BanklessDAO x ConsenSys Onboarding Funding Request

Authors: senad.eth :black_flag:#8782, 0xLucas#3124, thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181
Squad: senad.eth :black_flag:#8782, 0xLucas#3124, thinkDecade :black_flag:#7181
Date Created: August 27th, 2022
Date Posted: September 26th, 2022

We would like to request for 100,000 BANK to facilitate the onboarding of the ConsenSys team to BanklessDAO as part of the Bankless DAO x ConsenSys DAOlationship Program.

We are very excited to introduce our community to the following initiative. BanklessDAO needs concentrated onboarding and talent coordination efforts in order to help establish a powerful relationship with ConsenSys. ConsenSys is seeking the opportunity to onboard some of their employees to the Bankless DAO in order to help the DAO across various guilds and projects, allowing their employees to learn how to effectively explore DAO culture, experiment with external contribution in the DAO community and continuously provide value to the wider Ethereum ecosystem. In order to ensure a smooth onboarding we need additional onboarding efforts by a dedicated Talent Coordination team to facilitate the best possible onboarding and coordination experience. As part of the BanklessDAO & ConsenSys DAOlationships Proposal, ConsenSys will secure 50 Guest Passes for a 3 month period so that ConsenSys employees can have a trial period to experience the Bankless DAO prior to independently joining the Bankless DAO (i.e. purchasing 35,000 BANK tokens per current standards on their own) and potentially contributing if they should choose to do so). BanklessDAOs’ membership requirements may change in the coming weeks/months as we introduce a mechanism to continuously auction off NFTs [pass for BanklessDAO membership] at a defined rate [seasonal] as per GSE recommendations. The proposal team will monitor the developments - we’ll stay agile!

ConsenSys Employees will be granted a specific tag called ConsenSys Cohort 0. The Team will facilitate the onboarding of the ConsenSys members at 3 main stages.

  1. First Quest
  2. New Joiner Session
  3. Guild/Project onboarding

1. First Quest - Entering the DAO
The Team will coordinate with the First Quest Team to ensure a smooth path for the team entering the DAO. Member(s) of the First Quest team will be available to provide support to any of the team that might encounter any challenge during the first quest process.

2. New Joiner Session - Getting to know the DAO
The team will coordinate with the New Joiner Session to host session for the consensys Team.

3. Guild/Project Onboarding - Getting involved in the DAO
The Team will coordinate with various Guilds/projects talent coordinators to ensure that ConsenSys members receive all the needed onboarding help, including but not limited to:

  • offering ConsenSys members 1on1 calls for onboarding purposes.
  • actively onboarding during talent coordinator office hours.
  • being available to answer questions and give guidance asynchronously.

We requested a budget of 100,000 BANK to compensate Talent Coordinators for their efforts. 10,000 BANK will be allocated to the First Quest. 30,000 BANK will be allocated to the facilitation of New Joiners session. 60,000 BANK will be used for a Coordinape Round in which all members of the Talent Coordination team can participate.

Why 70k for Coordinape?

  • We have 14 guilds = 14 Talent Coordinators
    → Estimation = 1hrs/week for each Talent Coordinator for length of onboarding = 2 weeks
    → 14 x 1hr = 14hrs/week → 28hr/2weeks → 28 x 1000 = 28,000

  • We have 16 projects = 16 Project Champions/Talent Coordinators
    → Estimation = 1hrs/week for each Project Champion for length of onboarding = 2 weeks
    → 16 x 1hr = 16hrs/week → 32hr/2weeks → 32 x 1000 = 32,000

Once this proposal passes​:point_down:t5::100::tada:


  • September 12 (Monday) - Proposal posted in Bankless Forum
  • September 18 (Sunday) - Proposal voting complete
  • October 3 (Monday) - ConsenSys employees officially join Bankless DAO
    • 2 weeks of concentrated onboarding, facilitated by the talent coordination team:
      • Facilitate a call with First Quest Project to prep for program
      • Facilitate a call with Talent coordinators to prep for program
      • Facilitate a call with New Joiner Session Team to prep for program (ideally on October 10th)
  • October 17 (Monday) - ConsenSys employees begin to join Bankless DAO guilds/projects
  • January 9, 2023 (Monday) - Program concludes. ConsenSys and Bankless share learnings, their experience and perception of BanklessDAO.
    • Encourage them to become full members at the end.

Thank you for reading and for your support!

