BanklessDAO Twitch Channel Media Node

Title: BanklessDAO Twitch Channel

Authors: @seangeorge.eth

Date: 6.3.21

Contributions and Thanks: mamer, Oktal, Icedcool, Above Average Joe, luke_spotlong, and


  • This proposal along with a media node application will establish an official media node, the BanklessDAO Twitch Channel. Minimum viable product to launch this channel will consist of After Hours discord channel hangouts, future streams/shows TBD. Monthly subscriptions create revenue for the DAO.


  • We need revenue streams for the DAO treasury. Amazon prime and Twitch have a partnership that provides a free premium sub to Twitch accounts that link their Amazon Prime accounts. Using this free sub on the BanklessDAO twitch channel every month results in a monthly revenue stream for the DAO.


  • Have fun, bring the community closer together, and promote BanklessDAO culture while creating a monthly revenue stream for the DAO.


  • Channel: Twitch
  • Content: Bankless After Hours, an open casual conversation, will be the core show. Ideas for theme nights, poker nights, interviews, etc
  • DAO members should create a twitch account, link amazon prime membership, use amazon prime sub to subscribe to BanklessDAO channel every month. This subscription must be done manually every month when using the free Amazon Prime sub.
  • Plans to incentivize each monthly subscription with a POAP.
  • “Affiliate” status must be reached before subscriptions are enabled on Twitch. This requires the following benchmarks to be met:
    • Stream a total of 8 hours within 30 days
    • Stream on 7 unique days within 30 days
    • Average a minimum of 3 concurrent viewers
  • This project will start with a revenue split of 50/50. A future proposal to be submitted should the revenue split need to be adjusted.
  • I will provide earnings transparency as much as reasonably possible. Each Amazon Prime Subscription to the channel is worth $2.50 of earnings. 100 subs/month = $125/$125, 200 subs/month = $250/$250, 500 subs/month = $625/$625
  • Additional ad revenue possible in the future
  • With the DAO split of revenue, I will buy BANK/ETH and send it to the treasury.
  • Immediate. No funding needed. Using BanklessDAO name.
  • No illegal activities on camera


  • Immediate action items, should this proposal be accepted:
    • DAO members follow channel
    • Channel reaches Affiliate status
    • DAO members subscribe to channel


  • Minimum viable product to produce a revenue stream for the DAO that requires no funding with room to grow and a vision of producing great and fun content to help the world go bankless.

Author Background

Seangeorge.eth – The only place I want to live is on the frontier. Exciting and innovative things are happening every day! I want to make a difference in the world! I paint outside the lines of my life. I have a dream to go bankless and work for BanklessDAO. I see my niche as contributing to the culture of BanklessDAO by creating fun and interesting content hosting the BanklessDAO Twitch channel. I will be earning a revenue split.

  • Yes
  • No
  • Needs work

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I dig it. But I don’t think we should market buy $BANK. We need to diversify our treasury ASAP. I’d say either market buy ETH or DAI.


Agree with Frog buy ETH and Dai Is what we market


Hell yeah! Easy win and great off-chain bridge experiment


I see no issues with this - let’s try it out!


Just to add that Amazon prime members don’t have to pay any extra for this so it’s super easy to subscribe to the DAOs twitch


Perhaps there could be sub. potential from streaming a little Gods Unchained. A digital card game using nft’s you can mint, buy and sell on Immutable X an active layer 2 . I’d be happy to help on this where i can, I’ve played a bunch.


@seangeorge.eth Approval!

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