ArtxTech NFT-event partnership

Author: Henrk#1029

Co-Authors: N1cklas.eth

Date Created: 2022-03-15 Posted:

Event held: 2022-02-18

The Crew: N1cklas.eth, Tommyolofsson, Jengajojo.eth, Henrik, Xixa.eth, Coa.eth, CookieSlayer, Wagmit.eth and Ninia.

The Swedish IMN-Node is seeking retroactive funding for co-Hosting the Art x Tech NFT-Event.

Together with the students of Stockholm’s School of Economics (SSE), hosted ART x TECH - Future of art. The 3 day event was started with lectures form February 16-18 and ending in a Grand Finalé at the brilliant Fotografiska Museum with the launch of Sweden’s first ever NFT-exhibition, both live and in the Metaverse. Fotografiska is one of Swedens most well renowned galleries with locations in New York, Miami and Berlin. The event was a massive success and from the feedback that we’ve gotten it’s obvious that its now considerd on of the best live crypto eventes ever held in Sweden.


The student association of Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), one of the most prestigious universities in Europe invited the Swedish International Media Node ( to be a part of their NFT-event “ArtxTech - The future of art”. The main focus of the event was to raise awareness about crypto-technology and how NFTs will affect the future of art. were invited to give a 1hour lecture at SSE, where we could set the topics we wanted to talk about. As well as participate in a panel discussion at the NFT-event held in the evening of the 18th feb. Apart from the panel was made up of some of the most successful and well known crypto/NFT profiles of Sweden (Andreas Wannersted and Erik Wall to name the two largest)

We were given the choice to participate either as a partner and a paying sponsor, or as an invited organization. The difference being that by being a partner we could talk about our brand, Bankless, and spread the word about bDAO and the bankless movement. Naturally we chose to partner up.

Deliverd actions


Alot was done to make this happen, these are the highlights:

  • 8 bDAO Members spending 330h+ making the event happen in a sucessfull way. (not counting travels, vacation days and the event itself)
  • Coordinated marketing campain with 4 separate players
  • Created and held a 1 Hour lecture + Video creation
  • Creation, and distribution of 3 POAPs for onboarding
  • 1 h Streamed panel discussion + Video
  • Interviews
  • Hanging bDAO-NFT in exhibition.


Leading up to the event drove a marketing campaign together with SSE and Fotografiska as well as through our own channels both the swedish ones and BanklessDAOs twitter + Newsletters. Together we built up quite some hype for the event. We conducted interviews with several of the panel members. And we landed the famous NFT artist Andreas Wannersted to be a part of the event. The sucess of the marketing campaign was much due to Ninias pure force of will!


The 18th feb we gave a 1 hour lecture for the students at SSE (which was fully booked 1 min after the tickets were released). Speakers were N1cklas.eth, Henrik and CookieSlayer. We chose to give the lecture on the concepts of:

Web1, Web2 and the original sin of the internet

Basic crypto knowledge

Web3, creator economy and community economy

DAO, the future workspace

Bankless DAO and

The lecture was held in english and you can find it here. We are currently working on a better video… But feel free to use it in an way, we are also happy to provide the slides to anyone doing a live event that might want a starting point for a presentaion.

POAPs created three different POAPs, one for the lecture, one for the NFT-Event and one for the panelists. These were distributed after each session and through our website to provide an onboarding experience as we guided new users on how to own their first NFT.

Panel & NFT-exhibition

N1cklas.eth did an amazing job on the panel discussion held at Fotografiska later on the evning of the 18th. The event pulled a crowd of 300+ people (also sold out :slight_smile: ) On stage N1cklas was spreading the word about DAO, creator economy and community economy. It was streamd and you can find it here. We also go to promote Bankless by “hanging” the artwork RABBITHOLE.EXE by Cryptobushi in the metaverse exhibition that followed the panel discussion.


ArtxTech - the future of art aligns with the mission and values of Bankless. The three lectures (of which did one) was organized to raise awareness and spark interest for crypto among the students. It was evident that the interest was high since the lectures was fully booked in minutes, many students also stayed behind for an interesting discussion.

The event also gave a very valuable opportunity to meet and network with the Swedish crypto scene. SSE and Fotografiska made a great job of inviting all major playersdifferent actors in the field and we have already initiated new collaborations.

It was a truly amazing experience to be a part the this first NFT-Event and metaverse exhibition in Sweden, and im sure we’ll do many more collaborations with the students of Stockholm School of Economics.

The Ask

Part 1 would like to ask the community to cover the 20 000 BANK sponsorship cost that let us promote the Bankless brand freely during the 3 day event

  • Yes!
  • No

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Part 2

Hours spent All in all our contributors spent north of 330 hours to pull of the event. Kindly vote for what you feel is a reasonable ask

  • Nahh i dont see the value - 0 BANK
  • Lets throw these guys a bone! - 200 BANK / h = 66 000 BANK
  • They did good! - 300 BANK / h = 99 000 BANK
  • That was amazing! - 400 BANK / h = 132 000 BANK
  • My mind is litterally blown! - 500 BANK / h = 175 000 BANK

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This is the kind of effort, initiative that gives me hope for the future. Yes, these folks could have and probably should have written their presentation proposal up and tried to establish a fee and funding in advance. Perhaps it was time, lack of leadership, knowledge or lack of group cohesiveness but in any case they came together and pulled it off to the bDAO’s benefit and are now asking for a reward. Let us show our appreciation to those who volunteered. Their largest suggestion is still only half of the current suggested hourly bank pay rate. This sets a standard for having fairness and each other’s back. Well done lads and laddies. Appreciate the fine work.


For more Bankless IRL presence around the globe!
Appreciate the work and the professionalism in doing this.
Keep it up


Watch the youtube video, see them in action!! Great job frens.


it was a contribution first, reward later principle, which should be appreciated


Thank you everyone for your nice comments! It is really heart warming and truly means alot to all of us!

@Marvel you are ofc right that we should have asked for funding first, we simply had no time to do things in the right order this time, the opportunity came up to suddenly. That in combination with the large amount of h we had to put in is part of why the Bank/h ask is quite low.


Yes its here :smiley: Art X Tech - Panel Discussion About Web3 & NFTs With Andreas Wannerstedt, Eric Wall & More - YouTube

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Great effort and initiative. Congrats frens :clap: :v:


Thanks for your kind words and support!