cNPS Survey Results - Season 5 Month 3

Analyst & Author: Ella Dane (Ella Dane#0382)

Date of survey: October 12, 2022

Date of publication: October 23, 2022

Previous Surveys can be found here

This analysis pertains to the survey of BanklessDAO members taken during the Coordinape period ending October 12, sampling 72 Guest Pass holders, 68 L1 contributors, and 85 L2 contributors for a total sample size of 225 members.

** see bottom of document for an explanation about Community Net Promoter Scores


We measured the community’s satisfaction with BanklessDAO and achieved a Community Net Promoter Score (”cNPS”) of 46, a 7 point decrease from the September score.

Contributors’ primary concerns are BANK price, compensation, and lack of coordination and organization. However, bDAO’s community and educational opportunities remain unparalleled.

Also: Guest Pass participation in Coordinape is down 42% this month. This likely accounts for the dip in cNPS score, as Guest Passers nearly always have the highest cNPS.

This also begs the questions:

Why did Guest Passers participate in the Coordinape in such small numbers? Did they simply miss it?

How many consistent contributors does bDAO need to run at peak performance?

Do we have these numbers?

Community Net Promoter Score Summary


We achieved a cNPS of 46, a great score.

Generally, anything over a 0 is considered acceptable, while a score between 10-30 is considered good, anything near 50 is excellent, and 80 is world class.

A total of 225 bDAO members responded to our survey, a decrease of 50 participants since the last survey (down 18%). Of these, a low number (28 of 225) were counted as Detractors.

Quantitative Results:

Qualitative Questions

Along with the quantitative cNPS question, we asked an additional qualitative question to measure our praises and concerns for bDAO. From these I have synthesized the following.

Why We Love bDAO

  1. Strong community (46 responses)
  2. Education/Learning (40 responses)
  3. Opportunities to contribute (15 responses)

These are recurring themes that can be traced through past survey analyses - a huge success. Here, however, I am going to focus on other unique themes from our October survey. To hear more about what bDAO members have to say about our community, education, and opportunities, please see past analyses here.


  • “I’ve seen Bankless change the life of someone I talked into joining.”
  • “Opportunity to build something personally meaningful that will have a large impact down the road.”
  • “Proud bankless citizen!”
  • “You have a voice irrespective of your background”
  • “BanklessDAO is excellent for expanding your network.”
  • “The sheer value being created is enormous. I would recommend this to everyone in web3.”

Community Concerns

Compensation/BANK price (10 responses)

  • “Unable to drive value to the BANK token, projects take funding without paying tribute back to DAO.”
  • “The hourly rate working for the DAO is now less than the legal minimum wage where I live.”
  • “bDAO is open and has lots of meaningful things to build. But sometimes, the pay does not equal what you have contributed. It’s good to know web3 and DAO, but not proper to kick off the fully debuted crypto career.”

**Organization (**5 responses)

  • “I get lost sometimes trying to keep track of what’s going on.”
  • “The discord page is not very user friendly.”

Centralization in bDAO (3 responses)

  • “bDAO has begun to feel more and more centralized to me.”

Consistent contributors (3 responses)

  • “People flake here. A lot.”
  • “We have some questions about active participation lately.”


  • “Ineffective communication between projects.”
  • “Time wasted due to project overlap.”
  • “I am concerned about DAO contributor liability in the current regulatory environment.”
  • “I would like it if the efforts that one makes could be better recognized.”

Let’s talk burnout…

Burnout is real.

In the end, it is a service to yourself & your peers to make sure your efforts within bDAO are sustainable.

