Legal Guild Season 6 Budget Proposal

Legal Guild Season 6 Budget Proposal

LEGAL GUILD MULTISIG: 0x984eC14dc726B75cA3eb6A94C64D165D37EA823e


The Legal Guild advanced significantly during Season 5, where one of our main focuses was to show the general Bankless and Web3 community what we are doing within the Guild and share relevant legal information daily.

Among the tasks and projects that have emerged from the Guild in Season 5 we have:

  1. Now we hold weekly Onboarding sessions for new members, helping them have a smooth entrance to the Guild and allowing them to understand specific tasks they can perform.
  2. We have set a Code of Conduct for members of the legal guild available in our Notion, the one has been continuously updated to add new members, projects, and meeting notes.
  3. Twitter account: Even though our goal for Season 5 was to have 200 followers, we now have 475, and we have held Twitter Spaces every 15 days, with a participation rate of 100 attendants, it’s quickly becoming a go-to place for learning about the crypto legal insights thanks to the Growth Management Specialist position.
  4. Our partnerships with other organizations such as LexDAO, LexPunk, Blockchain Law Group, and others in the crypto space are being kept strong, bringing new opportunities to our members.
  5. This season, we entered into a formal relationship with Polygon Village to provide opportunities to Legal Guild participants in order to provide one on one consultation to young start-ups. We have currently completed four consultations, and we have planned 4 more such consultations.
  6. One of our goals within the Bankless DAO Legal Guild is to update the crypto community about developments and international regulations regarding the Blockchain space. We are currently working on Crypto Nomads, which was recently approved by the grants committee, and will be included as part of the Global Tax Guide, it is a research project where we will guide you through crypto-friendly jurisdictions.
  7. And soon to be released, we have the bDAO Legal Entity ‘Wrapper’ Research where we will have an overview of the requirements, pros, and cons for the different legal entities (or lack thereof) which could be used for a DAO structure in the most relevant jurisdictions. As discussed, the research will be delivered by the end of Season 5.
  8. The Bankless Legal Guild serves as the talent pool for the Decentralised Law newsletter. It continues to be one of the flagship projects of the DAO, and the same has been incubated and nurtured by the guild.


  1. Start developing a research group on DAO Mergers and Acquisitions. Until the guild can develop a tangible project for this research, the guild will continue to use its fund to incubate it and support it.

  2. Increase the frequency of Polygon Village partnership calls per season and strike out tangible client work (taken up by individual members independently).

  3. Host 2 Twitter spaces every month:

  4. Legal Guild Office Hours (General Query/Discussion Session)

  5. Topic based and speaker-oriented session on a current topic of concern

  6. Update the Global Tax Guide and add multiple jurisdictions to the research guide. The launch will be paired with the launch of Digital Nomad project.

  7. Serve as talent pools for Crypto Nomads and Decentralised Law.

  8. Develop another flagship research project after the completion of the bDAO Legal Entity ‘Wrapper’ Research project.


It is necessary to organize more than one weekly sync in order to cover the entire range of activities. In addition, payment/administration of work has become more complicated due to the numerous activities of the Guild. The Legal Guild, therefore, proposes to organize its structure according to the following roles/budgetary requests, which will enhance the workflow efficiency and foster additional growth:

As per Season 5, here is the list of Active Members, based on the Member-Based Guild Funding our season maximum request is 733,000 BANK

We request the following amount based on the following calculation:

  • Guild base role-holder salaries: 260,000
  • Notion Admin: 13,000
  • 46 members x 10,000: 460,000


  • Legal Guild Coordinator: 84,000
  • Project Manager: 84,000
  • Growth manager (spec. social media): 84,000
  • Treasury and Budget Manager: 36,000
  • Welcome Specialist: 36,000
  • Information Catalyst: 36,000
  • Notetaker and POAP Distributor: 36,000
  • Notion Admin: 13,000
  • Bounties: 100,000
  • Guild Coordinape: 50,000

We apologize for the delay in our request and are open to any questions and/or feedback.


Proposals need polls, by definition. Doesnt seem any of your s6 goals have anything to do with talent development. Sounds more like a department