bDAO Website Project Handoff

Title: bDAO Website Project Handoff
Author: 0xJustice#6213,
Date Created: Oct 5, 2022


I’m burned out and need to step back from this project. I’m nominating MantisClone as the new website project champion. He’s a capable dev and a trusted face around the bDAO community.


The new website is up with a new design and content. FRAGstack has morphed into Supercluster labs and will develop and provide updates independently of the website project. Existing website bugs are compiled here.


The goals for this next seasonal iteration would be as follows:

  1. We need to churn through the outstanding bugs
  2. Create dedicated Guild and project page templates
  3. Configure more Web3 tooling and dashboards under subdomains of the website
  4. Link out to our DAO’lationship partners
  5. Mature and perfect our change process
  6. Consideration for adding GitPOAP to our site to reward contributors

Proposed budget: 600,000 BANK

I would ask to be reimbursed for the cost I have incurred ($360) for website hosting and for a new person’s payment method to be added as per this bDAO Website Reinbursment.


  • MantisClone#2619
  • DidierKrux.eth🏴#6120 has offered to be a second set of eyes on PRs if needed.
  • LordRanchoatos#1813 and Gourav.eth#7966 did a lot of the work on rebuilding the website and have expressed interest in helping with further updates.
  • Dysan#6547 was greatly involved in the early days of the website redesign and FRAGstack vision as well. He has offered to help as needed as well.
  • Yes - Looks good
  • No - I don’t agree

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@MantisClone @didierkrux @LordRanchoatos1813 @Dysan


Im a fan of @MantisClone and appreciate the work you have done so far @0xJustice .

Is the reimbursement part of the 600k BANK ask?

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Same here, strong feelings about this capacity to resolve things is out of the charts :+1:
P.S. : his is our Snapoootorrr solver :pray: :grinning::grinning:

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Strong team! This makes me bullish on bDAO. One incredibly talented PM hands over to another and the product begins a new cycle. @0xJustice great job up to now, and well done on setting this project up for success.


It can be. However people want to do it.

i believe with the team of developers taken over the website job, BDAO is in a good hands. and @0xJustice has done a great work so far and with experience working with others on project in the DAO, you can be rest assure we are in good hands.