Bankless BR DAO Proposal for Season 4

Title: Bankless Brazil Grant Proposal

Author: joaoh.eth#5174

Squad: joaoh.eth#5174, GU ΞLFI .eth :bat::loud_sound::black_flag:#0099, João | Criptonita.eth#4969.

Date created: Feb 20, 2022

Date posted: April 20, 2022


  • Bankless Brazil has been running on a low budget for 8+ months, and we’ve not been able to sustain ourselves with current revenue streams.
  • The average contributor for Bankless DAO gets 1,000 BANK/hour for its contributions. while the average contributor for Bankless Brazil DAO gets less than 100 BANK/hour for its contributions.
  • Low compensation leads to difficult talent retention and discouragement among members.
  • Difficulty on talent retention and discouragement leads to a chaotic DAO with a lot of work to be done and no one will do it. Anxiety and burnouts happen often around here.
  • This proposal seeks to gather funding for the next 3 months of Bankless BR DAO operations.


We are making this proposal because Bankless Brazil is one of the biggest Bankless DAO Media Nodes, with strong monthly growth, but we need funding to compensate our contributors and increase our revenue streams. We believe that with the right incentives and compensation, we could better organize our structure, get some members working full time on our DAO and enhance our growth without work overload and burnout.


Bankless Brazil is the largest media node for Bankless DAO (see all node stats). Our average monthly growth for the past few months is 25%. We have an audience of 10k+ people across all socials.

1. Audience / Growth

Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 22.01.37

This sheet covers these numbers in more detail, and calculates that with a push to a 40% monthly growth with the help of the funding, we could reach almost 30k people, across all socials! That’s 3x what we currently have, and 8k more than our current average growth. (37% more).

Audience x Month

Click here to see Bankless BR DAO media kit with all metrics.

2. Revenue Streams

Our DAO was involved in 5 NFT drops, and has 1 that will go on indefinitely, which is our NFT governance token sale. With these we generated 16k USD on gross sales. This spreadsheet covers these drops in more detail.

Furthermore, we have revenue streams from substack subscriptions, merch sales, sponsors and grants. The revenue is growing each month, but have never stacked up more than 70k BANK on a month.

3. Members, Guilds and Projects

We currently have 30+ active members in the DAO that come and go every month and do some amount of work. Here is a list with more detailed information about our members and their activity in the Discord.

We have 14 projects and 10 Guilds, some of which are on backlog, others on standby.

Projects stack up to 28 contributors, and Guilds up to 67. Beware that contributors often take part in 2 or more guilds and/or projects. This spreadsheet covers things in more detail.

Taking by reference the members’ involvement sheet, and stipulating an hourly commitment for each of these involvement tiers:

  • Very active member puts in 30h/week
  • Active member puts in 20h/week
  • Active (less) member puts in 10h/week

This table shows how many active users we currently have:
Screenshot 2022-04-20 at 22.10.25

Calculations would lead to 2,600 hours being spent in Bankless BR each month, or 7,800 on the season (if we ignore the DAO’s growth). We could pick a 1,000 BANK/hour rate, but this would be too deep of a bleed for the Treasury. We came up a 500 BANK/hour rate, which leads to a total ask of 3,900,000 BANK to cover operational costs.

Seeing that the DAO will probably grow in the next 3 months, we would like to ask for an additional 600,000 BANK for the season, to support new initiatives and members as they will likely come along. All the BANK not used during this season will stay in the treasury for the next season.

We are using the platform Dework to organize work to be done in every guild and project inside our DAO. This means that every penny that Bankless Brazil gets, it will be directly used to support a project or initiative that we have, in the most efficient way possible. Whether it be growing our audience to get funding from sponsors, and showing the bankless mission to more people, organizing IRL events, or do consulting to Web2 and Web3 projects. See list of projects and guilds.

This is a bold ask, but Bankless Brazil is a unique DAO, with great people and nobel ambitions. Our goal is to onboard 50 million Portuguese-speaking people in the next 20 years.

We will push extra hard to achieve ambitious goals this season, and hope to sustain this growth on the following seasons. The end goal is to be self-sustainable in the next 18 months.


  • Usage of BANK in the internal Bankless BR economy.
  • Every revenue that we get from sponsors, grants, NFT sales, merch sales, and everything in between, we will buy back at least 70% of it on BANK, 20% WETH and 10% USDC for minimum treasury diversification reasons.
  • All grants requests inside Bankless BR DAO will be handed in BANK.
  • We will send 5% of all revenue directly into BDAO’s treasury.

