Crypto Nomad Research Proposal

Author: jengajojo

Squad: jengajojo, lion917, Eagle, teresacd


The Legal guild would like to spin up a research project aimed at Crypto DAO Nomads/Wannabe Digital Nomads. The research will involve contribution mainly from members of the legal guild, as well as some services from designers and editors. The total ask to execute this project is 99,999 BANK and the final deliverable is a report that can be minted by NomadPunk NFT holders.


The Crypto Nomad research project was born straight out of the idea of being a sovereign individual. Self-sovereignty is a concept that resonates with many people in the Bankless community and we thought it would be a great idea to empower Metaverse netizens with the right knowledge to shape their journey into self-sovereignty.

Another reason is the emergence of unfriendly crypto laws in many jurisdictions which make it difficult for the contributors of bDAO to fully commit themselves to the ‘DAOLife’. This research will offer options to those individuals to seek other solutions to Metaverse problems.


In order to fully embrace the mission and values of the Bankless movement, it is important that members have the ability to work and live in fiscally favourable jurisdictions. As the Metaverse further transforms ways in which people coordinate, we take this opportunity to better the lives of all those who seek a sovereign lifestyle, all those who want to use jurisdictional arbitrage to their advantage, or those who simply want to enjoy ‘DAO-life’ without interference from nation-state laws.

With this research, we aim to empower Crypto Nomads, aspiring Crypto Nomads with the ability to choose the best jurisdiction to structure their affairs and possibly offer non-legal advice to members and non-members as a consultancy service in the future.


In the course of S5, a team of legal experts will research and present a report on the top jurisdictions for Crypto Nomads. The report will include a short analysis of the Pros and Cons of each jurisdiction that is deemed worthy, and present the best destinations for people with different needs, in a generic setting along with a step-by-step guide on how one can establish themselves in this new nomad friendly jurisdiction. To conclude, the report will highlight the main steps one needs to take to change jurisdictions and point them to the bDAO Legal guild for further queries.

We will additionally collaborate with the founders of DAOpunkz NFT project as well as the Metaversal Revenue Service(MRS) to produce NFTs which offer access to this document. The proceeds from this sales will be split between the artists, bDAO, MRS and the contributors of this project. The Digital Nomad guide will be clubbed with the updated Global Taxation Guide and the access to these two guides will be paired with the NFTs.

To execute this a project manager will create a task list for collaborators to work on specific action items. The expected flow is as follows:

  1. Working Groups identify top jurisdictions in each of these regions: Americas( including Caribbean), Europe, Africa and the Middle East, Asia and Oceania.
  2. Reach out to relevant partners in the web3 verse for collaboration.
  3. Identify top (3 or 5) jurisdictions based on use cases, statistics, and deep dive into specific solutions for each use case.
  4. Compile everything into a report
  5. Work with artists and developers to build and market an attractive landing page and minting contract.


The project involves collaboration between a Project Manager and Contributors:

  1. Initial Research and Template setting: 10000 BANK
  2. Analysis of 5 specific jurisdictions/cases: 50000 BANK @ 10000 BANK each
  3. Final Report Compilation: 10000 BANK (divided between all those that help out)
  4. Project Managers: 9999 BANK
  5. Tokenization/marketing/design 20000 BANK

Total costs: 99,999 BANK


  • Based on the feedback from the first mint, we will proceed to plan V2 of the report with additional jurisdictions or update the existing ones


  • This report can in no way be constituted as legal advice and all content generated within it will be for general informational purposes only.

What do you think about this proposal?

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  • Generally agree with slight modifications (comment below)
  • Nay! This cannot go ahead

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I guess this is a much needed initiative, and helps in improving adoption levels.

Details like the proposed NFT’s price, supply, gtm, as well as % of split of the sale proceeds between various stakeholders etc might make this complete.

You may also include a listing of a few select onramp/offramp venues that facilitate transactions between crypto & local fiat currencies.

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Moved my family literally yesterday from Canada to Mexico in step 1.5 of achieving a crypto enabled nomad lifestyle.

Couldn’t be happier. Would love to help contribute on this if/where I can. I have plenty of fresh knowledge on how to achieve the initial exit strategy.


This is sorely needed and what better DAO to trailblaze this than our DAO that has as its literal mission to onboard the next billion people onto web3 & the bankless life. This is a NECESSARY step! This is how we move from the old world into the new!


Thanks for bringing this up, jenga!

I think this is an important initiative you have introduced us to and I don’t see a reason why we should not give it a try. I’m curious about the talent pool, who are the researchers from legal guild contributing to this project?


I am an NFT holder in KiftDAO which is a vanlife DAO and soon to be a holder of the VanlifeDAO NFT as well, totally interested.

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