Sponsorship Project Proposal

Title: Sponsorship Project proposal
Authors: siddhearta#9802
Squad: ManuelMaccou#6974, AnaTech#7412, Ornella#2775, ZimTeemo#1909, jengajojo.eth#5896
Date Created: January 18, 2022
Date Posted: January 18, 2022


The Sponsorship Project was created with the intention of creating the tools, resources and onboarding materials necessary for each of our media channels to obtain and efficiently manage sponsorships. Those tools have been successfully completed, and we are requesting one-time compensation for our contributions.


Media is central to the BanklessDAO’s mission of onboarding one billion people to crypto and also serves as a significant revenue generating opportunity. Currently, bDAO has a variety of media channels-newsletters, podcasts, international media nodes, blogs and socials. In the past, the responsibility of obtaining sponsors was placed on the individual projects and sponsorships were secured serendipitously through DAO-2-DAO connections. The result was that at certain times of the year our media channels would have a sponsor, while at other times they would have a gap or fail to secure any sponsorship at all. The result of not having systems in place to proactively secure sponsors and get them onboarded efficiently is that we miss out on significant revenue generating opportunities.

At the beginning of this project, we spent time discussing whether or not there should be a separate sponsorship team that would carry out these activities from season to season. Much like DAOlationships or Consultancy, this could be a small cohort of people that would be responsible for building connections, promoting our media channels, and securing sponsorships. Ultimately, this group decided that individual project teams should be responsible for securing sponsorships and that our efforts would be focused on creating the necessary tools, resources and onboarding materials necessary for each project team to effectively market their own project to potential sponsors.


Media is central to BanklessDAO’s mission and a focus on revenue generating activities is the current focus of all projects within the DAO.


The project squad was composed of members from each of the main media channels that currently require sponsorships: newsletters, podcasts, and international media nodes. As a result of the collaboration we produced the following tools and resources:

Tools and Resources

Sponsorship Guide
Media Kit
Product Menu
Required Assets
Sponsorship Onboarding materials


As the project squad decided to create the tools and resources necessary for projects to function autonomously, we are not seeking long term funding and only requesting funding for the work that was completed.

Funding was based on 1000 bank/hr and the following breakdown:

Siddhearta: 9 hours, 9,000 BANK
ManuelMaccou: 8 hours; 8,000 BANK
AnaTech: 20 hours; 20,000 BANK
Ornella: 6 hours, 6,000 BANK
ZimTeemo: 5 hours, 5,000 BANK
Jengajojo.eth: 2 hours, 2,000 BANK

Total funding requested: 50,000 BANK


The Media Kit and sponsorship materials are actively promoting the BanklessDAO brand.


The onboarding materials have been used successfully for the Newsletter Team sponsors starting in Season 3. Onboarding was efficient and required minimal back and forth between parties.

The Media Kit has not been used by any projects to date. We expect to use these materials in the near future to procure sponsorships for CryptoSapiens, IMN nodes, as well as the podcast hatchery.


Compensate the sponsorship squad for completed deliverables. Media channels will be expected to update the Media Kit quarterly and to actively seek out sponsorship opportunities using the tools and resources provided.


Siddhearta: Project Coordinator for the Newsletter Team
ManuelMaccou: Education Workgroup Champion, Yearn and CitaDAO Grant/Sponsorship Coordinator
AnaTech: Content Manager in the IMN in Spanish, contributor in Marketing, Talent Scout in Design and Translators Guild.
Ornella: Marketing Guild Talent Coordinator bDAO / 10 years of sponsorship management in IRL jobs.
ZimTeemo: Revenue Lead for Podcast Hatchery, A/V Guild Coordinator
Jengajojo.eth: IMN Coordinator, Bankless SouthAsia DAO champion + contributor in various guilds

  • I support compensating the squad for their work: yes
  • I would like to see some changes (comment): no

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Huge +1 to this. Will help all of our media products.

I mentioned it in this post, but I would like to see us consolidate all of our media products and media support services under a large Media Department.

Not sure what next steps are, but it’s just another mental model that I’m starting to see form.


Excellent, impactful work that will serve the DAO long-term. Plus, a very measured ask. What else could we want? Well done everyone!


Great work all! Creating tools that enable teams to be successful is an important part of scaling our success.

Just a few questions/suggestions:

  • Looks like the Media Kit Statistics haven’t been updated since November (if at all). Should media channel leads be expected to update these? I’m also wondering if there’s a way to automate this process :thinking:
  • I think download counts and number of live broadcast listeners would also be a useful metric to track for the podcast sections

This team should absolutely be paid for the work they’ve done to gather/synthesize these resources and streamline the process of getting sponsorships. Thank you for your great work!


Love the shirt out of this fine effort! Reasonable ask imho Let’s forking go!


Thanks Jake! Those were the numbers used to secure Season 3 sponsorships. It will be the Project Coordinators job to update these on a quarterly basis as they are reaching out to potential sponsors. We will release a January 2022 data set after this month so all stats are up to date.


Thanks frog. We were brainstorming a bit as a group what future opportunities could be created here. The idea of a media department is interesting


We’ll be using this media kit, product menu, and sponsorship guide in the website revamp. I’m very grateful for the work you’ve done to consolidate all these details into one place. Once our website is up and running, it will be much easier for clients to interact with (and pay) bDAO. I’m really excited to build off the work you’ve all done! Bullish on bDAO as usual :slight_smile:


Excellent work; the pitch deck alone is fantastic. These are essential client-facing materials if we are to get serious about revenue. So nice to have this when talking with potential sponsors. Thank you.


Thanks for this proposal! I just shared the resources with Bankless Consulting’s marketing team. They look great and provide terrific insight into how valuable it can be to partner with BanklessDAO!

+1 to @jakeandstake 's comments about updating the metrics. I can only imagine the numbers will go up, making the sponsorships more valuable. Who is responsible for updating the information and ensuring that other guilds have it?

I saw that this team was formed with key contributors from the guilds that most needed the guide. So what is your plan for sharing this resource with other guilds who could use it for, if nothing else, finding potential sponsors and directing them to you. Or are you trying to keep sponsorships more centralized than that?

Thanks again!

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Thanks Chuck25!

We will be updating all of the project metrics at the end of January and then each project coordinator will be responsible for updating on a quarterly basis (or sooner depending on growth). As these projects change quickly, keeping the responsibility on each project to update and change their rates is the most effective, rather than relying on some third party team to be chasing down each project.