Legal Guild Funding Request - Season 5


Activity within the Legal Guild grew significantly during Season 4. Among the more important tasks and projects that have emerged from the Guild are:

  • Onboarding new members and fostering relationships with other communities or organizations which deal with crypto-legal matters.
  • Understanding and studying of harsh cases as Terra, Celsius and 3A Capital
  • Discussing all innovations in the field of crypto.
  • Preparing a monthly newsletter, with interviews and articles on different subjects concerning the crypto-legal world.
  • Giving first advice and helping other members of the DAO and elsewhere on crypto-legal matters.
  • Giving first advice on crypto tax matters and finalizing the project called the Metaversal Revenue Service where many Legal Guild contributors have delivered a national report concerning tax law in their own jurisdiction.

  • The legal guild has organized a podcast concerning crypto-legal matters.
  • The Legal Guild also started a new project concerning research on DAO legal wrappers. The final outcome of the work will be the presentation of this research along with a proposal for a legal wrapper for BanklessDAO.

KPIs for Season 5

  1. Twitter account

The legal guild created significant output with good writings and innovative ideas, especially (but not only) within the Bankless newsletter. We want now to enhance the visibility of our works through a dedicated twitter account, which will be set up with an exclusive Bankless Legal branding. The aim is to reach at least 150-200 followers in Season 5.

The goal is to give curated information about legal news and on contents published on the legal newsletter Decentralized Law and/or discussed during the weekly calls.

  1. Partnerships

The Bankless legal guild is at the center of the legal discussion. For Season 5 there is the willingness to formalize partnerships with other β€œlegal” DAOs, such as LexDAO and LexPunk and to make BanklessDAO an active member of the DAO Coalition that collaborates with the Blockchain association and works for DAO advocacy at a global level.

  1. New Projects and bounties

Creating the infrastructure to recruit talents for new projects has always been one of the main activities of the Guild. The research on DAO wrappers is still going on. Season 5 will present a proposal on a Digital Nomad Research Project.

Within the internal bounties program, the guild will also prepare a Code of conduct concerning members of the legal guild. The Code is intended to make clear in what capacity guild members may advice other members or guild of the BanklessDAO.


It is necessary to organize more than one weekly sync in order to cover the entire range of activities. In addition, payment/administration of work has become more complicated, due to the numerous activities of the Guild. The Legal Guild therefore proposes to organize its structure according to the following roles/budgetary requests, which will enhance the workflow efficiency and foster additional growth:


Legal Guild Coordinator – 84 k

Project Manager – 84 k

Growth manager (spec. social media) – 84 k

Treasury and Budget Manager – 36 k

Welcome Specialist – 36 k

Information Catalyst - 36 k

Note taker and POAP Distributor – 36 k

Bounties - 50 k

Total request: 446,000 BANK

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  • No, I ask the modifications specified below

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