Community Service Dao + Tangoing with meat space

Hey Bankless,

First time really posing in here, looking to get my hands dirty. I am a self-described builder, having started a few successful ventures in meatspace. I am late to this particular round of the party, and now literally spend every waking moment of spare time playing catch up in the crypto universe. While I have some really great ideas, some working capital, and the ability to assemble a project, I am way behind on digital implementations.

While I am missing the scalability going on now, my sights are set in the next cycle when smaller local shops running services to meatspace, because that interaction is going to be a constant source of friction, into the coming decades during the digital migration

So learning time here, and a good chance to do something I am passionate about. I live in a place with an increasing need for nature conservation work and inter-organization cooperation. Think trail building and maintenance, trash cleanup, community focus groups, governmental education, community wilderness safety, information collection, and more. I am loosely involved with some non-profits that have a lot of operational overlap and resource fragmentation that I think are prime examples of where a neutral-DAO could help coordinate people to projects that need volunteer labor, gauge community interest, and merge inter-nonprofit interests into a commonplace. NFT’s would play an important role, which could be earned via POAP, and as I have described to the Artist on board with the idea “boy scout badges” for saving the planet.

Maintaining as a non-financial entity would be important at least until I have the legal end sorted out in my area, wondering what kind of overhead a DAO needs on the back end. Also looking for good DAO building threads full of successes and failures. Would love anybody who has explored the concept of a DAO of DAO’s where collections of different organizational interests can coordinate for mutual benefit.

Open to a conversation and DM’s to anybody who would like to help. If I can’t find a structure that has been tried totally willing to be the guy that makes a go if something and have it blow up in my face. Thanks for being my gateway drug to crypto. Stay the course friends


This sounds awesome – I love the idea of Boy Scout badges for saving the planet.

I wonder if there could be a small token based reward system for community service? Something like BAT where the token isn’t supposed to be worth much but provides some mild financial incentive. Maybe I am underestimating people wanting to just do good for doing good’s sake, but I feel like I know a lot of people that would go pick up trash for $3 in “free” crypto tokens

I think tokens would be in the roadmap. Problem is, you would have trouble with buy in from the meat space non-profits until a regulation path existed for the DAO. NFT’s can have value accrue to them, while counter intuitive, you would want people to sell their badges and try and collect them all and take a cut of the NFT sales. That is where the value would acrue, buy a badge or do the work, Both are equal, but the a traded NFT would be seen as a donor, or sponsor. a smart contract could be written to automatically donate to wallets of the conservation non-profits involved, keeping the dao clear of tokens.

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Really good idea. Definitely a DAO structure would suit what you want to achieve. I think all you need to do is coordinate all of those organisations together, those organisations can be independent but they cooperate with the rest. So maybe having some volunteers doing this coordination would be a good idea.

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