Legal Guild Funding Season 8

Title: Legal Guild Funding Season 8
Authors; Editors: @Teresacd; @LiviuC
Date Created: April 4, 2023
Dated Submitted: April 7, 2023
Wallet surplus: estimated at 411568 BANK
Funds requested: 520432 BANK
Multisig: 0x984eC14dc726B75cA3eb6A94C64D165D37EA823e

Multisig signers: Lawpanda, LiviuC, Eagle, Teresacd, Kouros, Grendel

Table of Contents


Guild Description

The Legal Guild serves as a hub where crypto enthusiasts with an interest in the legal aspects of the field come together to provide the BanklessDAO community with pertinent and accessible legal information. In Season 7, we have revitalized our mission, shifting our focus from simply conducting research to actively leveraging our legal expertise to address the unique legal inquiries of the BanklessDAO community.

Past activities

We expanded our social media presence to include LinkedIn, alongside our existing Twitter and TW Spaces accounts (join us on Thursday, April 20 at 5 PM UTC for our upcoming TW Space event, where we’ll discuss the legal landscape of crypto in Latin America).

We worked on improving the way we operate within the Legal Guild by reorganizing our roles and increasing transparency. We’re researching the best practices for Web3 projects and creating easy-to-understand onboarding documentation to make joining our community much simpler.

As part of our Season 7 goals, we are excited to introduce “Office Hours” - a new initiative aimed at connecting you with a licensed Web3 lawyer, from the Legal Guild or the Blockchain Lawyers Group, depending on the jurisdiction, who can provide valuable insights on the best path forward for your BanklessDAO project. With just a 45-minute call, you can gain crucial information to help propel your project forward.

The contribution to participate in this program is $75 USD in BANK. However, Guilds will have access to this service as a Public Good, completely free of charge (Typeform Office Hours - BanklessDAO Legal Guild).


At the BanklessDAO Legal Guild, we are committed to providing the BanklessDAO community with timely and accurate updates on legal developments in the crypto space and DAO governance. Although many of our Guild members are licensed attorneys, we warmly welcome anyone with an interest in crypto or DAO legal and regulatory issues to join us. Whether you are an attorney or not, you can be a valuable member of our community. We believe now with our Office Hours, the alignment to the BanklessDAO community will be even greater by providing more resources that will promote the growth of Web3 Projects.


Budget Breakdown

Cost Item BANK per Season

Role Holder 552,000

Coordinape 140,000

Bounties 40,000

Funding for Internal Projects (Campaign Type A) 200,000

Season Budget 932,000

Expected Leftover 411,568


We have earmarked 260.000 BANK for two projects that will eventually pay out at the end of the Season 7, first project will be bDAO Legal Entity ‘Wrapper’ bDAO Legal Entity ‘Wrapper’ Research Proposal and the second one will be Legal Guild´s Website and Design. Discord . Also we have a 120.000 BANK reserved for Guild Coordinape and 100.000 BANK for miscellaneous. Role pay will be 273.000 BANK and also set up a 47.000 BANK for bounties.

Projects 260000
Role pay 273000
Bounties 47000
Coordinape 120000
Miscellaneous 100000
Total to be spent S7 800000
Balance as of 06.04.2023 1211568
Remaning 411568
Weeks 1-4 Weeks 5-8 Weeks 9-12 Weeks 13-16 Season Total Percentage of Overall Budget
Role Remuneration
Guild Coordinator 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 120,000 13%
Governance coordinator 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 120,000 13%
Social media manager (2 members) 30,000 30,000 30,000 30,000 120,000 13%
Treasurer manager 16,000 16,000 16,000 16,000 64,000 7%
Onbording specialist 14,000 14,000 14,000 14,000 56,000 6%
Notetaker and POAP manager 14,000 14,000 14,000 14,000 56,000 6%
Notion Admin 4,000 4,000 4,000 4,000 16,000 2%
Totals 138,000 138,000 138,000 138,000 552,000 59%
Bounties, Coordinape, and Projects
Bounties & Cross-guild payments 10,000 10,000 10,000 10,000 40,000 4%
Coordinape Rounds (rewards program) 35,000 35,000 35,000 35,000 140,000 15%
Projects (budgeted at 200K Bank/season) 50,000 50,000 50,000 50,000 200,000 21%
Totals 95,000 95,000 95,000 95,000 380,000 41%
Total S8 Budgeted (BANK) 932000
Carryover from S7 (BANK) 411568
Requiered S8 (BANK) 520432


  1. The Legal Guild has the role of an onboarding specialist which is also developing a document for those looking to join the Legal Guild.
  2. Here is the list of Active Members based on our Governance Criteria. They have been active both in our Meeting/ Discord, and have also contributed in the Legal Guild projects/activitities/development this Season.
  3. Social media has also been a platform where we onboard new members, such as in the bDAO in Spanish Newsletter.