Need some tips to help avoid burnout? Take them from fellow bDAO members:

  • “First acknowledge there’s too much on your plate.”
  • “Regularly re-evaluating my planned workload vs what I felt good with.”
  • “Choose which days to focus fully on DAOs.”
  • “Taking it 1 bite at a time, you can’t eat an entire elephant”
  • “Stop work at 5 PM.”
  • “Work is work, be present in your life after work.”
  • “Turn it off, spend time offline.”
  • “I do not open Discord on weekends”
  • “Touch grass on the weekends.”
  • “Sleep lol”
  • “The key to a stress free life is learning to say no”
  • “Pace. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I have a 5 year plan. At age 78 that is long enough.”
  • “I use these techniques:”
  • “Focus harder on fewer things.”
  • “Literally walking away. Take walks.”
  • “Spiritual development”
  • “Coffee?”

Implementor Review:

Background: The “Implementor” is a new role that I, Ella Dane, hold. The Implementor’s job is to ensure that the concerns from these Coordinape surveys are heard and that actions are taken to address them.

The following pertains to concerns brought up in September’s Coordinape survey.

Problem: Too many Discord tags.

Action: There is a workstream in the Ops Guild that was organically (without my suggestion) created in early September dedicated to brainstorming ways to address this issue. Specifically, using bots to group messages and reduce pings.

Progress: Not yet implemented. It is still being discussed how to best go about this.

Problem: Dissatisfaction with the Guest Pass system. Many Guest Passers want more individualized attention and guidance. Some L1s express concern that they still do not understand how things work in bDAO. Many L2s express frustration with the Guest Pass tag and suggest getting rid of it altogether.

Action: I have been researching Discord onboarding systems and sketching out a solution that could potentially benefit Guest Passers, L1s, and L2s.

Progress: Beginning discussions and gathering feedback.


Unattributed NPS scoring sheet source is here

Confidential Guest Pass, Level 1, & Level 2 survey responses here (restricted access)

Synthesis Scratch Pad here (restricted access)

About Net Promoter Scores:

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a well-regarded methodology for quantifying the whether a brand delivers on its promise. The standardized form of NPS reads as follows: “On a scale of 1-10, how likely would you recommend X to a friend or colleague?”

In our case, X = “working for BanklessDAO”

The results of an NPS survey can be quantified in a score that ranges from negative 100 to positive 100. Depending on the topic, brand, industry, etc., a “good” score can range anywhere from +0 to +40 and beyond.

Wikipedia discussion of NPS

Lattice discussion of eNPS

In our case, we are measuring “cNPS” which we cleverly coined to mean Community NPS. While there is no clear community standard yet, I believe cNPS relates closely to eNPS (Employee NPS). As for how to interpret the score, according to Jennifer Willy, Editor at, “anything above zero is generally acceptable… Generally, a score between 10-30 is considered good while anything near 50 is excellent.”


Thank you for sharing

It’s interesting to see that when the coordinape rewards were reduced, guest pass participation decreased.


This mostly is that GPs have become L1/L2s now, so in reality the decrease is due to the fact that they have step up to be members. The concern is that no new GPs have been more involved in the DAO.

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@Ella.Dane there was a question on the survey which asked for respondents’ sentiment to the new coordinape format. There was a similar question last survey about how they felt about the previous 3-circle coordinape.

Can you share the results of both questions if possible?


@links @DEEWON @LiviuC the 1 circle Coordinape was favored.

Note: In this chart you can see the data is by percent of responses. This is because in one survey, the question was required and in the other it was not, so the number of responses varied widely between the two surveys.

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Thanks for this @Ella.Dane ! It’s great to have a method to measure impact of changes like coordinape

I wonder if it’s possible for me to count coordinape support messages in discord and see if they have been reduced

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Happy to help @links

If you find that answer, I’d be interested to hear. I’d also very impressed with your Discord searching/sifting capabilities haha


Sorry, I’m confused - what is on the horizontal axis of this graph?

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@Trewkat The survey questions asked “What is your satisfaction with the previous (3-circle) coordinape system?” and “How satisfied are you with the new 1-circle coordinape?”

Then people responded on a scale 1-5 (5 being very satisfied).

That is the x-axis data. Does this make sense?

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Thanks, you mention two different surveys though… or did you mean the two questions?

they were two separate questions - one in September’s survey, one in October’s survey

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