Summarizing goals for Bankless BR DAO in Season 4:

  • Increase participation from 27 to 43 people on projects – 60% increase
  • Increase participation from 63 to 100 people on guilds – 60% increase
  • Increase the average monthly growth from 25% to 40% – 60% monthly increase
  • Get 30k USD in revenue from sponsors and grants
  • Get to 100k YouTube views (currently 7k) – 14,000% increase
    • Will be possible with short video and podcast cuts production
  • Make at least 1 immersion a month on a hot topic on web3 for members
  • Have 100 Governance NFT holders (currently 63) – 60% increase
  • Promote the BED Index and GMI Index twice a week on newsletters, podcast and social media.

Total ask: 4,500,000 BANK

  • Proposal is good enough
  • Lower the BANK rate to 350 BANK/hour
  • Increase BANK rate to 650 BANK / hour
  • Needs revision

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Thanks for the work you do…I think your mission is aligned with BanklessDAO, and you’re in a unique position to make a big impact.

That being said the ask is quite large. For context, the Newsletter Team:

  • has 12,700 subscribers
  • has $17,500 USD revenue
  • is asking for 921,000 BANK (around 20% of your ask)

Can you explain why having similar results to the Newsletter team is going to cost 5x as much BANK?



Our DAO is not restricted to newsletter content.
We have these other projects running inside our DAO:

  • Podcasts (8/month)
  • Instagram and Twitter management (posts, stories, tweets)
  • Instagram live and Twitter spaces with other crypto personas
  • Run a Merch Business
  • Want to start making short video content (TikTok/Reels/YouTube shorts)
  • Run NFT sales every other month.

And a bunch of other stuff. Basically we are not a project, we are a sub DAO that has a lot of projects running internally. :slight_smile:


I would propose a revision on this budget. No role holders in the DAO are paid 1k bank/hr for 30 hours a week, nor even 20 hours. Most role holders across projects and guilds usually make 84k-120k bank per season. I would like to see more clarity around roles held, not hours worked which is a poor metric for outcomes.

  1. Spell out project roles.
  2. Describe the work you are doing and budget accordingly. Newsletters and podcasts already have established budgets across other projecs, as does social media.

I’m going to make it a priority this season to create a list of roles and bountied work available in a transparent way so projects have a working basis to develop these budgets going forward.


For reference here is the Podcast Hatchery budget for S4: Podcast Hatchery S4 Proposal

This poposal sets a maximum earnings of 180k BANK/season, if the person is working at around 30h/week. If we were to set a 1000 BANK rate for all the people working at our DAO, a 30h/week worker would get 360k BANK.

We could describe what each and every person is doing, if the members and projects + guilds is not clear enough.

But this would take a lot of work, so we did an estimation on the hours that each person is putting in, while also reducing the BANK/hour rate.

This is not your average project proposal. The reason the ask is so high is because this is the largest Bankless sub DAO, with many projects and guilds running. We want to be self sustainable (an we’ve been trying to do that for the last 8 months), but this funding would help a lot.


Have you thought about minting your own token? It could allow you to leverage any funding you get. Check out the post on the SubDAO model


We have talked about this internally but we think we need a bit more relevance/audience before making this move. For reference Bankless HQ decided on Bankless DAO when they had 60k+ subscribers on the newsletter.

Plus there are the legal risks that would cost quite a bit of money.

This is not something to discard for the future, tho.


What legal risks are you worried about? Doesn’t being on chain help you avoid legal issues?

Issuing a token here in Brazil, brings to the issuer, the obligation ton inform to our IRS, who buys it, when, for which price and the amount.
Doing it on chain, the issuer can not fulfill this obligation.


I´d like to share some of our Links



Guide Bankless






I can, they must intend to invest in ZK… not a bad idea. Zero Knowledge is one of the most promising fields in the space. Such a necessary public good.

While I agree, I sympathize for their desire to have at the very least a legal advisor because of the possible harsh regulation that could come to the space :smiley:

Here’s what I think should happen: stick with the 27 people you have and let the ones who do not want to put in the proof of work leave. The rest will be compensated with a higher bank/hr for the increased amount of work the dao expects of them. This is why I chose to vote for 650 bank/hr.