cNPS Survey Results - Season 5 Month2

Analyst & Author: Ella Dane (Ella Dane#0382)

Date of survey: September 11, 2022

Date of publication: September 18, 2022

Previous Surveys can be found in this table

This analysis pertains to the survey of BanklessDAO members taken during the Coordinape period ending September 11, sampling 125 Guest Pass holders, 76 Level 1 (L1) contributors, and 74 Level 2 (L2) contributors for a total sample size of 275 members.

** see bottom of document for explanation about Community Net Promoter Scores


We measured the community’s satisfaction with BanklessDAO and achieved a Community Net Promoter Score (”cNPS”) of 53, a 4 point increase from the August score.

Overall sentiment is high and strong. Frustrations with both the Guest Pass system (expressed by all levels), and bDAO’s organizational system grow.

Community Net Promoter Score Summary


A total of 275 bDAO members responded to our survey, an increase of 49 participants since the last survey (up 22%). Of these, only 18 (7%) were counted as Detractors.

Quantitative Results:

Qualitative Questions

Along with the quantitative cNPS question, we asked two additional qualitative questions to measure our praises and concerns for bDAO. From these I have synthesized the following.

BanklessDAO! It’s time to pat ourselves on the back. While we have a long way to go in our exciting journey, let us take a moment to celebrate our successes.

Some positive indicators:

  • Our cNPS score: 53 points. This is up by 4 since last month. Generally, a score between 10-30 is considered good, while anything near 50 is excellent.
  • Our L1 cNPS score is up 33 points (from a score of 12, to 45) since July
  • Only 18 of the 275 respondents this month were counted as Detractors, based on their personal cNPS score.
  • Coordinape participation is up. This month, we had an increase of 49 participants, which is a 22% increase.

Why We Love bDAO

  1. Strong community (60 responses)
  2. Education/Learning (36 responses)
  3. Opportunities to Get Involved (19 responses)

These are recurring themes that can be traced through past survey analyses - a huge success. Here, however, I am going to focus on other unique themes from our September survey. To hear more about what bDAO members have to say about our community, education, and opportunities, please see past analyses here.


  • “I get to contribute wherever my heart is and I am valued for my contributions.”
  • “The people are the friendliest, most supportive, encouraging group of people I’ve met.”
  • “This is the best working environment I’ve ever had.”
  • “It’s an ocean of opportunities.”
  • “I am learning everyday!” - L2
  • “bDAO is evolving. Guilds are getting more serious with their operations, promising projects are being developed and we have increased transparency around guilds spendings.”
  • “Everyone is open to listen.”
  • “bDAO continues to be full of aggressive and resilient builders.”
  • “Anyone not involved is missing out.”
  • “The sincere passion and intelligence of bDAO members.”

Community Concerns

Organization of Discord, Notion, etc.

  • “Most of my troubles still come from navigating the Notion.”
  • “We need better documentation of who does what.”
  • “Decluttering of the Discord.”
  • “Fewer channels.”
  • “Clear tasks.”
  • “Make processes more consistent between guilds/groups.”


  • “We need to take consistent meeting notes.”
  • “Improve preparedness meetings. They often start 15 minutes late.”
  • “No meetings without agendas!”

Notification Pings

  • “Tighten down on server notifications.”
  • “Set and communicate clear community expectations about posting announcements for events - having the same thing posted in every channel is annoying, even when tags are not used. Repetition is not the way to achieve visibility.”
  • “Fewer mass tags.”

Guest Pass System Dissatisfaction

While Guest Passers are an essential piece in our DAO ecosystem, members from all levels are expressing frustrations with the Guest Pass system and/or how Guest Passes are treated.

Here is an overview of what the levels want, according to the survey:

Guest Passers: more instruction, guidance, individualized focus, & training

  • “Proper training.” - Guest Pass
  • “More guidance.” - Guest Pass
  • “Engaging more with new members.” - Guest Pass

L1s & L2s: fewer off-topic and beginner questions in work channels; focus on rewarding long term, active contributors; a better way of guiding newcomers & teaching them what they need to thrive in bDAO

  • “Remove the guest pass, facilitate real contributors.” - L2
  • “Slow down onboarding that doesn’t lead anywhere. The channels have been flooded with repetitive messages due to people not knowing what to do without clear direction.” - L2
  • “More action towards rewarding REAL contributions.” - L2
  • “Improvements in Membership - Guest Pass should be one season max, not infinite renewal. Better onboarding, First Quest.” - L2
  • “Abuse of guest pass system leads to functionality issues in the guilds.” - L2

Perhaps these coming months will see conversations about changing this system to better accommodate the needs of our community.

Author’s comment

One gratifying part of my job comes as I read each and every response, and I catch a glimpse of the different place each BanklessDAO member is at in his or her journey.

I continue to be impressed by the spirit & thoughtfulness of our members, I am grateful for this community, and I look forward to the journey ahead of us.


Unattributed NPS scoring sheet source is here

Confidential GUEST PASS responses here (restricted access)

Confidential LEVEL ONE responses here (restricted access)

Confidential LEVEL TWO responses here (restricted access)

Synthesis Scratch Pad here (restricted access)

About Net Promoter Scores:

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a well-regarded methodology for quantifying whether a brand delivers on its promise. The standardized form of NPS reads as follows: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you recommend X to a friend or colleague?”

In our case, X = “working for BanklessDAO”

The results of an NPS survey can be quantified in a score that ranges from negative 100 to positive 100. Depending on the topic, brand, industry, etc., a “good” score can range anywhere from +0 to +40 and beyond.

Wikipedia discussion of NPS

Lattice discussion of eNPS

In our case, we are measuring “cNPS” which we cleverly coined to mean Community NPS. While there is no clear community standard yet, I believe cNPS relates closely to eNPS (Employee NPS). As for how to interpret the score, according to Jennifer Willy, Editor at, “anything above zero is generally acceptable… Generally, a score between 10-30 is considered good while anything near 50 is excellent.”


Really appreciate you taking the time to report the result and am thrilled they are excellent once again. Enjoy your travels and gap year. Always room for improvement but a great community of goodness, talent and builders. Onboarding, contribution and retention remain our challenges as we attempt to stretch our runway length.