  • No objection to the proposal
  • I object to the proposal
  • I have questions or comments before I can vote

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  1. Who are the talent coordinators?
  2. Why the coordinape?
  3. Who is in charge of the onboarding
  4. I understand the reason for separating out the group with a tag to get around the guest pass situation, but why the specialized onboarding process? If we want to remain equitable towards everyone, wouldn’t every talent coordinator in the DAO be subject to a special “talent coordinator” coordinape round for onboarding contributors?

I see the reason for it, and it makes sense, theres just more then what we can easily see for me to be okay with this. I’m sure you will come up with something to make this equal for as many as you can. I’m hopeful!

Chiming in from ConsenSys :handshake::sparkles:

We’re working on a proposal internally to match the funding request here.

From our side, we’re not in a place where we can fund the ecosystem entirely without any evidence of output. The entire basis of this proposal was to contribute human capital to bDAO in exchange for the contributor experience. We would then measure the results and be able to make a case for more collaboration either work or financial. To give clarity around our goals here, we wanted to show that we’re in good faith trying to meet ya’ll in the middle.

Due to the nature of this proposal, and it being our first attempt at an official DAOlationship— we’re receiving final confirmation this week to match the 100,000 BANK via public goods grant. If approved, the funds will be used specifically for this proposal and the onboarding of ConsenSys bDAO contributors. It makes general sense to us, and hope it is taken as a positive step in the direction of sharing the weight of this partnership equally.

We’re a large organization, so wanted to set time expectations here on approvals—but also wanted to be transparent with the bDAO community and voice that we’re pushing into new territory internally.

It will also be a landmark moment, a template for us to establish this onboarding experience. Huge shoutout to senad.eth, 0xLucas, thinkDecade for putting in the work here! :pray:t4:

If you have any questions, feel free to reply here!

In addition, I expanded on ConsenSys’ position in the Community proposal:

Lfgggg! :sparkles::handshake:


I don’t understand why bDAO is paying for onboarding Consensys members to bDAO. Any expenses related to this effort should be borne by Consensys.

I’m totally behind this collaboration but this is now becoming too one-sided with bDAO having to pay for the labor associated with this collaboration.

Hey tesa, thanks for your comment! Good point you’re raising here, I’ll try to give a bit of clarity on that funding request.

My understanding is that our org has a treasury to financially support mission aligned projects. I also think we have to budget for additional work that is being conducted by our members and compensate them for their efforts, as stated in the proposal. This is specifically required in times where our onboarding mechanism seem to have flaws, with bots not working properly, making the experience irritating. It’s our responsibility to ensure a smooth onboarding of 50! new members within two weeks and repair some of the flaws along the way. It benefits our org as much as it benefits the members - it’s a win-win!

Hey homie, thanks for your questions! I’ll try to answer them the best I can.

  1. Talent Coordinators are those who are part of the talent coordination team.
  2. Coordinape is there to ensure that talent coordinators reward each other based on the value they have created during the two weeks of intensive onbaording.
  3. The talent coordination team
  4. We are not creating this tag to get around guest passes, that statement is wrong. We are creating this tag to distinguish between individuals who are part of this program and those who are not. ConsenSys members will either receive guest passes for 3 months or seasonal passes.

Let me know if I’m wrong, but there seems to be the narrative of “inequality” drawn by your comments and I want to clearly state that we distance ourselves from it. All we seek is to try and collaborate with mission-aligned orgs in web3, expand the reach of our community and continue to build more powerful partnerships with the ecosystem. bDAO shines in terms of inclusivity and ease of access for web3-enthusiasts.

Not necessarily inequality, actually.

But good to see that you’ve got thoughts around making sure the playing field stays level.

Guest passes for 3 months versus a regular person coming into the DAO on a 2 week guest pass however does raise a serious red flag to me.

That’s preferential treatment. 100 percent.

I would love to help shape this experience.

Although I definitely understand this concern, I think that it is important to take into account that guest passes are infinitely renewable (although I am aware of potential changes to this in the near future). While this does constitute some level of preferential treatment, the only difference is that Consensys members would not have to go through this process.
With that in mind I would say the benefits greatly outweigh this minor preferential treatment.


This is not special treatment all daoplomats are onboarded in this way we have just never had this large of a group of daoplomats before

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Daoplomats do have a different onboarding process being representitives of other organizations as bdao members.

I’d like to see the documentation. It’s in DAOlationships probably, right?

Thanks for the info.