BED Index Marketing Campaign Funding


Fund marketing campaigns for Bed Index Marketing Campaign

Authors: Grendel, Airbayer


The BED Index is the main product of BanklessDAO, we therefore believe that it is preferable to have a dedicated marketing budget so that we can always proceed quickly, compatibly with the indications that will come from the DAO. In order to prevent loss of traction with bed index adoption we believe a dedicated fund be established for bed index marketing campaigns. These campaigns are specifically for DAO


Marketing campaigns conducted by the DAO with other DAOs or Protocols fall within the objectives of BanklessDAO. The Project Manager will make sure that Bankless DAO approves every single campaign and that the DAOs / Protocols we will partner with are high integrity products that can be promoted alongside the bankless brand.


Each campaign will require:

One copywriter

One designer

One Writer

All three grouped into the campaign cost category

The campaign will run for one week, each day BanklessDAO will tweet a different and original content.

PM will update the CRM notion page on opportunity and follow up contact info.


BED Index PM (Airbayer): 5 hours / week = 5000 BANK week = 20000 BANK /month

Campaign cost: 5000 BANK / each 5 Campaigns in the Season: 25000 BANK

Total request: 45000 BANK


Bankless DAO brand will be used in the campaign.


Tweets will be tracked in order to check engagement.

  • Yes
  • No

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please add a poll

I think this is good. Is there already a campaign or movement to have people with more liquidity mint? I imagine primary viewers would be individual web3 users but if we create want there then it will give reason to have more minted


Done added it in there

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Please Add 20k bank for the Education Efforts

I think a campaign to promote the BED Index is an excellent idea. I have a couple of questions about the costs and scope of the campaign.

Is this campaign proposed as a series of tweets or a broader marketing campaign including other media?

Do the campaign costs include anything besides the compensation for the writers and designer? (Stock, media placement, etc.)