cNPS Survey Results - Season 4 Month 2

Analyst & Author: Ella Dane (Ella Dane#0382)

Date of survey: June 8, 2022

Date of publication: June 13, 2022

Previous Surveys can be found here

This analysis pertains to the survey of BanklessDAO members taken during the Coordinape period ending June 8th, sampling 137 Guest Pass holders, 67 L1 contributors, and 77 L2 contributors for a total sample size of 281 members.

** see bottom of document for explanation about Community Net Promoter Scores


We measured the community’s satisfaction with BanklessDAO and achieved a Community Net Promoter Score (”cNPS”) of 55, a 3 point increase from the May score.

While bDAO members are concerned about the price of BANK, talent retention, and onboarding difficulties, the sentiment of the respondents is quite positive, a notable feat especially in light of current rocky markets.

Community Net Promoter Score Summary


We achieved a cNPS of 55, a great score, and yet this month’s score is significantly lower than the scores measured in November and December of 2021.

A total of 281 bDAO members responded to our survey, an increase of 2 participants since the last survey (up 1%). Of these, a low number (25 of 281) were counted as Detractors.

A quick analysis indicates that Guest Pass showed a decrease in satisfaction with the DAO, L1s indicated a huge increase in satisfaction, and L2s experienced a slight increase in satisfaction.

Our findings indicate that there is a material gap in cNPS between guest passes (cNPS=66), and L1s & L2s (cNPS= 46 and 43 respectively).

Quantitative Results:

Qualitative Questions

Along with the quantitative cNPS question, we asked two additional qualitative questions to measure our praises and concerns for bDAO. From these I have synthesized the following.

Why We Love bDAO

  1. Strong Community (56 responses)
  2. Education & Learning (33 responses)
  3. Abundant Work Opportunities (25 responses)

These are recurring themes that can be traced through past survey analyses - a huge success. Here, however, I am going to focus on other unique themes from our June survey that stand out. To hear more about what bDAO members have to say about their community, education, and opportunities, please see past analyses here.

1. Personal Growth - 11 Responses

bDAO has become a hub for innovation and growth, not only forming leaders within the web3 industry, but also challenging the personal growth of its community. Members say:

  • “I have grown tremendously contributing to guilds in the DAO and also rewarded for it, which means there’s a room for growth for everyone”
  • “I have been learning so much and getting experience in the areas I have wanted to develop in my career”
  • “Helps your growth by helping others”

2. Bear Market Buidlers - 12 Responses.

As I combed through the survey raw data, I was shocked by how few people mentioned the bear market. These voices were replaced by “buidl market” rallying cries.

  • “it drop, we build!”
  • “I’m bullish bDAO and it’s buidl season”
  • “it’s a build market”

3. All Around Hyppe - 32 Responses

  • “I frickin’ love it here.”
  • “I’m new and have a lot to learn but I have been positively surprised every step of the way”

Other Promoter Themes

Beyond these leading categories, there were many other comments that aligned to themes:

  • Love for bDAO’s mission & values
  • Friendly & creative vibes
  • Decent organization

Community Concerns

  1. BANK Price & Compensation (51 responses)
  2. Onboarding (35 responses)

1. BANK Price

Tokenomics is by far the most widespread concern. Many are worried about the volatility and low prices of BANK and are put off by the effects of this lowering their compensation.

Members say:

  • “It’s hard to do this full time. Probably good as a hobby, but if you need to pay the bills it’s hard to do that at BanklessDAO”
  • “Low compensation doesn’t keep talented people for too long”
  • “Everything is shaky including utility of BANK”
  • “Pass a veBANK proposal to lockup DAO members’ stacks if they are long term bullish on bDAO and give them a return or utility for locking”

2. Onboarding

Onboarding difficulties are the age-old obstacles to taking the dive into web3.

Members suggestions:

  • “Maybe find mentors or guides to help onboard people. They could be volunteers that help walk new members through the channels, introduce them to members of whatever group best fits them, help them get into their first project or job.”
  • “Following up new joiners will go a long way to help them understand the DAO”
  • “A comprehensive documentation for newcomers like me, currently all the instructions are in different places. Would be great to have everything in one place”
  • “Perhaps have several onboarding ramps - one for web3 noobs & one for web3 jocks looking to figure out how to navigate bDAO”

Other Concerns & Suggestions

Community Calls (summarized):

  • Community calls needs a better system for preparing & coordinating the slide deck
  • There needs to be one designated person to contact for people having trouble with the slide deck
  • Potentially create more of a team for the community call hosts

Overwhelming & Unorganized:

  • “More ‘TL;DR’ messages to help summarize info (so much going on)”
  • “Less pings from @everyones for things like podcasts and spaces”
  • “Clear and up-to-date founding docs, handbook, guidelines, rules, etc.”