Our main focus for Season 8 will be the Office Hours, the roles are shifting their attention and work towards it, this will be a source of funding for the Guild from now on, and a benefit for other Guilds.

We will also continue with our Podcast, activity in Twitter, and Linkedin.

Setting up a WebPage to condense all the research activity and projects from the Legal Guild.


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They @teresacarballo fully support this. Have a question on the research project

This project is an year old and may of those members mentioned in the funding proposal for entity aren’t in the DAO anymore! Is there any way to find out whats the progress there, the timelines etc.

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is there a Poll for this post?

Hi @teresacarballo and @LiviuC
Great proposal. Thank you.
I am noticing on your office hours page says “Bankless” and not “BanklessDAO”. Since the DAO AND HQ are separate, I am wondering why HQ’s branding is used here.

My Next questions are about the budget.

  1. [quote=“teresacarballo, post:1, topic:5361”]
    We have earmarked 260.000 BANK for two projects that will eventually pay out at the end of the Season 7, first project will be bDAO Legal Entity ‘Wrapper’ bDAO Legal Entity ‘Wrapper’ Research Proposal and the second one will be Legal Guild´s Website and Design. Discord .
    Without getting into details of the projects themselves: (1 project was funded previously by the GC), The budget that was approved for the Legal Guild in Season 7 did not include BANK being distributed to these projects.

  2. This proposal has the total for role holders BANK distribution as 552,000.
    Per member based funding:
    4 roles * 5,000 BANK/week, the max amount for roles should be 320K BANK.

On the Legal guild active members list there are 19 members which would = 233,700 (10,000 for 13 weeks = 769 BANK per active member/week) (16 * 769= 12,304) (12,304 * 19 = 233,776)

I see the legal Guild Season 8 budget at:
Which is 320,000 (roles) + 233,776 (active members)

  • 411,568 left over

Would have the BANK request at:
142,208 BANK

Hello, made it on Discord following the template, but I´ll post one directly in the Forum.

Hello, let us review this, and make an update/clarification asap.

Hello! LawPanda who is running the project is still and active member, he drafted the Terms of Service for the Office Hours recently.

The research project already has all the info on the different jurisdictions set, the editing and putting together the final docs in missing. We will proceed with paying the contributors up in the following weeks, and we will present the update directly in the post where the project was approved.

Here is the working doc: bDAO Legal Entity Project Process & Goals - Google Docs

And on the fist question that is definitely a mistake in our side, we will update it to BanklessDAO right away.

  • I approve
  • I do not approve

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Based on the template guild funding we will have an ask of 158152 BANK.
16*(21000+770*19)= 570080 - 411568 (estimated rollover) = 158152.

Our budget for S8 was concept at 932k Bank - 411558 (rollover) = 520432 Bank

So consider the above data, we will be short about 362k Bank for next season.

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The Champion - Lawpanda is still active in the Guild.

I think if the kpi are meet, then we can disburse the funding, if not then we need to return the funding to GC. This are the only 2 options.

Am pretty stoked about the “office Hour” idea to have web3 lawyers help projects out.

→ You only indicate that Guilds will be free. how about BanklessDAO projects and departments?

→ I highly suggest that you change the name to reflect what the initiative is about more. there are a couple of office hours in bDAO. this one is different from most of the existing office hours. so to avoid confusion, I think a different name will help.

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hi @teresacarballo would you be able to address the outstanding budget question please. Thank you very much.

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  1. The Departments will be considered as Guild, for the Projects and L1s we will have a fee of 75 USD in BANK, and for Guest Pass holders it will be of 100 USD in BANK.
  2. Thank you for this note! We are currently working with the Marketing and Design Guilds to have the best approach possible, this will certainly be part of our next conversation!
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