Crypto for Creatives Website Proposal (Updated)

(Proposal resubmitted due to technical issues)

Project: Crypto for Creatives Website Proposal
Champion: Jonah Roberts (Jonah#5913)
Date: Apr 10, 2022


I am seeking 18,000 BANK in funding to create an educational website focused on creative use-cases of blockchains for fellow students at Ryerson University’s Creative School to use as a resource. The website’s MVP is completed (for desktop only) and published for the committee to reference [here ] (also included below). I have a presentation of the site planned and will be seeking more opportunities to share it with students in the future. This funding will cover the work that has been done so far, as well as the steps that still need completing.


Ryerson University’s Creative School is a faculty focused on “exploring emerging technologies” by providing “hands-on learning opportunities to solve current and future problems creatively” (ref. here ). As a student at the Creative School I view this faculty as an ideal candidate for Bankless to introduce an education initiative on blockchain and web3. I feel that we should be doing as much as we can to educate students on the tools blockchains enable for creatives. This is in close alignment with the Bankless mission to onboard 1B into web3.


I have completed the MVP for a website that I am calling Crypto for Creatives. Currently it includes some Bankless HQ and bDAO content but is not presented as a Bankless product or including any of our branding (theme, design etc.). Should this proposal pass, the site will become an official product of bDAO and will be redesigned accordingly. Regardless of the outcome of this proposal I will be presenting the website to a class of students in the middle of April.

Future plans

Crypto for Creatives is an initial step to gauge interest from students in the Creative School on blockchain use-cases in the creative industries. My first presentation of the site will be on April 12th and I will continue to seek opportunities for showcasing it following that event. In addition, I will continue to iterate on the website in order to keep it up to date with the goings on in web3 and provide more examples of innovative projects as they come along. Lastly, I will consider looking for more opportunities for bDAO to gain reach at my University going into my last two years at school, especially as life moves back on-campus.


I am requesting a grant of 18,000 BANK for this project. 9,000 of the requested BANK is for the work that has been done up until this point (~15 hours) and the other half is for the work that will go into finishing the site, presenting it to students, networking with media outlets at the school to get it posted, and any other additional work that pertains specifically to publishing this offering. Coincidentally, 18,000 BANK would be exactly enough to promote my bDAO status to L1!


  • Getting the website’s content to a place where it is ready to publish (although the content is not static and will be updated over time).
  • Redesigning the website so that it fits the Bankless brand aesthetic.
  • Presenting the website’s content for students.
  • Getting the website featured in one the Creative School blogs or newsletter.


Crypto for Creatives MVP (desktop only): Crypto for Creatives – Creative use-cases for blockchain technology

Creative School homepage: The Creative School - Ryerson University

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  • I do NOT support this proposal

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Are you asking for 18,000 BANK to do a school assignment?

Fair question. I am creating the site regardless of whether or not bDAO chooses to fund the project but the extent to which I continue to iterate on and broadcast the site will be dependant on if I can receive a grant for it. The grant would be mostly for advertising / marketing because the site would be labelled as a bDAO product and branded as such. It would be adapted to focus more on Bankless HQ and bDAO content and link to resources like Bankless Academy (which it already does) and the bDAO Discord. I see it as an opportunity for me to get paid to continue building this project that i’m passionate about and for Bankless to get reach at my University.

If you think 18,000 BANK is too big an ask i’m open to discussing it.

It’s a small ask, but to really make this valuable to bDAO we need to look at this as an experiment.

Hypothesis: we can reach students at Ryerson by making a website which shows how blockchain can be used to help them in their careers.


  • make the website
  • market the website
  • measure the response

In this case, I really only care about 2 KPIs:

  1. # visits to the site
  2. Increase in audience

How do you measure audience? Link to a specific Twitter or email list (email is preferable IMO) and see how many subs you get. This also sets you up for your next experiment - you have an audience who is open to your content.

Feel free to reach out or reply for help or clarification. As someone who has many friends who went to Ryerson, this proposal has extra interest for me :wink:


Great input, thanks. I’ll reach you by DM.

Any thoughts of adding a bDAO internship component for students who are interested in getting their hands dirty in web3? I think this would strengthen the alignment to the bDAO mission of “onboarding the next billion people” and create a call to action to increase engagement from the audience.


Great idea. Considering bDAO is permission-less though it might be better framed as a “mentorship”?

@jonah i support your initiative but to vote for this as a GC member, I would need to see that it has the potential to either generate liquidity for the bDAO treasury, demand for the BANK token, or utility for the BANK token.

Would it be possible to incorporate any of these three factors into your proposal?

More here: How I will vote in Season 4 [Grants Committee member]

I have several adaptations to the proposal that I would like to implement, but considering how difficult it has been to get folks in the community to vote I worry that submitting a new proposal would not be the best move.

Instead, I am hoping to get enough votes to reach the GC discussion stage where I will present how I feel the proposal should be adapted to focus more on recruiting new contributors to bDAO, therefore creating greater demand for BANK and potentially a new cohort of L1s. Additionally, I would be seeking feedback there from you and your colleagues on the GC.

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