→ See this document for more members’ suggestions on how to best tackle the issues bDAO is facing.

Author’s comment

While contributing to BanklessDAO doesn’t ensure a sizable paycheck, this is exactly the thing that encourages its unrivaled community. No one here is for the pay; we’re here for the mission.


BanklessDAO is filled with passionate contributors who clearly love the community, bear-market-builders vibes, and room for personal growth within the DAO, and feel it gives them an abundance of projects and provides a launching pad into web3.

Our members are quite concerned about the price and volatility of BANK which needs to be addressed thoughtfully and quickly. Other concerns include talent retention, onboarding difficulties, the Community Call vibe, and the overwhelming bDAO Discord.

Good news: responses seem to be significantly more positive than they were in May.

Bad news: the entire DAO seems to be focused on BANK prices which could lead to massive dissatisfaction if not solved.

Overall: Guest pass satisfaction decreased, L1 satisfaction hugely increased, and L2 satisfaction slightly increased, which created a net increase of 3 points from the May cNPS - a positive upward trend.


Unattributed NPS scoring sheet source is here

Confidential GUEST PASS responses here (restricted access)

Confidential LEVEL ONE responses here (restricted access)

Confidential LEVEL TWO responses here (restricted access)

Synthesis Scratch Pad here (restricted access)

About Net Promoter Scores:

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a well-regarded methodology for quantifying the whether a brand delivers on its promise. The standardized form of NPS reads as follows: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you recommend X to a friend or colleague?”

In our case, X = “working for BanklessDAO”

The results of an NPS survey can be quantified in a score that ranges from negative 100 to positive 100. Depending on the topic, brand, industry, etc., a “good” score can range anywhere from +0 to +40 and beyond.

Wikipedia discussion of NPS

Lattice discussion of eNPS

In our case, we are measuring “cNPS” which we cleverly coined to mean Community NPS. While there is no clear community standard yet, I believe cNPS relates closely to eNPS (Employee NPS). As for how to interpret the score, according to Jennifer Willy, Editor at, “anything above zero is generally acceptable… Generally, a score between 10-30 is considered good while anything near 50 is excellent.”


Awesome work @Ella.Dane!! Very much appreciate your work on making this info available to the DAO. Between DeepDAO, DAO Terminal, and this data, we are increasingly moving in a direction to sus out real insights. Hopefully :crossed_fingers::wink:

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This is a nice one @Ella.Dane. The qualitative comments are quite interesting as well, and have a lot of good ideas. Compliments on your continued work on the NPS survey.

Just a question. Is there a process / team that carries forward the suggestions, to relevant discussions within the DAO.

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Great work @Ella.Dane this survey is really insightful and gives room for more improvement in the bDAO community.

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thanks ashish. yes, as of right now we go over the results in the ops guild to identify actions we can take. however, long-term i am in favor of having several people dedicated specifically to this effort as we receive so much constructive feedback

A discussion with @innov8tor3 on Discord yesterday made me think that I should close the loop on my suggestion, in the Forum as well. As I like to be someone who is a part of building a solution and not just advising from the sidelines.

TLDR: Ops guild and @Ella.Dane are planning to add this to the monthly NPS exercise - closing of the loop on the suggestions from the community.

Here is a more detailed update for everyone’s benefit

  • I joined the Ops guild weekly meeting and we discussed the suggestion. To their credit, Ops guild and Ella were very positive about the suggestion. We agreed to connect the next week with more detailed recommendations

  • I then shared a few slides with thoughts on how the work could perhaps be done , in the next Ops guild meeting

  • On the suggestion of Ops Guild, I created a proposed JD for the role - someone who would be responsible for closing the loop on community suggestions received in NPS. In the weekly meeting Ops guild team decided that these responsibilities could be rolled into the work of NPS analyst (currently Ella), instead of creating a new role. Which i think is a nice idea, it is logically well placed there.

I must compliment Ops guild and Ella for the openness to and interest in this suggestion.
I had also run all my suggestions past Ella before sharing with the Ops Guild.

I hope this contributes to strengthening bDAO a bit more.