popcorn, the other recipients of Olympus Give, and DeFi for social impact. Goals to be achieved through:

  • Educational materials (probably videos and graphics, details to be formed within the Popcorn Media Project, in collaboration with relevant BanklessDAO guilds)
  • A joint Olympus Give & Popcorn Interview on CryptoSapiens podcast, perhaps with the other Give recipients too (tbd)
  • Features in newsletters
    1. DAO Spotlight
    2. Sponsored spots within State of the DAO (subject to availability)
  • Education articles posted on Bankless’ platform (Medium)
  • Short-form content distributed via Twitter
  • Articles to be featured in International Media Node

Project Timeline

  • Jan - confirm + token distribution
  • Feb - content creation begins
    • newsletter spots
    • Social media
  • Mar - final animated video


BanklessDAO will be aligning with the PopcornDAO and Olympus Give mission of creating positive social impact, supporting charitable causes, and onboarding disadvantaged communities to Web3 and crypto.

This project is beneficial to BanklessDAO and its members because:

  • BanklessDAO treasury receives 10% of total value
  • PopcornDAO and Olympus Give are funding BanklessDAO workstreams
  • BanklessDAO members are compensated with a governance token that can be sold or used to vote in PopcornDAO governance
  • BanklessDAO will be helping to fund social impact orgs
  • BanklessDAO will have increased exposure within PopcornDAO and the Olympus Give communities


The purpose of this partnership is to raise awareness of Popcorn DeFi, PopcornDAO, Olympus Give, and beneficiaries of Olympus Give funding. We will know if the project has been successful if there is increased traffic from BanklessDAO members in PopcornDAO, and vice-versa. PopcornDAO and Olympus Give will measure the uptake of BanklessDAO members in their servers.


  • Creation of a new Project Multisig controlled by BanklessDAO, for administering funds.

  • PopcornDAO sends funds to the BanklessDAO treasury

  • BanklessDAO distributes funds equivalent to $18,000 to project multisig (see Project Summary for token breakdown)

  • Popcorn Project Team works with PopcornDAO and Olympus Give to facilitate the creation of deliverables


NFThinker: DAOlationships contributor, Design Guild organiser, Bankless Academy coordinator, Education Guild promoter, Ops tinkerer, AMA host. Here to help where it counts!

Airbayer: Level 2 BanklessDAO contributor, Analytics, Sales Lead, DAOlationships, BanklessDAO Brazi, and HunamDAO contributor

Kouros: Treasury Guild coordinator, Grants Committee member, NFT sales, DAOpunk.

anna-marie: Project Manager at Popcorn. Leads on community strategy, internal alignment and clarity, and web3-based partnerships.

Mischa: Popcorn co-founder and Director of Operations. Leads on investor and business partnerships, PR, events, and business development.

wollemiPine(9,9)(they,them): Co-lead of OlympusDAO Incubator, Grants and Give. Ancient pine. Sits on Incubator and Grants Committee. Background in data analysis and cooperative economics.

  • Yes, I support this partnership
  • No, I do not support this partnership
  • I propose something different

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I’m in favor, disclaimer, I’m a $POP holder


Re: Newsletters sponsorship. The soonest we could secure sponsorship for State of the DAOs would be Q3 or Q4 of this year. Sponsorship might also eat up a significant portion of that grant money, I’ll DM numbers to see what you think.
The DAO Spotlight would be an easy lift.

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In favor. Checks all the boxes for me.
:white_check_mark: income & stakeholder diversification
:white_check_mark: creator opportunities to align talents with subject matter
:white_check_mark: good for communities; good for our partnerships

disclosure: I hold neither OHM or POP, although learning about both.


Sounds buttery. Like it!

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Yield for good i support fully also banklessDAO members having equal voting rights on social impact projects

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Excited to work with you guys :grinning:

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